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  1. After what we've seen this makes an uncomfortable amount of sense. Thanks for clearing that up, I've been curious about it ever since you introduced your Lyria. I thought about bringing it up, but I didn't because I figured it's bad form to discuss future recruitables in someone else's Let's Play thread where most of the audience hasn't played the game (including me, as I've mentioned; I actually knew about Lyria from Void's Blitzarre Adventure of all things) A shame, indeed. The scrapped scene would have been a lot cleverer than whatever I would have had in mind here, for sure. Looks like we found something that Kaga failed to do first (unless Berwick Saga did it). In Radiant Dawn there are certain characters whom you can't have certain other characters fight; the Attack option won't even appear if you try. Not here, though, even if the result is letting you make a fifteen-year-old girl butcher another fifteen-year-old girl. Of course, that's the norm for FE as you say, but that mechanic in RD is a small detail that nonetheless prevents you from completely breaking the story over its head, and something I'm a bit surprised Kaga didn't think of. My first assumption was that there's a statbooster shop somewhere in this game and you want money for that, but based on what you said about the availability of move potions, probably not. (Besides, that would probably be a bit too game-breaky, especially since most of the statboosters in this game are stronger than in later games.) Does this change anything down the line or are you just giving him money because he's footballman? Not that I can blame you if it's the latter, mind. Of course, in real life it would just be a good thing to do (assuming the charity is trustworthy), but it's not real life we're talking about. This is better. I like how absurdly skewed its stat distribution is. 10 magic and speed but 15 HP, 0 skill, 2 defense...
  2. Ah. Kaga has outpredicted me again. At least it was a scripted fight, so nobody could have died anyway. In fairness, I think Lee would still be better than promoted Maruj because he gets staves and Maruj doesn't. I know you just mean statistically, but still. Yikes. 10 levels in and Julia is equal or worse to base Vega in everything except for Luck and Mastery (and personality). Why did she even get deployed this map? Wouldn't Mel have been a better use of the last slot? Consider me impressed. Now she can do more somethings! Really though, if there's a consistent source of Levin Swords her terrible strength shouldn't even matter now. I'm going with the charitable interpretation that Holmes is only saying this as an excuse to get Plum out of there without a fight. On the other hand, I'd argue that with this guy there's a strong case for shooting first, asking questions later... And after all that, he didn't even kill the guy. Damn it, Holmes. So much for that "charitable interpretation"... That wasn't worth it in the slightest. why, Kaga
  3. Hopefully the new image hosting site continues to work out better for you. Nice to see Shigen's not one to turn down a free unit. Even a bad one, in this case... So basically, the moral of the story is that you should go off alone with a known murderer and scoundrel because he'll reunite you with your long-lost and presumed dead father? Nothing about that scene made any sense (not least Holmes's lack of suspicion about the whole thing) but I love it anyway. Especially since it leads to THIS. This is glorious. (Even though, like with Norton, I was already spoiled on the details...) He's a massive meme of course, but I appreciate how Mug's existence prevents him from being only a meme, RNG willing. Wait, Frau? Seriously? Frau? That just means "woman" in German! And it's not even like it's a perfectly fine name in another language, like Guy is in French. This is even worse than Warrior the Berserker, I swear. At least Warrior the Berserker was a one-off boss. This is almost exactly how Holmes described his dad back in Chapter 1 (except as a "rat" instead of a "worm"). Maybe a coincidence and I'm reading too much into it, but if not, it says a lot about Admiral Vals that he's being painted in similar terms to Richard. (Holmes has already gone off about how horrible he is, of course, but without specific detail.) It's small, but this is a pretty interesting bit of world-building to me. As incredibly powerful as healing in Fire Emblem is (less so than in most RPGs, granted, because of permadeath and the extremely limited ways of recovering from it) that someone who was bleeding to death a moment ago can be good as new in an instant, it seems it can't heal something you're born with. Sure, why not? Shigen has Dullahan and Vega's benched anyway, so no harm done, right?
