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  1. I'm in my second play through of Echoes and I am in Duma tower on Celica's route at the end of her Act 4 battles. Where is this secret area in Duma tower? I want to get the Gradivus but I've searched for a while and found nothing. I also think it may be in the Duma part at the basement of Rigel castle, but of that I am unsure. Can anyone tell me anything on where to get it?
  2. For lack of pictures I will just type out the conversation. He mentions this "Boundless Chaos" when you talk to him at an entrance. The conversation goes as follows: "So. We meet again. You don't know what you're in for, taking us in. Heh. We've been from country to country, but this land is especially unique. The oranges are luscious, and so are the women. Check...aaand check. Hey, but lemme ask - you ever heard of somethin' called the Boundless Chaos? ...No? Eh, never mind, then. Forget I said anything." Perhaps I am just overthinking this but I am very curious as to what this is, and if it is a reference to another game, or maybe a cipher reference (which means I wouldn't get it). If anyone has an idea or knows please share, and if no one does, I suppose I just over thought it.
  3. Whew, my first post. Use this to share your Fire Emblem Fates castle with others. Share skills, resources, make bond units, share accessories, anything! My Castle: (Revelations) Optime Skills, 12285-60032-67791-37237 Resources: Quartz and Ruby Bond Unit Skill: Lethality -My castle has some nice skills if you wanted to take them, easy seize -I can change the bond unit skill if anyone was interested in making one with my character
  4. Greetings! Anyone have a caeldori with spendthrift and quickdraw? Also a lunge (F) kana? Thanks in advance!
  5. I happen to have draconic hex on (F) Kana and Ignatius, if you want it on those I'll be happy to put them up
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