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  1. I got these screenshots off archive.org on the old rpgamer website. Specifically the fe4 section. The site nearly always posts screenshots of a game before it's release and lo and behold there were some from fe4. To me this looks like an early version of the intro to fe4, even the one that looks quite similar to the final game (the one in flames) has different art at the top. But the site left no clue to the original sauce of the images, maybe rpgamer was the og source? Anyway i've not seen these screenshots anywhere else on the internet so I thought a couple of you might appreciate seeing them.
  2. So, by mashing buttons I have found this secret feature, it basically lets you move around the world map, how strange! I have also found through button mashing secret chapters, but those will have to wait. The feature you see in the video managed to lag my emulator, so enjoy and tell me what you think.
  3. Hello, im attempting to import Fae's animation to fe6, when i did it she leaned forward and didnt blow any ice, now the game didnt crash but still no ice breath, is the breath separate? How do I import the animation fully fictional, thanks.
  4. Heya, how do you get the beta lyn and eliwood durandal animation in the beta? Can I just change the weapon locks with nightmare of do I have to use something else. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I was doing a pme with editing being done by feditor and nightmare, im on chapter 4 of lyns story (the chapter where you first recruit dorcas) and the opening event glitches the game (you know the event that happens after the characters walking around on the world map), basically the characters seem not to load but on some playthroughs they do and the cutscene plays out fine. I have not edited the cutscene. So how can I remove this cutscene or edit it out of the game somehow. (If you spam enter the chapter loads and works fine)
  6. Hello, I've been editing fire emblem 7 with Feditor and Nightmare, the edits has caused one opening cutscene to crash (you know the cutscenes when the maps load up and your characters play out opening events) well how do I get around this, if I spam enter I can skip the cutscene and everything works fine but I dont want the game crashing in the first place, can I somehow completely remove this opening or edit it to stop the moment it loads up or something like that. Thanks
  7. Hello, I was editing fe7 but have hit some problems, it seems my character edits often break the cut scenes (you know the ones where your characters and enemy characters get into position on the map) , often you need to spam enter rapidly to skip the cutscene before the game spews those gba death sounds, so what software can I use to completely remove those cinematics without breaking the game or somehow get around these crashes, thanks FE7 PME CRASH.AVI
  8. Hello, I was making a mod of Fe7 and for that reason I used Blazer's tutorial killer, now when I edit the game in nightmare with the tutorial killer it is fine but when in feditor editing Lyn's name with tutorial killer active freezes the game, so, is there a way I can use feditor without the tutorial? Thank you!
  9. Hello, I've been looking for the prototype of fe8 but can't find it, even the download links on this site are non functional so if somebody could provide me with the fe8 prototype that would be great, thanks!
  10. I found it in the prototype and actually like it more than the original :) fe7 music.AVI
  11. Hi, I have heard about a scrapped Fire Emblem 4 '3rd generation' apparently Shouzou Kaga talked about it in a interview in the ' Fire Emblem: Treasure book thing' if anyone can link me to the interview from the book or tell me anything they know about the 3rd generation that would be great, thanks!
  12. First time playing Genealogy and I am clueless to pairings, completely. I'd like to know: how passing down items to children works, the best pairings for a first run ( with all possible Holy weapons ) and what is the jealousy system, try to avoid personal opinion for the parings because as I said earlier im playing this game for the first time (and I can find no end of different paring options online and honestly im a bit stuck on who to pair). A lot of questions here but i'd be happy if someone responds, thanks in advance!
  13. I was wondering what happens if those bandits manage to get extremely lucky and kill him, what would happen then? It was clearly not intended but maybe something happens, I don't know and that's why im asking. Thanks!
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