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  1. I would Pair Brigid with Dew(if you trained him) not only because he passes on Sol to Patty which is great she will be a really good thief Also Silvia and Claud get you some pretty good Lene and Coirpre and Coirpre comes with the Valkyrie Staff also Seen gets better HP growths which should help her. But yeah her replacement is better but she has no relativity to the story.
  2. Or have them be a duo Also all the legendary weapon wielders fighting alongside their sons(Fates) Leo and Forrest(LeoSaku hair would be cool to see but probably not) Forrest and Leo wield Brynhildr Xander and Siegbert wielding Siegfried and the rest of em
  3. Tanooki: I love how mischievous they are. Ljósálfar: I love Light Elves and how they were even more beautiful than the sun. All Mythological Creatures
  4. Is @Purple Mage still accepting characters for OC Emblem?
  5. I think Freyja the woman mentioned by Triandra is Freyr's sister. Is it ever mentioned that Peony is a princess?
  6. Sorry I didn't mean to say it like that my apologies Her character interests me and I think that dude who warped them to that place may be her father. But yeah Peony she needs some pants if they can do it for Dong-Armor Alm they can do it for Sharena's new best friend.
  7. I don't like girls so whatever your thinking is wrong and because She is best girl also I love the part with her and the spirit orbs playing also because her world is beautiful and somewhere I'd wanna live in the cut scene.
  8. I want to live in the world with Peony and be her best friend forever
  9. I would love that too which is why for a story project I'm working on one of my lords is a dagger lord.
  10. So I guess Eir was thrown into the unknown with Fjorm and shall never be heard of ever again. On another note Peony has become one of my favorite characters and FINALLY SHARENA is in the spotlight YES
  11. I hate how people say that Eirika and Ephraim's ending implies incest it actually isn't in fact it's similar to Rowan and Lianna where they both are crowned king and queen of Aytolis. Also I ship Eirika with Saleh because they are amazing together and I love their ending and how their daughter resemble Nada Kuya.
  12. Claude - I love Claude based on his character and how he can relate to some of the students in the Golden Deer(Marianne is his queen) also because he one of the first lords of color it's kind of nice to see someone of my skin color. Micaiah - At first I thought of Micaiah as this soft spoken female lord but this very line made me love her even more, and as you progressed through RD she showed resolve
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