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  1. Somewhat, in Dedue's paralogue. It only gets properly resolved in Dimitri and Dedue's paired ending. Basically, although Dimitri has seen the light, the people of Faerghus are still badly racist.
  2. Mana measuring device A portable metal box that can detect the presence and behaviour of magic in the area. Belongs to someone with a great interest in the laws of nature.
  3. >Felix is to refrain from using magic to power up his sword strikes. The sparks are hurting friend and foe alike.
  4. Flat Earth. At least flat Earthers don't kill children. WYR have telekinesis or telepathy?
  5. Those both sound bad, so I'll take the ability to communicate with food and then proceed to not use it. WYR have the ability to heat things up or cool things down?
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