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  1. Please stop going on the Agarthan computers, they will corrupt you! ~Rhea 21 70 6f 74 73 20 74 27 6e 6f 77 20 2c 70 6f 74 73 20 74 27 6e 61 43 ~Sothis
  2. Granted. You read a fanfiction. I wish TMS#FE would get a sequel.
  3. The fact they're saying it's going to cost ~$1000 for a test is fucking sickening
  4. Wonder how on Earth someone manged to get a tattoo while dead. WWYDI IntSys announced an FE4 remake?
  5. I'm just going to point out that the colours of the houses represent their positions on the political compass: Black Eagles = Red = AuthLeft. Wants to change the system and is willing to go to unreasonable lengths to do so. Blue Lions = Blue = AuthRight. Wants to keep tradition and give the dead their tribute, and is willing to go to unreasonable lengths to do so. Golden Deer = Yellow = LibRight. Wants to remove all authorities and borders in favour of international trade, even if they have a good reason for being there. Byleth/Church = Silver = Centrist. Can ally with just about anyone. Anyway, back to the image war!
  6. This reminds me of my yearbook quote: "A single seed in the right place can sprout an entire forest."
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