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  1. " Or Maybe she might be a maiden in dire of assistance like me!" " We can't just leave her to die"
  2. "What about this mysterious woman Tobias saw, she could be in grave danger and any others she was with." "If they were to die it would be on your hands would it not Charles and the goddess would certainly not be happy with you!"
  3. "I stand with the peasant Butter we should split up and crush those bandits beneath my royal feet!"
  4. Noelle has no words as she soars into the sky full of disappointment "No good rotten Cantus button"
  5. " Do not fret for Noelle of House Altyna is here to put an end to the mongrels and save the day!"
  6. "No thanks, I've got better things to attend to like getting my beauty sleep a face like this needs to be well rested you know"
  7. "Ah well thank you for this journey, I guess hoping we don't die..."
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