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  1. There are things people are forgetting here. 1 - The 310k only account up to 20th May 2017 (it's July 9th already). 2 - VgChartz doesn't account for Digital sales (Echoes topped the 3ds eshop charts for 3 weeks straight, and 2nd place on the 4th, being listed as a best seller). 3 - Already updated, up to 360k. The game is already a net profit for Intelligent Systems, so that's one less thing to worry about. And i do think that Digital sales rack up a good percentage of the game's sales. And Reggie said it was doing well. Trust the man's word for Christ's sake, especially when the evidence that it is doing well (for a remake), is laid out in front of you. See ya!
  2. Well, News is , Echoes ranked 7th on the best selling games of may in the Us. Unfortunately, No numbers. What the hell, Give us Numbers!!!
  3. Well, Echoes topped the 3ds eshop charts for three weeks straight, and has now fallen to the second spot. So, i do believe that it is doing well. Source: http://nintendoeverything.com/?s=3ds+eshop+charts (Just scroll down) Note that Echoes has also been listed under best sellers in the us eshop, so i do believe that it at the very least seems to be selling somewhat okay, and even reggie has said it is doing well... So... I do suspect it is doing well. I don't think the game will meet this number. About some 550k , perhaps,. if the game had hit 750k ( approx. 15M € Revenue, and over 10M of profit , taking 5 for production costs, which is incredibly high for a 3ds game), they would have made something to show at E3, to get us more hyped up. (I think xD) I Do believe that if the game meets some 500/550k we can already get our hopes up about another echoes game, after all, Gaiden was the black sheep of the franchise, and the Japanese loved Fe6 (Next game to be remade, let's not even try to argue), so.... Yeah, i think that Fe6 remake is in the Works, or will be in the Works.
  4. Man, This looks Awesome! I've always loved Rom hacks, but this one beats most that i've seen out of the park. Just a question for a fellow programmer, since there were no skills in these games, i'm assuming you stored these in the ram. If so, did you use c++ for memory management?
  5. For those that don't know, Fire emblem echoes has been on the top of the 3ds's eshop best selling games for the last two weeks. And if it is now a best seller... There is hope.
  6. And that's exactly where the problem lies.
  7. Fair enough, but the fact that religion had a hand in it is something you just cannot deny. While i understand your point, i'll have to disagree on point 1. While it created "Rules" for those who had nothing else, this was just in the really early times of humanity. Once religion and society started evolving, and looking for technological progress, religion basically stopped it. Why do you think that the middle ages (approx: 5th Century to 15th century) , there was no advancement not only in technology, but mathematics, writing, whatever you want to bring up, it had no development during these ages. And is it a coincidence that in the middle ages, life was centered around Religion? I Think Not! Not only are we centuries behind in technology due to religion, a lot of men who could have revolutionized our way of thinking or maybe a certain cience , all died in the fire? Religion was used as a way to control the countries that did abide by it. I'll ask again, why do you think the industrial revolution happened in England while the other countries were still focused on agriculture? The advancement in Technology and Culture happened in those countries who distanced themselves from religion. Point 2. The Answer to this question is irrelevant. The fact that Human rights say that people have the right to believe in whatever deity they want, banishing it entirely is impossible. Your answer to the question is intriguing though. I liked the analisis, but the fact is that as much as people want you to believe it, The cold war Never ended. It is still ongoing in fact, With Russia supporting The government and America supporting the rebels. (Yes, i know it's not that Black and white, but let's keep it simple). The Fact that the war in Syria is still going on is because there are too many interests behind it. Turkey wants Oil, Russia wants a puppet government in Syria, due to to its geographical location, Amongst other interests here that would just get off topic. "The communists learned this the hard way." Well said Kind sir, Have a cookie!
