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  1. And that's why there are no lyrics when in battle : Nemesis can't fight and sing at the same time
  2. about that one I got influenced by the english version and the translator made the matter worse... please ignore my take for this one. And do you have an idea about why they used so many uncommon words in the french translation? I'm french but I had to look for some of them in a dictionary.
  3. My german is a little sloppy so if someone would double check those...
  4. Deinonychus! Fun fact: the velociraptors in Jurassic Park are actually Deinonychuses.
  5. vingt neuf mille sept cent trente cinq
  6. usually when I go to a country i try to learn the "survival kit of language" thing like hello, goodbye, do you speak {language} and then when I don't know a word I try using it in another language: I once used Latin to ask directions to an Italian (and it worked). Btw did you like Switzerland?
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