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  1. Tellius is full of them? Like the Cavalier in Path of Radiance Sword : Makalov, Axe : Kieran, Lance : Oscar, Bow : Astrid The trio mage, Soren, Ilyana and Tormod, which three of them specialize in wind, lightning and fire , different skill (Adept, Shade and Celerity) and different growth rates. One of the problems in FE games are the deployment and number of units available.. apart Gaiden and FE4 which didn't have that problem. Also OP units. Some units are totally trash compared to other to the same class : Gatrie/Brom > Meg or just too good : Felix > Ashe // Navarre > Samto
  2. Alfred having a axe (horse slayer) in inventory when he cannot use it? Weapon lock is back
  3. Btw, Nihil skill/ability seems to be back?
  4. I Know that Alear is a dragon unit and Alfred is a cavalry unit
  5. No, I saw the model and it is clearly superior to TH! Also super fluid animation and battle choreography remind me of Echoes, one of my favourite. Also the Music remind of RD
  6. Character Portraits huh, SD had amazing character art, but godawful portrait. btw, Anna did get a portrait...
  7. EXP Mechanic seems to be back, but going down from 100 to 0 instead of 0 to 100. Also I didn't remark, you can wear 1 Weapon + 4 inventory (at start), maybe more when you are advancing in story? crit are smooth, remind me of FE3-FE4
  8. the english player is probably cheating (13 13 as for Chloe in JP, 42 42 in ENG trailer)
  9. Gimmick map like FE conquest! But no bullshit like Keaton forest or the hexing rod madness. More dancer! More trap, also FoW (to be like AW : DoR) Yellow enemies like in TH, which is nice to see enemies beat up each others. more character to use and deploy. Capture or/and stealing weapon/item. Fixed Mode! from the trailer with the paladin guy, we can see he can't dismount? (maybe now mounting/dismounting is an action which you can't move?)
  10. apart from manakete mechanic and dismounting : 3 have book 1 and 2, which are a retell of fe1...and book 2 is similar to 12. No triangle weapon. Stats max are 20 and 56? HP for everyone. Weapon Rank is weapon level, a stat which you can gain by level up. Marth animation is different when he wear the falchion, rapier or another sword! In book 2, you have the costellation orb (which transform to Star), it affects growth rates. Also IIRC, when someone have a orb, they can't lose durability. 4/4 inventory for weapon and item, like Fire emblem Path of Radiance. No tutorial, no Kris.
  11. IIRC the Japanese WiiU version cost like 10$ (US!|), and it was top selling game on amazon for a while. (because of the censorship stuff) anyway, nice promotion! instead of 180 euros it's 111 (so like 1-free game?)
  12. Sorry, but Black 2 and White 2 is a sequel, nor a "remake". They improved some stuff over BW1, like PWT, obtainable eevee (before the eevee was a gift from a NPC), more double battle, etc. To be frank, I would like to see a third game. Pokémon became boorish since X/Y.
  13. Dimitry also get +20 avoid if full hp, with dancer sword it's +40 avoid. + sword level 5 it's ANOTHER +20 avoid. but yeah...Dimitry dancer lol, you lose a powerhouse :|
  14. because dev are lazy. I mean look at pokémon, they never did more than 1 save slot But there was a reason. in the NES era, games data was little as like 1MB or less (mario was 40KB IIRC?) and it was costy to get more data. FE2 had 2 save slots IIRC, FE3 had 3, FE4 had 4, FE5 is 3 until path of radiance 5, Radiant dawn 6, THEN on DS 3...Fates is 9 max (3 per route?). Then TH brings back 5 + autosave
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