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  1. I'll try that and if it doesn't work I at least was able to update my first post to say US versions now.
  2. Thanks for telling me! This is my first time making a topic/post.
  3. Hey everyone I'm doing a Corrinquest run and I need some people to make some Corrin's for me! Here are the rules for your Corrin. Rules: 1. They have have to be level 10-13 2. They can only have one skill 3. All classes are allowed except Nohr Noble or Nohr Prince/Princess 4. They also all have to be a base class (For example: Spear fighter, Outlaw, Troubadour, Mercenary, etc...) 5. Also show what your boon and bane stat is. 6. US versions of the game. Here is how it is supposed to look: Name: Corrin Class: Apothecary Boon: +Strength Bane: -Magic Castle Address: 18974-27493-12832-7483 (This is just an example and not a real castle address) Thanks and have a good day!
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