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  1. Not to that extent but early-renaissance Switzerland has had some financial problems, where farming couldn't provide enough money to the people. That lead to the creation of mercenaries band which became the first economical income of the country. It's also when the Pontifical Swiss guard was created.
  2. Excuse-me, have you heard of Napoleon? Edit: How much of him is actually taught in the US? I hope that don't sounds too aggressive...
  3. Guill0

    Hi !

    Bienvenue Sayla! It's always nice to see other french here 🙂 If you enjoy Thracia 776 you really should try Tear ring saga next.
  4. Welcome! may I ask for the links to your mathematical tier list? I 'd like to see that!
  5. you can find the first one and half of the second one the site of ace_noctali who did the first translation : http://acenoctali.free.fr/f-fe4/mangas.htm
  6. Actually "margrave" is french (the german being Markraf) but it seems very associated with the Carolingian empire (and that's why the word is closer to the german one). However it's really a rare word "marquis" is way more common but has lost some of its connection with the border territories in the late monarchy. So I guess that's why they went with margrave "instead" For the actual topic, for the empire: Ferdinand seems like the more logic choice, for the kingdom I imagine Sylvain could be pushed by the situation to become the next king as Felix would probably refuse the throne, And for the alliance I think Holst would be the best suited as stated above
  7. I never knew I wanted a fire emblem "open-world": basically fire emblem X risk where the npc turns shows us wars on the other side of the continent... weirdly it totally has that FE4 vibe.
  8. For Altena I use this build which works pretty well against anything non-magic. I would go with Ares, Altena, Ced, and Nanna (with Lene as substitute)
  9. The problem here is that Augustria is liberated by the local resistance and then given to Ares by Seliph. So I think that the only possibility of extra maps would be prequels or midquels
  10. It's the latin for god; The greek is Theos and even better for Idunn: it's a divine dragon.
  11. The way I could see subs and children existing in the same universe would be by tying the subs to a battalion (like having Jeanne's knights). And by using it supports with the battalion could be unlocked to upgrade it, with the added bonus of having a child support with his own substitute. And if the mother died in gen 1, the battalion would just be renamed to be impersonnal (to be something like Leonster's Knight) but would still upgrade based on usage.
  12. A thing that I would do is to add some extra chapters on smaller maps that show others events of the story, like the fall of Leonster as an escape map where Finn must escape and you must stop the tracians with king Calf's army or some part of the isaachian campaign, so that the game could have some others objectives as just seize... while keeping the map that define genealogy. Another change would be an extra event if you somehow manage to prevent the Yield massacre where you recruit Quan and a cutscene in which Ethlyn gets ambushed with Altenna as she heads back to Leonster
  13. High precision might be a little exaggerated. Obviously there's the key one but it isn't impacted by left-handness. but I remember having trouble with a "cut the tree quickly in various direction" mini game and a few bow things. (it has been too long since I last played Skyward sword but I might try it again to see if my opinion on its lefty-friendliness has changed)
  14. I think it would be great for 2 things: it would be better for some of the "high precision puzzles" and for a better identification with Link (it would be great if he was doing the same movement as me instead of being a weird mirror version) edit: Oh and keeping one of the few left-handed heroes as a left-handed
  15. I don't remember having that much trouble with skyward sword (in fact I could have sworn that there was a left handed mode) but honestly it could just be fake memories. And replaying Kid Icarus uprising (without the right stick add-on for the record) I find that the controls are fine except you try to make use of the powers or try to move precisely
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