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  1. It kind of sets the world to die from a natural disaster Birth a dragon and die - they are the chosen one meant to save the universe WYR become Rhea and go crazy or be Edelgard and kill those you care about or Be Sothis but take over Byleth's body
  2. Elise is her canon mother and best magical mother:)
  3. Sing without pause(Would totally sing Lost In Thoughts All ALone and Edge of Dawn) If you have seen this anime(Lost Song) WYR be able to only sing the Song of Healing or the Song of Mortality
  4. I am a virgo I mean some things I believe like being very observant Also year of the goat
  5. I'm interested in Constance and Yuri mainly Constance because of her backstory... Why do you think they got kicked out was it because of their parents or something they did?
  6. Has anyone ever thought what would of happened if Byleth wasn't the avatar or didn't even exist That stalemate would still continue I know that For this story I'm working on which is connected to 3H through the outrealms there are 4 houses and there's a main character who's similar to Byleth but not that similar.
  7. @Sire How did the manaketes turn out do you have any screenshots? Also what does the purple lettering mean for the spreadsheets
  8. Mine are going to Marianne, Claude, Edelgard, Peony, Shigure, Azura, and Leanne
  9. Which pairings did you think got better development and which ones do you think could have gotten better development?
  10. I personally would have liked 3H better if it didn't have Byleth and showed the game through either the 3 lords eyes. Like literally when the war is driven into a stalemate Byleth just shows up and they are just able to win the war is complete BS. Like show what the 3 could have done to move the war on. but then again there would be a lot of plotholes if Byleth wasn't in the game.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks that Yuri looks like the child of Leon from SoV and Byleth?
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