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  1. I was just wondering how big you can make FE8 maps?
  2. I was just wondering how big you can make FE8 maps?
  3. I'm trying to change the default setting in FE8 and I'm using this patch in FE builder that does not work. Is there any documentation on how to change it?
  4. I patched the ROM with the Class Expansion patch, but then when I go to the class editor, there is no extend list option and there are still only 127 classes. Do I have to manually repoint it myself? Am I missing a step? (And no, I did not have the skills patch applied after)
  5. Soooo I'm mostly just not a fan of how then you click enter it spaces it out double spaced. How do I get it to look more like it did before when you clicked enter? Like This except without the numbers Maybe even a little less spaced than that?
  6. Because maybe they wanted the extra challenge? A lot of items in the vanilla games are this way as well. Sometimes enemies will be holding upgrade items and it's up to you to take on the extra challenge instead of the usual droppable item.
  7. I asked Ghast but no reply. He read it too. Not sure what is supposed to mean for me. I hope someone comes along and gives us the solution to this. Please
  8. Thanks for the reply Okay, well I think I'll try asking Ghast.
  9. Hey, pretty new here, but I've been lurking around the forums and trying to get into hacking.. Before i start though, I have a few questions. How do you get 3-way battling? if there's the ally team, with two other enemy teams who go against each other, or even 4 way where all teams (green, purple, red, blue) are all against each other. colours from the link arena What programs would you use to portrait create?? Which programs would you use to change the battle palette? I've been trying to find this one out for a while.
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