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  1. I've been playing FE8 lately and I'm currently on chapter 12. I've trained both Joshua and Marisa both to level 20 and I need some advice on what to promote them too. I have an A Rank support for Joshua and Natalie(because his defense is trash) and I'm planning to give Marisa a Joshua support too. That is all, thanks guys.
  2. I forged an Iron Axe for Barst that has 17 might, 90 hit, and 30 crit. He can double with it, he'll also make use of it as a Berserker as they have a built it 30 crit already, I already have a Sedgar General with godly defense so he's pretty much my Pegasus slayer... So Warrior for the bow and Hero for the sword (Wyrmslayer?) nah, I already have them... Honestly, Berserker is a good choice for my team...
  3. Actually, you kind of helped me pick my axe users in FE12
  4. So in your opinion, who's the best axe user in this game and why? I personally prefer Barst, because his stats are close to each other unlike Cord and Bord's axe duo growths. Darros, I have never used before...
  5. So, I've been playing SD as of lately and I'm currently on Chapter 12... I added Wolf and Hardin to my main horsemen/cavaliers alongside Cain and Abel... But one thing bothered me, I did not include Sedgar... So, I did my research and found out that Sedgar's growth rates are more equally distributed than of Wolf's in my opinion. Although Wolf's 100% strength growth is good, he may lack defense with a 65% growth, 50% luck is kind of good, considering his defense growth is on 65%. Sedgar on the other hand has 80% in strength, 30% in luck and 80% on defense, making him level up defense and strength at an equal rate, his skill growth is also higher than Wolf's by 10%, with Wolf having 85%. I'm currently on Chapter 12 and Sedgar is still on level one since I did not use him for the past few chapters, while Wolf is on level five. So, should I train him alongside Wolf? Extra Question: If he falls short on stats, what should I reclass him to?
  6. Not to get off topic but Lucius is a guy...
  7. I have to be honest Marcus and Pent is both OP, maybe it's just me not utilizing them properly...
  8. I'm biased to using Lucius in my playthroughs, Pent just ends up as a replacement for Serra or Erk... Speaking of Erk, I find his growths more evenly distributed than of Lucius'... But when RNG decides to be a dick to Erk, Lucius is an easy replacement, same goes for Pent, but again, I don't really like using prepromotes...This is my Lucius for my current playthrough... Good for offense, bad for defense... (Yes, he died once, that was like in Chapter 15 Hector Mode when the boss sniped him(Did not notice the long bow :P))
  9. He has the biggest potential as one of the best magic users in the game, Yes, Hector, Oswin and pretty much everyone except the Prepromotes have big potential to become the MVP of the whole play through... Keep in mind that I respect your opinion though...
  10. Is Lucius really Overpowered? First, let's see his Growth Rates... HP: 55% Magic:60% Skill:50% Speed:40% Luck:20% Def:10% Res:60% Hm... These are pretty good growth rates, but VERY bad in Luck and Defense... He also gains a C rank on staves upon promotion... So, is he overpowered? My answer to that is, yes and no, it depends on how you use him, I personally prefer using Lucius as a Magic Tank or a Physic Bot for my other units... His low defense makes him almost unusable for attacking at melee range, but since he has extremely high magic, he can easily heal units that can be his meat shield... So yes, IN MY OPINION, Lucius IS overpowered, unless you get unlucky... I'll be happy to hear your opinions as well, have a good day everyone...
  11. Good observation, I just realized that focusing on the Royal Bern Family would turn FE7's storyline to a kingdom drama one(Just like the Korean Dramas I used to watch but I won't elaborate on that so you do your research).
  12. I'm not actually saying that it's the localizer's fault, what I'm saying is that we got a *very* different story that isn't that much related to Zephiel, due to the fact that Roy and Marth became so popular in NA even though they weren't really introduced properly, so the devs decided, "How about we release our next fire emblem game in the USA since it's a prequel and it wouldn't really confuse players", that idea kinda just came up and then they snuck in Lyn and Nergal.
  13. I agree, the devs kind of forgot why they made a prequel in the first place... All thanks to the stupid localization that we get Nergal's story instead of getting the focus on Desmond and Zephy's backstory...
  14. All replies aside, -we all know that the Japanese players who have finished FE6 and then played FE7 said nope in rescuing Zephy.- in my opinion, the one to blame here is Desmond, for being such a d*** of a father.
  15. Thank you for your good service, milord.
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