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  1. I'm up for it, I haven't played Normal Mode FE8 in forever so that could be interesting. I have discord.
  2. True, the rule should have included Ch15. But it doesn't make any recruitment less reliable since you can deploy whoever you want for talk recruitments and undrafted units are allowed to get the recruiting unit out of the way if it is also undrafted: "Undrafted units may move, recruit units, rescue/drop undrafted units, trade between chapters, and dig up items in the desert."
  3. 19 Last Hope 1/109 turns 0/2 rns 20 Darkling Woods 2/111 turns 0/2 rns F Sacred Stone 3/114 turns 0/2 rns Straightforward endgame.
  4. 15 Scorched Sand 5/94 turns 0/2 rns I manage to pick up every item except the Silver Card, and I don't need that much money. Tana, Colm, and Natasha help with digging. Forde promotes and Cormag carries him to the top to help Eirika, carrying the Lancereaver for her. Seth and Ephraim go right. The others linger by the start point. Lute is at B staves. 16 Ruled by Madness 6/100 turns 0/2 rns Boots and Talisman to Cormag. Everyone goes up, although Neimi doubles back to join Ewan and L'Arachel fighting reinforcements. Everyone other than Ephraim, Tethys, and Ewan having Canto makes the chapter a bit less painful warpless. Lute gets to use the Unlock and Silence staves. With the help of plenty of Barriers the magic users in the throne area aren't too bad. 17 River of Regrets 2/102 turns 0/2 rns Final team member acquired. I try to get as much value out of my unavoidable extra turn as I can, but sadly Ewan still isn't level 10. The Metis Tome I actually gave to Cormag because I found it provides and extra speed level up. 18 Two Faces of Evil 6/108 turns 0/2 rns Lute gains access to Warp on turn 2, I don't think having it on turn 1 would save a turn. With a team of only 10 units there are simply too many eggs. She uses the Rescue staff to move up Tethys turn 1 who dances Cormag holding Ephraim going to the top, turn 2 she Warps Syrene to the bottom right, turn 3 she Warps Forde holding Neimi to break more of the upper eggs, then goes to the bottom right herself. Seth kills things in the middle-ish area. Ewan managed to not 1RKO eggs in part because they actually have weapon triangle advantage. I also learned that if you don't kill the egg, you get 0 exp. He reaches level 10 now so it doesn't matter anyway. There should be only 6 more turns in the game so the Guiding Rings I've been saving for him and L'Arachel will go to waste. Seemingly can't attach vbm replays due to file size exceeding 0.35MB, although my previous posts already exceed that?
  5. 9 Fort Rigwald 9/65 turns 0/2 rns Promoted Lute, but was barely able to use staves as she had to attack and rescue drop often. Probably should have had her try to rejoin some other units at the end instead of getting the Ocean Seal chest, the cash is irrelevant. Franz deployed to talk to Amelia for the Speedwings. 10 Turning Traitor 5/70 turns 0/2 rns Could kill the boss by turn 4 but not without leaving Cormag. Forde and Neimi are lagging way behind, currently neither can promote. 11 Phantom Ship 6/76 turns 0/2 rns Cormag gets an Angelic Robe, Speedwings, and Secret Book in anticipation of his solo mission. Seth gets dropped on the boat to obliterate most enemies. Lute isn't able to Torch nearly as much as I would like as she actually needs to attack sometimes, she's definitely not reaching A on time at this rate. Warp comes up a lot faster in FE8 than in FE7. Cormag, Forde, and Neimi all are ready for promotion, but for next map only Neimi will promote, the other two don't need to yet. 12 Landing at Taizel 4/80 turns 0/2 rns Cormag goes to get Ewan, everyone else goes right to clear Seth's path while creating as much Mend fodder as I can. 13 Fluorspar’s Oath 5/85 turns 0/2 rns Cormag promotes here. Neimi's ability to cross the river is excellent. I was actually able to 4 turn it but not while getting Barrier which will likely accelerate access to Warp by at least a turn, which also lets me get the Talisman and a bit of extra exp. Finally I have Tethys, my last unit until Syrene. Actually I've recruited one new unit for each of the last four chapters. 