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  1. "Don't tell me you forgot about us already, Charlie!", Noelle said as she soared over the battlefield.
  2. Yeah, I'm glad too. Marianne is one of the more interesting characters of Three Houses. And her character isn't as one dimensional like other characters in 3H. Also her x Claude are one the best 3H supports I've ever read.
  3. No it is actually implied that Marianne couldn't take her curse anymore and .... well you know.
  4. I'm voting for best goddess, Sothis Dragon Saint, Seiros Claude's waifu and ulitmate animal helper, Marianne
  5. "Yeah, you see combat isn't neither of our strong suit. I'm a mage on a wyvern and there could be thunder mages or archers with Dragon Arrows or those evil Wrymslayers." "Karen is a songstress who only heals. I don't think that's a good strategy, Charlie."
  6. Claud is how his name(FE4) is spelt For Hilda(FE4) change her name to Helga Arthur(FE4) change his name to Artu
  7. "Poor Karen and Charlie, are you two coming down with something?" "Karen, you can ride with me if you want. Anthiese is pretty much a warm blanket that flies and that dress of yours is horrible for this weather." "Charlie, I don't care if you catch a cold, Karen is useful to everybody and your just the tactician."
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