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  1. They’re supports are super cute too because they both have a type of social anxiety and both learn to overcome it. have you thought about what skills to pass down? @EntropyGamer
  2. Anna is a Divine Dragon and has shapeshifting and cloning powers which is how there’s an Anna in every game.
  3. I think Fire Emblem should drop the Manakete species going insane just for the human characters to be on top and also I'm tired of fighting an insane dragon. With Medeus, he was kind of right, he saw that his kind were being mistreated and took action but he took the wrong course of Action. The same can be said for the beast races but they rarely ever play a part in the story and we know little to nothing about the ones who aren't Laguz. Like if Ylisse is supposed to be fast forward Archanea, where were the Taguel during the War of Shadows?
  4. A timeskip essentially, the parents are either killed off or have disappeared and the kids essentially take over. I'm not sure how to incorporate the Deeprealm aspect of it into the story though. I thought about Lilith being the Oifey character but ya know she dies in both Conquest and Birthright.
  5. I believe the actual Monica was a descendant of Macuil or was a bearer of his Crest. Maybe it’s Byleth who drove the world to ruin and Shez is meant to fix it?
  6. I love this. I can’t wait to see what other ideas you have in store for Fates. Especially the new weapon type. I do have a suggestion, maybe if your including Children units have it be like Genealogy mixed with the Deeprealm aspect.
  7. This reminds me of that youtube fanseries that explained the Concubine Wars and saw the young Nohrian sibs knowing one another
  8. Duma is Tiki’s dad 😂 * they look similar to each other and while that may be because of the Divine Dragon thing. I still think it’s a solid headcanon but lemme know what you want think. This could also explain why he was exiled 😆
  9. But it seems this OC changed the course of time and maybe that's why Byleth is now full of rage? As a lot of different cutscenes seems to differ this reality from the past one. Jeralt seems to have a different outcome this time as does Rhea.
  10. I'm glad to see my girl Tiki winning, I'll definitely be throwing my last two votes her way (mainly because I'm sure they're going to do the her becoming Naga thing for her Brave Alt) Nino's day in the spotlight will come soon I'm sure of it. (So will Ninian's hopefully... 😭)
  11. Well then I guess it falls back to you now
  12. I have no idea if this idea has been done before but a lord who is either a prince or a princess who has no experience in combat what so ever and they get trained in combat along the story by the Jagen who is a Master Knight (who doesn't have to be old but could be maybe in their late 20s or early 30s) and the player gets to decide what they want the lord's weapons to be and what role they want them to commit to. And then the "legendary weapons" are like the ones from FE6 and FE7 where there isn't a certain character needed. Idk I just thought up this idea. I also kind of want to see a lord who is the Tiki character (a Divine Dragon manakete basically), who is asexual aromantic and been asleep for over 10,000 years and basically goes on a journey to find their mother and father with the Bantu character and then meets another lord type character whose like some mercenary hired by the Bantu character to help get the Child to wherever the Divine Dragon tribe lives and like they become friends or something and the whole war thing is maybe cultists and the shifters who worship the Dragons and also want to see the child home safely. And instead of an evil cult we get kingdoms trying to get ahold of the lord because they want to use the lord as a weapon because of the raw power they possess. And the endgame is basically against the combined efforts of the kingdoms to get the lord I guess. Sorry, if these are not well written or thought out given they just popped up in my head.
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