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  1. Sain = best personality (tho in blazing sword, Kent is the better of the two)
  2. Roy's my- no. I really like both Lyn and Hector (hell, I had a mini crush on Lyn for a while). Both are beasts in game, and both have an interesting personality (though their back stories are rather plain). However, Lyn has better animations imo so I'm afraid I'd give her the position here. List: 1. Lyn 2. Hector 3. Ephraim/Eirika 4. Eliwood 5. Roy
  3. Gilliam was always my favorite (Besides Effie in Fates). He was a decent unit and I liked his character (kinda a stalwart but also really awkward guy).
  4. Hello, hello! I'm new myself, so I can't really formally make a "welcome" message, but I hope you have a great experience here
  5. Hello people of serenesforest. My name is Matthew,but you can call me Chicken or Chick. It's great to meet you all. For my fire emblem experience, I started out with Shadow Dragon on my DS, but I never really got enamored with the game and fanbase until recent, with the release of Fates. After that, I began to use my brain more and began to devise actual strategies. About a few months back, I obtained Conquest, and then I got Sacred Stones and Blazing Sword on an emulator (they are phenomenal games). As for my forum experience, I never really used forums and only heard of this one through friends. I was told the community was amazing and it's a great place to come with fellow fans. (It's a hell of a lot better than the CS:GO community). I look forward to this site and all of the members in it! (Oh god, more text?) For a little personal info, I'm 15 years old and I'm a freshman in high school. I live in California with my family and dog. In my free time, I play video games and read. I consider myself an outgoing person, but I also have bouts of extreme loneliness and detachment. Sorry for taking up so much of your time, and I look forward to using this forum!
  6. If only Hector lived

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