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  1. I'm voting for best goddess, Sothis Dragon Saint, Seiros Claude's waifu and ulitmate animal helper, Marianne
  2. "Yeah, you see combat isn't neither of our strong suit. I'm a mage on a wyvern and there could be thunder mages or archers with Dragon Arrows or those evil Wrymslayers." "Karen is a songstress who only heals. I don't think that's a good strategy, Charlie."
  3. Claud is how his name(FE4) is spelt For Hilda(FE4) change her name to Helga Arthur(FE4) change his name to Artu
  4. "Poor Karen and Charlie, are you two coming down with something?" "Karen, you can ride with me if you want. Anthiese is pretty much a warm blanket that flies and that dress of yours is horrible for this weather." "Charlie, I don't care if you catch a cold, Karen is useful to everybody and your just the tactician."
  5. Well for one you need to put some blades on Lex for Ulster and the Brave Axe. Although I recommend Holyn for a better array of swords. Make sure Ayra passes on the Brave Sword for Larcei. Give Sigurd all the rings for Seliph. Midir's bows will pass on to Lester + the Brave Bow when Midir and Edain get married. Lana will inherit all of Edain's staves and she won't really be affected by Midir since she starts off with a B in Staves. Arthur will inherit all of Azelle's tomes and Tine will inherit her mom's tomes however she can't use Thoron until promotion. Beowulf makes both Nanna and Diarmuid excellent physical fighters but Lana's healing will suffer a bit. Brigid will pass on all her bows to Febail including Yewfelle, Holyn will pass on his swords and Luna which will make Patty a powerhouse. If you pair Brigid with Dew it will result in them being ok, Patty will benefit but Febail will be decent. Claud will allow both Coirpre and Lene to shine as Coirpre will inherit the Valkyrie Staff and all of Claud's staves. Lene will have amazing res plus the Safeguard she inherits from Silvia.
  6. Or maybe instead of an Avatar make it an entirely new character who plays a central part to the story.
  7. I'd like a Kana/Morgan kind of thing for Second Gen being able to customize the child of the avatar kind of ruins their purpose/character.
  8. "Hmm, maybe we could make matching outfits one day, I like mine dyed in ruby and gold."
  9. I like the term because it really lets authors know their characters are too overpowered.(Bloom from Winx but it just gets worse with her so idk)
  10. "Well my armor is just something I wear, my outfit came from only the finest designers I believe his name was... I can't seem to remember. But he was killed by the Masked right after he made it." "What about you?"
  11. This series and its characters suck and are bland and boring
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