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  1. I know that Infernal LHBs might not be anything special with Abyssals existing but this one took me a long-ass time to figure out and caused me much frustration, so there we go: Featuring best boy Leif, Def-stacking on Azura to avoid getting one-shot, Spd-stacking on Veronica to avoid getting doubled, Edelgard doing Edelgard things, and five named members of the royalty on the same map.
  2. I was actually having fun with the mode in the first round but of course as soon as it got to playing against other players’ brigades, it stopped being fun. Why must any new mode be pvp?
  3. They likely couldn’t get the actor to rerecord the lines with the whole pandemic thing. The official map of Jugdral was made by the Japanese, the same Japanese that brought us Zigludo’s Descent of Jihad. Munster isn’t pronounced moon-ster.
  4. Yes, they are still alts to what would have been their normal, “canon” version had it made in the game. You wouldn’t say that dancer Shigure has not been an alt while he was the only Shigure in the game, would you?
  5. Three Berkuts is two Berkuts too many. And we’ve just had the previous one. They don’t know the concept of moderation, do they?
  6. Whoa, this thread sure gets lots of traffic. Who’d have guessed that gettoing it away would do that. Anyway, I think I should be safe now: T21, here I come! (again) Selena is a beast in the arena. Armourslayer + wo dao is no joke, even if the base effect very rarely sees use thanks to arena’s huge stat bonuses. But of course there are other modes and she’s never going to be a bonus in the arena anyway ever so oh well.
  7. I maintain tier 11. Me but with Tailtiu. Mine is +8 and I didn’t get a single one while sniping blue on the 8% banner.
  8. It’s not like I ever cared about ayther but I can always use more dancers, especially those that can delete horses and knights and are absolutely adorable in the process.
  9. But your score is in favour of one of the contestants, and thus is the measure of their “popularity”. The more players on a given team raise scores, the better the contestant is doing.
  10. But “popularity contest” is the whole premise of the mode to begin with. You suggest that the mode should have never existed, and I can’t not agree.
  11. The match-ups being predictable should have been solved by making the match-ups less predictable instead of introducing rubberbanding that tends to punish bigger teams for success.
  12. I got a bit caught unaware with Ground Orders on the flier at my first try; getting an Azura sniped by a sudden Gordin was hilarious but not conductive to success. I liked this one more than the previous one (wasn’t it Marth and Caeda’s?) because there was a way to safely initiate rather than put yourself exposed and in the range of fire of eleven million units at the same time.
  13. @mampfoid @mcsilas This wasn’t too bad! Yes! Yesss!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spd/HP, too. Micaiah might not be the fast one but it’s always nice to nudge that doubling threshold even a little bit. She’s so adorable in her yukata I can’t even. Seems she’s forgiven me for blowing my orb fund I was preparing for her?
  14. If Micaiah loses, I’ll go to one of Camilla, Hinoka, or Eliwood in that order. Not like I still kept even a grain of fuck to give about the gauntlet anyway, of course. Honestly, I’d love for Ike and Camilla to retire from the gauntlets indefinitely.
  15. Sigurd or Seliph for Genealogy, Leif for Thracia, and that is it. There are absolutely no other possibilities. All three are also going to be sword cavs which is surely going to ruffle some feathers. Loptous won’t be a “mythic” and neither would be Forseti. Thracia doesn’t have a “mythic”-grade antagonist.
  16. Hopefully, none of them, and I don’t want to see gauntlets/brass knuckles/“melee” weapons further in the series. It might have been fun as a one-time experiment (not unlike how the daggers/shuriken were in Fates) but not moving on. The brawlers should stay localised to FETH.
  17. But I wanted Micaiah! Fun fact, this is my first Ayra that isn’t −Atk. This is also my third Ayra.
  18. It’s amusing how he and Joshua traded their swords in their respective artwork and sprites.
  19. My Micaiah looks different somehow: My guess it’s because of the yukata. Ana at it again?
  20. Pair-up arena is always awful, nothing new or different this week. Sharena is just the best. Too bad this doesn’t show in the main story because in the main story, she may as well have already died.
  21. Celica with refined Ragnarok is still absolutely nuclear: I had Axura handle Julia, however, because, well, Celica isn’t that well-equipped to fight her:
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