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  1. "No thanks, I've got better things to attend to like getting my beauty sleep a face like this needs to be well rested you know"
  2. "Ah well thank you for this journey, I guess hoping we don't die..."
  3. "So Toki what was life like for you before the masked attacked?" "Where is your family now?"
  4. Hate to break it to you but Alfonse is most likely going to steal her spotlight.
  5. " House Altyna was located in Burnish of the Auran Empire, my brother and I did many tasks for our parents traveling all over Auran." "When the Masked attacked House Altyna was the last to fall, but before then our parents sent me and my brother to the church before it began... I hope to find my brother during this quest."
  6. "I had servants cook for me back when I was a noble woman but ever since House Altyna's fall I've learned to cook and clean like a normal wife, I could make some curry if needed?"
  7. "Fine by me then, but Cantus you must really miss your wife huh would be bad if she was pregnant and you died..."
  8. I don't see how Micaiah is a Mary Sue A lot of the her actions throughout RD did have consequences(maybe if they made Micaiah the full main lord and let Ike take the back burner this wouldn't have happened)
  9. But in the case of Corrin's Hoshidan Siblings who are his step siblings! that's double wrong just as Dimigard being a thing
  10. Well Alain in terms of story-wise is similar to Byleth however character wise their different Alain is a fully speaking male protagonist @Dragoncat
  11. thanks I fixed it I plan on making this into a fan-game just like how you did with Ascension @Von Ithipathachai Do you know how to get access to the Lion Throne Engine?
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