14 Father and Son 4/89 turns 0/2 rns Ephraim, Cormag, Seth, Lute, Tethys, and Neimi make up the primary squad, while Forde, L'arachel, and Ewan get the secondary Hammerne objective. Lute gets to spam a bit of Barrier but also has to do rescue drops and Tethys has little time to facilitate more. Boss kill accomplished with Cormag Heavy Spear and Lute Thunder. Cormag used Ewan's Dracoshield before the chapter to help tank. Used the trick of putting high Res units at the bottom of the deployment order to exploit the flawed AI staff targeting. Lute is only about 1/4 of the way to B staves, she won't be able to Warp for Ch16 but hopefully that will give her enough time to be ready by Ch17. I definitely won't need every Warp available so I will probably Hammerne the Barrier just to facilitate even more staff rank. Ch09b.vbm Ch10b.vbm Ch11b.vbm Ch12b.vbm Ch13b.vbm Ch14b.vbm
  6. 5 The Empire's Reach 5/35 turns 0/2 rns Took two extra turns to visit all houses for the Guiding Ring, as well as the other items that will be useful. 5x Unbroken Heart 7/42 turns 0/2 rns Forde by himself can't save a turn, but I improve on my last time through this chapter by not consuming an unneeded Elixir with Ephraim, both saving the use and causing more enemies to attack him for slightly more exp. 6 Victims of War 3/45 turns 0/2 rns Seth goes around the top while Lute uses a Dracoshield and sits on the fort, gaining a lot of exp. 7 Waterside Renvall 6/51 turns 0/2 rns Eirika goes over the river and Seth drops Lute on turn 2 near the bend in the path so she has plenty of fodder to kill. She reaches level 10 but I won't be promoting her just yet as it doesn't save any turns next chapter. 8 It's a Trap! 5/56 turns 0/2 rns Seth carries Eirika and kills the boss with the Armorslayer. Lute opens the Angelic Robe chest and reaches level 12. Robe will probably go to Forde to help with combat. Neimi is only level 7 at this point so her promotion will still have to wait. With Seth, promoted Lute, and Forde, 60% of my team will be mounted for Fort Rigwald. Ch05.vbm Ch05x.vbm Ch06.vbm Ch07.vbm Ch08.vbm
  7. Damn that was quick, congrats on finishing. P The Fall Of Renais 2/2 turns 1/1 rns 1 Escape! 5/7 turns 0/1 rns 2 The Protected 6/13 turns 0/1 rns Unable to visit any villages sadly. Ross and Garcia cooperate and kill all the enemies near them. Vanessa flies to the reinforcement spawn point to get them off the peaks faster. 3 The Bandits of Borgo 8/21 turns 1/2 rns Reached 7 str with Eirika to break walls in one round with Steel Sword + Neimi. Had to burn an rn to crit an enemy with the Rapier. 4 Ancient Horrors 9/30 turns 0/2 rns Realized a potential flaw in the ruleset since technically I can't deploy anyone to rescue Artur and he can't enter combat, but actually it was easy to keep him out of harm's way. Eirika mopped up the upper side, Neimi recruited Lute who got the boss kill. Ch00.vbm Ch01.vbm Ch02.vbm Ch03.vbm Ch04.vbm
  8. And Ewan for me. Edit: added the teams to the OP for convenient viewing. Have fun everyone!
  9. Joshua Amelia Innes Marisa Dozla L'Arachel Ewan Rennac Knoll 2nd Lord Myrrh Syrene remaining if I am correct. @Peppy
  10. I think everyone's ok with that, checking that @Emerson still wants Ross then I'll make my pick again.
  11. @Peppy apparently you are taking Joshua and Kyle then? Either way I pick Gilliam. I guess Vanessa can't pick up Ross but he's auto recruited. Don't know if his survival chances are favorable or not.
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