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  1. I think Edelgard and Rhea suffer from PTSD Edelgard from the experimentations on her and her siblings Rhea I think from the whole Nemesis and losing her siblings and mother.
  2. So I am currently working on this and may have changed a few things In progress: Prologue, Ch1, Ch2, and Ch3 Currently completed: Main P and Lords Houses and Characters Classes and Skills Wondering if someone wanted to draw some of the characters if your not busy atm?
  3. I feel like they should have put holy blood in 3H mainly due to the fact of seperating your nobles from royals because to me the House Leaders just felt like a bunch of nobles and not royals.
  4. So @Zoisite you finally came over to SFF on FEUniverse you may know me as MakoQueenofAdrestia What made you join?
  5. Me still waiting for Brave Edelgard, Lysithea, and Claude
  6. I think that either VW or SS needs a rewrite(Mainly VW in the cases of Edelgard) They should have implemented something similar to Edelgard vs Claude via CF where you can spare or kill her(Spare her she leaves but during the battle against Nemesis returns alongside leftover imperial forces and helps fight. This is something I could see happening with Claude on CF if the route was fully completed.)
  7. "Let me obliterate them all, they ruined my beauty sleep!" " Cantus, lets go!; you said you'd protect me!" <Noelle can pair up with Cantus for now>
  8. That Marianne and Lysithea would play major roles in the story Also I'm currently impressed by the whole Berkut and Rinea being her actual parents but abandoned her for Valentia lol
  9. Avatar: Amalia Class: Valkyrie Lord: Edelgard Twin Cavaliers: Sully and Stahl Brigand: Gonzales Anima Mage: Miriel Dark Mage: Nyx(The canon mother of Rhajat to me that is) Light Mage: Micaiah Swordmaster: Larcei Hero: Ulster(Their canon father is Holyn bite me LexXAyra) Archer: Noire(Her canon father is Henry to me Tharja x Henry ending explains it perfectly) Lance Infantry: Sharena or Oboro Cleric: Marianne Troubadour: Elise and Clarine Bow cavalier: Bernie The Bear Sword Cav: Beowolf Lance Cav: Oscar Axe Cav: Titania Valkyrie: Hapi Pegasus: Cynthia Mage Pegasus: Constance Gremory: Annette DK Killer/Witch: Lysithea Wyvern Rider: Beruka Dancer: Olivia Songstress: Azura Manakete: Fah Beast: Velouria and Selkie
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