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  1. Deinonychus! Fun fact: the velociraptors in Jurassic Park are actually Deinonychuses.
  2. vingt neuf mille sept cent trente cinq
  3. usually when I go to a country i try to learn the "survival kit of language" thing like hello, goodbye, do you speak {language} and then when I don't know a word I try using it in another language: I once used Latin to ask directions to an Italian (and it worked). Btw did you like Switzerland?
  4. Quan and Ethlyn or Leif and Nanna ... I still have the hope that one day Jugdral will get some love.
  5. Probably the only one from Switzerland
  6. I would have voted for the Game Bolg but since it's not here the votes goes for Gungnir instead
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