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  1. so this happened after i played hector mode on what should a normal rom. uh, what and why? Also happened for Eliwood mode what to heck I gave nino the afas drops and every stat booster in the game, but that shouldn't affect this, should it? Nobody has died so uh what
  2. High priority- every brave hero besides lyn and roy but i don't think those count anymore Brave roy that's not minus attack all of those limited time units too that i didn't get but those also probably don't count either Elincia Nephenee Gray Leo that's not minus attack Tharja that's not minus speed Ike Delthea Celica Anybody with a flier emblem skill besides Palla Ephraim Eirika that's not minus attack Lyn that's not minus speed Klein that's not minus attack Athena Sonya Olwen Azura Katarina Amelia Medium priority- Genny that's not minus attack Nino that's plus attack or speed Abel Luke Karel Titania Plus speed 3 star Raigh to merge my Raighs into Jaffar Alm Fodder priority- More odins for if i get olwen Selena/barst for repo Horse emblem, armour emblem and flier emblem dudes Wo dao dudes Tharjas for if i get a katarina or leo Subaki for qr
  3. I think it was either a 3 star saizo i sacked or a 3 star stahl, not sure I 4 starred the stahl because he was good at lower levels, but after he was level 40 i realised every body is good at lower levels, and that stahl was absolute trash and wasted my feathers. dammit stahl
  4. Yeah, i debated whether i wanted to do that or not, but then i decided it was too much work because lazy. Once I'm in the procrastinaty mood again and i have less work I'll see if there are major differences or anything. Maybe since Raigh's got the speed n stuff buffs that are more generous to speed will- ah frick frack snick snack i've opened the calculator again what am i doing I also did +4 defence because rally defence and what the frickles am i doing Ok so, Raigh gets 115 kills and Lilina gets 114 Yeah, while it's not too much of a gap, i still believe that Raigh is at least very close to Lilina's level also @MaskedAmpharos that is a very much floof i likey
  5. Sportaflop I agree that the optimisation argument doesn't make too much sense in this context, but I see it thrown around a lot so I just went with it. With a T-Adept Raven set.... yeah Lilina does much better than Raigh (gave them both swordbreaker, if like red tome breaker or something is better please tell me) I suppose that for Raigh to do better than Lilina, he needs a build that boosts his speed, his one significant advantage over Lilina? I went and gave them both Fury for both redblade and redraven just for keks I'm starting to think the buffs are what let Raigh be okay? eh, why not run calcs without buffs because that essay shall totally write itself So, Raigh is reliant on buffs to be better offensively than Lilina. Cool. Personally I'd consider that around the same level as Lilina, maybe a spot or two lower, and not 50.5 tiers lower, but eeeehhhh this community man. From what I've seen serenes seems to be pretty cool, so I'll stick here. Is there any point in having our own tier list here? Is it just considered superflous, are we not supposed to have tier lists here, or are we just lazy? probably the latter ma waif is loli therforee she id S tears
  6. I will concede to Lilina having a much better vanilla skillset than Raigh, however we're talking optimal play here, and in optimal play I believe resources are not heavily considered, from what I've seen. Which is sad for free to plays like me, but oh well.
  7. After screwing around with calcs out of a stubborn refusal to actually be productive, I found something I considered to be noteworthy With what I've been told is Lilina's most efficient build in the current meta (please correct me if i'm wrong) and generic rally buffs in each stat for the both of them, Raigh actually has better matchups than her. I didn't think about changing the special at the time, but I can't imagine it making too much of a difference. To be absolutely sure, I went to another calculator Unless I've screwed up somewhere, these numbers are rather different from what i've heard many times. Sure, Raigh's lead is probably not all that impressive in the end, but from what I hear Raigh is mediocre at best and Lilina is well above the average, which doesn't quite add up. Is there something I'm missing here? Specials, C skills, Boons and banes, S seals that aren't attack+1? Is Raigh only good using this build and Lilina better with all of the others?
  8. Eh, may as well post mine 1:Michalis 2:Lyn -spd +atk ,pulled 3:Eirika, -hp +spd ,upgraded 4:Hana, unknown nature, pulled 5:Xander 6:Leo, unknown nature, pulled 7:Effie, -res + def ,pulled 8.Nowi -res + def, pulled 9.Linde, -def + res, pulled 10.Robin -res +hp, pulled 11.Robin -hp +atk, pulled 12.Rebecca, neutral, pulled 13.Takumi, -res +hp, pulled 14.Genny, unknown nature, pulled 15.Elise, unknown nature, pulled
  9. I have a Brave Bartre. It's better than Hammer Bartre, but I don't use Bartre enough to recommend it
  10. Cecilia does zero damage to zephiel in FE6, if you're referring to that. She does appear to be able to survive one blow with 1 hp, but this is with throne bonuses factored in (again, this is FE6). considering how many thieves there have been in past grand hero battles, it's not too unlikely that her gronnraven would come in handy. Then again, the theives would likely double her and possibly kill her given her mediocre everything. Maybe Gunter will be in the banner as well?
  11. Rip ephraim rest in peace sweet prince you can't win the match but you can win the glory twas a good fight but we can make it better Fight for the legion till the end ephraim is still alive sorta we will turn that "still alive sorta" into a "yep he's alive and kicking and stuff" for the glory of sweet daddy ephraim even if you have no flags like me fight on for precious ephraim the good boy oh yeah uh go Lucina too, woo sportsmanship
  12. Are you fucking memeing me those were my last orbs that I'll be able to get besides the daily login ones i did that bullshit lunatic quest for this
  13. Wait ray doesn't attack how did he kill a dude unless you attacked first?
  14. Wow, Lilian invalidates 4/5 units on the Robin map, and she hit the lancer with the aoe of growing flame so just needed narcian to finish the job then on hard, Lyn used the power of galeforce to kill the red Mage and robin while Nino killed the blue Mage and takumi did the rest while robin just chipped with takumi not nearly as hard as narcian, and she doesn't seem to be as good either.
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