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  1. There are some issues. The combat preview won't show up when attacking Gerrard seemingly no matter who. And whenever weapons are being chosen the portrait is cut in half like so. This has a lot of potential though and I enjoyed it. I hope this project succeeds!
  2. It puzzles me how Arden would become a vengeful spirit after possessing the power of pursuit. All of his life dreams came true
  3. Yo Pi, I need that battle theme of the Eldigan fight. Even better are you planning to release the full remixed ost at some point?
  4. Yes this would be the ideal patch for Thracia if that were added. I can't wait
  5. Here's this TCG artwork of Seliph that I really like, and I'm looking for a png of just Seliph himself from this, transparent of course I can't seem to find it anywhere, but if you have a source to it or can post it, I would really appreciate it. Or you can Photoshop him out of there. Mila knows that I can't...
  6. I do wish that different parents would add something more to the children characters than just hair color, and skills. But honestly that is just too much work
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