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  1. All are welcome in the Forest. We hope you enjoy the time you spend here. Also, I've heard of Bravely Default and kinda interested in it. What is it about?
  2. That sounds even worse. I'm so sorry child.
  3. Another newcomer to the forest. Welcome! Enjoy your time here! How fun is a randomized playthrough? I've been interested in one but never tried it.
  4. The forest welcomes you back with open arms! I'd say watching it counts and I understand why some people wouldn't want to play FE6. The RNG is brutal in the earlier Fire Emblem games. I've seen a 99% miss and a 1% hit both courtesy of Leif. He missed the 99 and almost died by getting hit by the 1 percent.
  5. Pleasure to meet you. Welcome to our forest! I love Dragon Age as well and it's nice to see someone else who appreciates it. What's your favorite Dragon Age game?
  6. Welcome to the forest! As someone who's played Heroes of Light and Shadows, I'll take a guess and say that the wyverns in the later chapters pissed you off. I know I was pissed. I don't blame you.
  7. The games won't overload your pc. Heck, I've emulated the Jugdral on my phone before and it works fine. I can't tell you where to find them as that goes against the code of conduct. Just a word of advice, the second Jugdral game, Thracia 776, is considered the hardest game in the series. But enough of that. Welcome to the forest and enjoy your stay here!
  8. My username is the name of my 5th edition wizard. Glad to see another D&D player here.
  9. You had trouble with the captcha code too? I thought I was the only one!
  10. Taleyth is cool name. Did you come up with that or is that from somewhere? Either way, welcome to the forest!
  11. Trying to introduce the older fire emblem games to the newer crowd on Tumblr? You're my hero. Welcome to the forest. As someone who is bicurious, it's nice to see someone who is openly of the LGBT community.
  12. I've been interested in D&D 5th edition but haven't found a group to play with.
  13. Yo! Welcome to the forest! I hope you enjoy your time here. And by tabletop RPG's do you mean ones like D&D?
  14. Not a native speaker? You could've fooled me. You have better grammar than most of the people I know including myself. Welcome to the forest Bruno! You're going to love it here!
  15. Hello and welcome to the forest! Just to be a rebel, I would say starting with FE7/Blazing Sword is probably the best idea since it has a built-in tutorial that will tell you about the things that the GBA games have that Awakening and Fates does not. But if not that then Sacred Stones would be the best idea.
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