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  1. wow, that selena imsge is quite old huh. i suppose its time for an updated one lol also toke to be the first clarisse on here
  2. anno: mutationem released not too long ago so ive been playing that a bit. also been playing gran turismo 7 but its pretty grindy. besides that, i finally got fates to work on citrra so ive finallly gotten around to playing randomized fates anything that im missing... OH YEAH, i bought elden ring a couple of weeks ago. havent made too much progress but its fun
  3. maybe if hero was buffed with something like a passive sol or something yeah or made avalible to females too or had something that really makes me not use swordmaster/assassin instead
  4. how exactly would you go about editing a radiant dawn save?
  5. can i post 2 star +10s? here, ill contribute my selena, my first, and probably only, 5 star +10
  6. Yamada Akihiro with that nice old looking art style, on top of actually having a different attacking and special pose
  7. I dont remember. Probably CoD WaW or Mario Galaxy. Parents are huge gamers.
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