  4. I didn't hide it very well, did I? That's true, to be fair. In my defense, Holmes is so good at being an asshole that he makes any moments of goodwill from him hard to see... Or I just wasn't paying very good attention to the story. That's an option too. You're welcome. I had fun writing it, too. You're right. Game Theory usually puts more thought into their theories than I do. nah i think gamefaqs would love tom tbh actually i looked up the character guide on there and he is rated poorly? bit surprised to be honest, I thought GameFAQs loved armors and Tom is basically an armor (but better because tanks are cool) I suppose 6 base Magic would make her a decent Levin Sword user... is what I would say if she had the Mastery to use it, which she doesn't. Sigh. (Even then, 10% Magic growth doesn't speak well to her continued viability in that role, especially since Pegasus Knights exist.) That glitch sounds hilarious, but even crediting her for it at all in the context of a tier list seems weird, much less top-tier when she's so awful in every other respect. ?ALICIA IS GONE? Speed-screwed as he still may be, it's been extremely cathartic to see him finally pick up some speed after so long not getting speed. I'm now extremely hyped for Movement Potion Tom.
  5. On this episode of Bad Game Design with Shouzou Kaga... I agree in principle with the idea of Warp not being easy to get because it's such an incredibly useful tool, especially considering it's infinite-range in the Kaga games, but making its availability contingent on a luck-based and not-clearly-related factor like Attrom's survival... not so much. Especially considering whatever kind of bullshit that chapter is that it would have forced you into warpskipping. I can't say I'm not curious about what that will be like now, but... Time to get benched, Alicia! well technically, he didn't do any of that, his subordinates did not the time for that, me... Let's hope that him running again will make it even more satisfying when we finally get to put him six feet under. The bright side of Alicia's awfulness is that Maruj getting good level ups is all the more enjoyable. Is that a hint of concern I detect in your voice, Holmes? Of course, anything that happens in these segments won't carry over into the main story dialogue, but I'm all up for any character development that makes Holmes less of a jerk. Time for a theory that has absolutely zero backing and probably contradicted by something you haven't posted yet: The one who saved Ruben by pulling him into the bushes was General Lawrence. You know, the general working under Prince Richard who got namedropped a few pages ago and never actually shew up? You know who I mean, of course. I don't have any evidence, I don't even know why one of Richard's generals would be out in the woods in this part of the continent anyway, but who needs evidence? I won't stand for General Lawrence continuing to evade us! Game Theory really needs to hire me as a writer for their videos. Going to accept this as proof that Holmes just can't pronounce "Maerchen" and that's why he keeps misremembering it. How do you pronounce Maerchen, anyway? My best guess is that it's the same as the German word Märchen since an alternative way of writing umlauted German letters is the regular letter followed by an e, but considering that word means fairy-tale... Wait, why does the meaning matter? When has Japan ever cared about the meaning of foreign words? (sorry to anyone who's Japanese and cares about the meaning of foreign words)
  6. It completely slipped my mind to comment on the last part but I didn't have much to say anyway except what the fuck Alicia I also meant to clarify this. The old Thracia patch (I haven't played it myself, but I used Mekkkah's Thracia Ironman LP on YouTube as a reference - check that out if you haven't, by the way, it's a good playthrough) called it DaimThun (Daim Thunder; I'm assuming it had to be shortened due to hacking limitations at the time), which is more accurate to ダイムサンダー (Daimusandā in rōmaji) but, on the other hand, doesn't mean anything. The name Dire Thunder did originate in Heroes (hence why I mentioned Heroes to begin with), and it's one of the translation decisions Heroes made that I agree with. Brenthunder, by the way, is a pretty direct translation of ブレンサンダ (Burensanda). also, not using FE7 Bartre is good taste FE7 completely defiles Bartre as both a character and unit and he alone counts for 3 games of bad Fighters Oh hi Gharnef. In some sense I like the fact that Katri is unbenchable and a game over character (at least for right now, I don't know if that changes because I don't have first-hand experience with this game) because it ensures that Holmes always has a healer no matter how badly things turn out, but on the other hand... ...yeah. I'd say there's a message to be learned about not getting too greedy when farming reinforcements for experience, but that would be a bit mean right now. See here: It's mentioned elsewhere that Shigen was adopted, but in any case, Shigen and Julia were raised as siblings.
  7. Poor Tom. Still doesn't know he's stuck in it forever, does he? I like that Kaga kept the trend from Thracia of having fighters actually being good going in this game. I could use this as an opportunity to rant about the GBA games' treatment of them, but I won't. At least they gave us Lot. This is why I love movement growths. You never expect them to happen, so it's always a wonderful time when they do. Still would have been cool to see an Est-esque who specializes in movement growth in a mainline FE, but maybe there will be someone like that in this game? Alicia's tome being called Dire Thunder is a connection the translation made, in Japanese it's called ブレンサンダ as opposed to Dire Thunder's ダイムサンダー I get why Aethin did that since it makes the weapon immediately recognizable as a Brave Thunder tome to anyone who's played Heroes but there's no link to Olwen here, no.