  8. Well, if i had to say , i'd say it did more harm than good. To be fair, Religion joined us together in one society, "upping" its game, for example, Europe. It was all unified due to religion, and this is something you really cannot deny. Unfortunately, Religion came to slow down progress. If we study religion carefully, we can actually see that it did a lot of harm. If we analyze the countries that are now "Powerful/industrialized/Rich", we can actually see that most of them either cut their ties with religion, or never endorsed it in the first place. England and Japan are examples that come to mind in this regard, both countries that outlawed christianity (Yes, i Know that England only separated themselves from Rome, but Religion just kept losing power over the years). And if we compare those countries to the ones that were extremely religious (Portugal, Spain, Italy), it's a night and day comparison. For some Reason, these three countries are in economic recessions, while the other two who cut ties with religion stand tall and proud. I wonder Why? Well, To answer the question , Inquisition. The only three countries which held inquisitions (that i can think of), are Portugal, Spain and Italy. Coincidence! While in countries Like England, we saw Industrial and Agricultural Revolutions, in Portugal , Spain and Italy, we saw people getting burned alive for trying to fly. Comes to mind a portuguese Priest named "Bartolomeu de Gusmão" who created a flying machine called the "passarola" which could actually fly (Somewhat). He got burned alive , and everyone who helped him did too. In this fashion we see Religion halting technological progress. Might seem fishy, but it's true. Portugal for example, went from being one of, if not the richest country in the world to an economic recession (Multiple ones) , due to wasting all their money on Churches to please the inquisiton, and Rome. Not only this, but the king "D. João IV" Wasted most of Portugal's money in offerings to the church and to the pope. Religion was used as a way to manipulate countries around Italy. After all, Why do you think that the richest man on earth in the 1500's was the Pope? Even after he had vowed to live in poverty? Open to criticism. PS: i do not judge anyone's beliefs, and accept everyone, so please don't flame me.
  9. According to media create sales the game sold about 179k physically in japan, with these digital sales, The game should be a little above 190k. Not bad, but could be better. Just hoping that the west can make it better, i already bought my special edition. Waiting for data.
  10. That one was the most obvious, after all, in the Fire emblem Heroes trailer, Fe6 characters got a lot of love, and the fact that Roy got into smash considering that the fan demand for him was quite diminished, it is safe to assume that even before Gaiden, Is was already considering a remake of the Binding Blade. I'd say that it will be definitely the one we get.
  11. Is will definitely survive, Echoes was nowehere near a net loss, while awakening and fates gave them rivers of money each. Don't worry IS will make it. For it to be released out of the Echoes series? Perhaps, i don't think so, but one can dream, right?
  12. Well, i know it sucks, but they could do it Fire emblem Fates Style. They both have a lot of content, true, but the fact that the two stories are connected, merging the two doesn't sound too bad... Maybe.
  13. Tobin: "...She's going to be a handful" Grey: "Yeah, I um... *Cough* That's what i'm hoping" Whoever wrote this line deserves a RAISE. I laughed harder than i should at this innuendo.
  14. If intelligent systems decided to make a Fe6/Fe7 Remake in a genealogy of the holy war type remake, i'd buy it. Without thinking twice. Oh, and if something had to be changed in fe7... Would be HHM. It's too bullshit. But apart from that, the game is pretty much flawless, it is objectively the best fire emblem title to date. Fe6 would need a huge overhaul though. Its Rng system needs fixing, And Axes have horrible Hit rates. Character Growths would need changing, definitely, Because a Fighter with 30% str growth, isn't a fighter (Looking at you lot). It would allow for richer story telling. While Zephiel was a good villain on his own in fe6, Fe7 gives him some more depth, which is cool. IS could even add a Spy-Thriller story in between fe7 and Fe6, which could explain Matthew's disappeareance in a mission he to bern with Astol, in which he died (For example xD), idk . I'd like to see this. Fe7 and Fe6 are beloved in the community, a lot of fans still play those games today, and are still making rom hacks out of them (Especially fe7), and the fact that Fe7 is so good, it doesn't have much it needs improving. (Apart from the Bullshit in HHM). The Fe6 part would need changes, but it could also appeal to new fans with the "Waifu Material" Since it would need pairings, just like Fe4. It probably won't happen, but hey, one can dream, right?
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