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  1. Just Finished the Hack it's So Great I had Blast with it. The Characters fun, colorful and Diverse which is Great. The Difficulty was just Right and Variety Maps. It tested my Tactics Skills on some occasions to Max Level. Even thought I missed on Ayrlyne and Dione. I would play a second time when the Supports are done. Overall: I'm so happy I played it. My best Characters when it comes to their character: 1- Algimas: great Lord. Can't say anymore. 2- Kamille: Developed really greatly in the end and I'm happy about it 3- Ernst: Does things that makes Sense everytime. I love it. 4- Clara: Nice Cheeky Queen 5- Celia: Love me some Tsun characters. 6- Dita: I like me some Chillax Characters 7- Aceline: She is Cute when she is around someone and I love it XD 8- Rorick: Straight forward and fun 9- Franck: So Funny with his accent. 10- Boleslov: First Chubby Archer. say no more. great meme character. 11- Katarina: Love me some Tease Characters 12- Adin: The Hero we Need, But do not Deserve. The Music in This Hack is So Good and I love listening to it SO SO Much for this bro. on the Music topic. I couldn't unlock the sound after I finished it and it kept going the save files and not the Main Menu. Would love to know if I can get the Music and listen to it everytime I have a cup of tea. Thank you and Great Job Guys on This Hack
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