  8. yeah, I agree with you on that count I don't have anything else to say about it (pretty much said my piece already) but I figured I should respond to this in some capacity so uhhh I mean, if it comes to the point where you have to use him, Raffin is still usable as a Bronze Paladin, right? Though you'd have more of a task getting him back up to par without his promotion bonuses. You'd think that Maerchen being a name as ugly as the man who bears it would make it easier for Holmes to remember. It's like... a mnemonic, or something? (in all seriousness though, gags involving remembering someone's name wrong are always hilarious to me, and I'm not entirely sure why) I hope Holmes's dad actually shows up at some point just so we can see if he's as bad as Holmes says or not. (that aside, I somewhat sympathize with the idea Holmes is getting at here: fortunately not from personal experience because my parents are good people, but there are a lot of bad parents in the world, and... well, I forgot how I wanted to word this, but basically I don't think people should feel obligated to have anything to do with their parents if their parents are bad people) Wouldn't "extremely advanced magic" have a mastery requirement higher than 7, though? No complaints, mind; it's an amazing weapon, and a higher requirement would mean that Maruj might not be able to use it yet (which you could argue fits the conversation better, but...) No, you were right the first time, Holmes. okay yeah, I'm not going to risk casting a vote for Luca this time, Lionel gets my nod Narron might be more interesting to use at this stage of the game compared to back in Chapter 2 but since you didn't note otherwise I assume he's still banned
  9. wanted to address this in particular (the rest of the comment was pretty much spot-on) because as far as I can tell, it's a myth I'm by no means an expert in Japanese law (or any law) but from my understanding it's something like the minimum age of consent at the federal level is 13 but most prefectures have it set higher, and in any case there are still laws preventing an adult from having sex with a child (defined as over 18/under 18 respectively) not really sure what age of consent has to do with any of this anyway given that anything that might happen to Plum off-screen at this point wouldn't be consensual on her part even if she were an adult, and at any rate, she's a fictional character. I guess you just meant it as an explanation for why Kaga thought it was okay to put that scene in the game, and to be fair, I can't imagine it would've gotten through localization if the game got a proper Western release back in the day... but still, I don't entirely see the relevance. Sadly, the fact that he's trying to cheat us out of a good unit outweighs the level of style with which he does it, for me. Funny, wasn't Runan the one trying to cheat us out of good units earlier in the game? With M̢̃ͣ́â̘̖̺̠̦̪̝͐̂r̷͎̲̦̤̻͎͍̅̈́ͭ́̅̅ṭ͙͓̘̋̃̍̽̌̇e̲̯̤̲̥̤͚͆̾͂l͑̍͆̈͢, and whatnot? Unrelated to the scene, but considering that Hunt Down The Freeman seems to have been a total mess both in terms of its development and as an overall product, this music is surprisingly nice. I feel a little bad for Sharon (and also Garuda), but I'd feel more bad for Esther if Raffin just up and left now, so I'll vote to not get a Flute.
  10. If Eugen has the power to revive the dead, then why does he only use it on game over characters? Is he so powerful he can afford to just toy with us? Given he can bring back the deceased, who knows what other sort of power he has in store... The way I described Norton back when he joined (as a unit with unique traits that ultimately aren't that useful) seems to be much more fitting of Billford. A movement growth (that's only 5%, so having it proc enough to be meaningful is unlikely); a solid spread of other growths (aside from a huge Mastery lead, his bases are barely any better than Norton's, not to mention the level/availability differences); an array of useful skills (only available at high levels). While +10 Hit and Crit at base is a helpful attribute, Norton's superior promoted movement (which I may have undersold at first, because I wasn't aware of how much experience the Entombed give in this game and therefore overestimated how hard it was to get Norton to promotion) still makes him out to be a better tank option. TLP but everything is the same except Siegfried is replaced by Lee. Wouldn't mind a game with Lee as one of the lords to be honest, he seems like a pretty cool guy. Reminds me of how FE7 punishes you for playing Pale Flower of Darkness quickly by giving you Karel instead of the superior-in-every-way-that-matters Harken. Just going to summarize my thoughts on that scene by saying why did Kaga think any of that was a good idea? It's bad enough that the game gives you the option to let a 15-year-old girl get drugged, kidnapped and probably sold into sex slavery, but the fact that it rewards you for doing so is just... ugh. Needless to say I won't be doing this when I get around to playing this game. Mintz has ceased being relatable, he's too cool in this scene. Even if he still ended up captured by the end of it, but that's not the point... Don't worry, it's fine; we all make mistakes, and it wasn't that bad a mistake anyway.
