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  1. So here's a theory on why Alfonse disappeared: He's the messenger of Ragnarok and found out after Hel was killed. So now he's trying to warn the other worlds of what's coming. Also Veronica x Alfonse anyone?
  2. So is Alfonse in the next world then? In the ending, Lif says the world of Dwarves is next and then we see a very injured Alfonse walking in a forest. Also here's my theory as to why Alfonse went missing. He's the messenger of Ragnarok Also they're going to bring back Fjorm and Eir for the finale I'm pretty sure of it. Hopefully we get some hot male dwarves for the next world I'm tired of the female big breasted characters.
  3. Fe8 has a great story but almost little to none lore or worldbuilding. I hope its the GBA game that gets remade instead of BinBla the characters, supports, lore, and kingdoms would be much more appreciated.
  4. @Aircalipoor have you played heroes cause that's what Alfonse Veronica Eir and Sharena are from.
  5. lol Alfonse and Veronica Eir and Sharena also Marianne x Claude S support
  6. I know it's a bit early but I love speculating so lets give it a go with Book V.
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