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  1. 1. Joshua - Favorite character love what he did to become a a real king to his people. Also my favorite class. Has a badass hat. Love his supports. 2. Alvis- Probably my favorite villain in series. If wondering play fe 4. 3. Seth- my second fav in sacred stones, could on forever to talk about. 4. Aran- First ever solider that I liked, was the goat of the Silver Army, loved his design 5.Pent- the best sage in all gba fe's. Loved his look didnt take his job that serious, loved his wife. Made me love sages. Notable mentions Colm, King Hayden my name , Orson, Sothe, Selena, Shinon, Stefan, Tibarn
  2. Have any of you guys ever wanted to make a eilibian nights but for fire emblem 8 theres alot you can do with. just wondering
  3. When they do sacred stones summons and focus on them. I'm glad there doing valter for ghb. I'm predicting that all the gemstones from ss will be gbh. I CANT WAIT. Also for some summon focus they can have Knights of Renais. It will have my boy Seth , Franz , Kyle , Forde , and maybe Orson. The next one can be called Magvels Rulers it will have Fado , Vigarde , Hayden , Mansel , Ismaire. The last will be called Greik's Mercenaries. This one will have Greik , Ewan , Tythes , Marisa. Any thoughts ?
  4. Am I the only one would will lose there mind if they don't have joshua have his signature hat and his sacred twin Audhulma when they drop him in the game. P.S my favorite myrmidon in the series.
  5. Just got to the final map love what you guys did with Sofia's eyes. Also you guys got rid of the landsknecht and darknight i loved them made that stage even better.
  6. I just found your eternal bond hack and i want to play it so badly but i cant find a download link so does that mean your done with it all together 

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    2. Trinidaddi


      damn looked really great


    3. Trinidaddi


      how did you get ephraims map sprite in the game i must ask?

    4. Agro


      Please don't PM me with hacking questions. If you need to ask something then use the hacking subforum for it. This question is easily answered by searching through hacking resources as there is a tutorial entirely dedicated to importing map sprites.

  7. am i the only one wishing that fe you-tubers would make tutorials to do certain things for hacks. so when fire emblem e3 comes there'll be alot more hacks to try.
  8. Can someone tell me why some of the pics show but some don't.
  9. Question would you guys like classes to have two choices for promoting or just one is fine. Also love the sprite animation anyway I could maybe borrow it
  10. Okey i was thinking of maybe like 26 chapters or 24 just wanted an estimate on how many units people would want. Thank you.
  11. Here to ask the community how many characters they would think is sufficient in a hack.
  12. How many characters the community wants in a hack

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