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  1. I can't go past the second chapter, my character isn't a healer.
  2. So the flier Kate I can't access her stats page while in combat. I can access her stats page while at the planning stage but not after the chapter started.
  3. So I was using cheats, as one does. To get master seals and such. As well as items and weps. And I noticed that on some of the Allies they can use the staff that halves hp on Allies. Also I'd like to know how to rank up my Lords without turning then into Erika and eiphram classes, also I think that all the special classes, clerics, thieves, and others should get more paths to upgrade into to make the choices you make feel like it matters more, or just to give players options. Btw I feel I should add that I do love the rom
  4. I want a hack for Fe 8 with more classes .. klokinator hope you finish soon . Btw will the be more trainee classes, or more along the lines of tier 3 classes?
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