  11. I don't normally like doing spelling corrections because to be honest I don't think spelling is that important unless mistakes cause errors in communication, but since English is your second language and this is evidently a new word to you regardless, it's spelled "ersatz". Yeah, I agree with you here (for one thing, Fire Emblem would be really boring if your units were too similar to each other). My comments that might have suggested otherwise are mostly out of frustration at how, to get more specific, Fir, Marisa, and Mia are worse in every way that matters compared to Rutger, Joshua, and Zihark (although, Fir isn't obnoxiously edgelordy the way Rutger is, to be fair), and then there's Karla who might be the worst unit in the entire series accounting for recruitment cost. Isn't this literally how Nergal got control of the Black Fang in FE7? Now I'm starting to see why people say that game is a ripoff of this one. Just want to say that this entire scene is hilarious. Eugen and Albertus just having a go at each other is great, if obviously ill-advised given they're supposed to be in an alliance. I particularly like how mad Eugen gets at being called "Grumpy Grandpa." Fortunately, Runan's here to be reasonable and prevent any of that from having lasting consequences. Since Matthis's troops basically did the job of a rearguard last battle anyway, it makes sense to put them there, in addition to working as a lasting story justification for why we won't see them in gameplay. (Maybe I'm making too big a deal of that last bit, given that you have off-screen armies in most Fire Emblem games anyway... either way, it's a nice detail) What did Waluigi ever do to deserve this insult? I read this line with complete seriousness at first and was about to make some sort of self-deprecating joke about it like "Ernst is the most relatable character in this game" but then I read it again and realized it's supposed to be mostly sarcastic anyway, Mintz is the most relatable character in this game
  12. That's true, I misspoke. He's probably there, doing stuff off-screen, though, right? Barca in this context more likely refers to the ancient general of Carthage, Hannibal Barca, whose surname comes from a Semitic root meaning "to shine" or "lightning." Considering his country's name is Canaan, this is fitting because the Phoenicians, who established Carthage, lived in the historical region called Canaan. Wait, Hannibal... No, it can't be. Kaga named two characters after the same guy?! I can't believe this act of laziness! That one day he lost was the day he spent looking for the key in the middle of the desert. I'm sure you figured this already, but it's gotta be something to do with Meriel's animation specifically that causes the flashbangs, considering how they didn't show up until now and several screens of Meriel attacking things have them in this update. 4 - Maybe that was one of the things he ordered him to do when the game cut away between items 5 and 27 on the list? Of course, that still doesn't explain how he knows about a Thieves' Guild, much less how he already knew about it all the way back then. On the bright side, even though it might have seemed in vain, Seamus's sacrifice means that we actually get to take out the asshat this part instead of letting him continue to terrorize Canaanite generals and generally be a thorn in everyone's sides. I still can't say I'm too pleased with this outcome, overall. I'd argue that Fire Emblem does have some sexism in terms of gameplay balance (i.e. how female Myrmidons are almost unilaterally worse than their male equivalents; for this game, compare Julia vs. Vega), but the ubiquity of good Pegasus Knights among other factors means that every game has plenty of good units of both genders. Fire Emblem being in the "Both Favored in Different Ways" section on the "Game-Favored Gender" TV Tropes page is a pretty good summation, I think. As far as the in-script sexism goes, I basically agree with the analysis that aside from Zieg and the innkeeper (the latter reading more like a coping mechanism to deal with the deaths of her husband and son, albeit not a particularly good one, than anything), it's used as a quick way to indicate that "this character is a jerk."
  13. It's understandable; I only knew myself because I read the thread in which Aethin discussed a number of the new translation's naming changes, including Muse -> Mousa. Samto isn't an edgelord, I will defend this man with my life But yeah, come to think of it, that's true... Makes me wonder if we'll see Cain or, rather, someone similar enough to Cain for the joke to work at some point.
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