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  1. Damn that was quick, congrats on finishing. P The Fall Of Renais 2/2 turns 1/1 rns 1 Escape! 5/7 turns 0/1 rns 2 The Protected 6/13 turns 0/1 rns Unable to visit any villages sadly. Ross and Garcia cooperate and kill all the enemies near them. Vanessa flies to the reinforcement spawn point to get them off the peaks faster. 3 The Bandits of Borgo 8/21 turns 1/2 rns Reached 7 str with Eirika to break walls in one round with Steel Sword + Neimi. Had to burn an rn to crit an enemy with the Rapier. 4 Ancient Horrors 9/30 turns 0/2 rns Realized a potential flaw in the ruleset since technically I can't deploy anyone to rescue Artur and he can't enter combat, but actually it was easy to keep him out of harm's way. Eirika mopped up the upper side, Neimi recruited Lute who got the boss kill. Ch00.vbm Ch01.vbm Ch02.vbm Ch03.vbm Ch04.vbm
  2. And Ewan for me. Edit: added the teams to the OP for convenient viewing. Have fun everyone!
  3. Joshua Amelia Innes Marisa Dozla L'Arachel Ewan Rennac Knoll 2nd Lord Myrrh Syrene remaining if I am correct. @Peppy
  4. I think everyone's ok with that, checking that @Emerson still wants Ross then I'll make my pick again.
  5. @Peppy apparently you are taking Joshua and Kyle then? Either way I pick Gilliam. I guess Vanessa can't pick up Ross but he's auto recruited. Don't know if his survival chances are favorable or not.
  6. First come first served! Snake order of course, so MacLovin >Wargrave >Emerson >Peppy >Peppy >Emerson >Wargrave >MacLovin repeat until no more units. Units available:
  7. Cool, have any preference for the draft style? Edit: Also since based on Discord we seem to have drifted toward FE8 I might as well add in the rules at this point. These are more or less the rules I had for my previous thread except without the Ruins (unless people want to go with that). Team structure: 1. There will be four players. 2. There are 31 units to draft, including Seth starting chapter 5, Myrrh, and the secondary lord. (One team will be short one unit.) 3. All teams automatically include: The main lord, (Ephraim counts as the main lord for 5x) Tethys, Orson, The secondary lord for 8 and 15. Rules: 1. Play on Hard Mode. 2. Restricted actions: You may not voluntarily deploy undrafted units except on chapters with talk recruitments, specifically 5, 9, 10, 11, 12b, 13a, 14, and 17. Undrafted units may move, recruit units, rescue/drop undrafted units, trade between chapters, and dig up items in the desert. Undrafted units may not do anything else, including but not limited to: enter combat, use items, take items or have them put in their inventory, visit (any building), rescue/drop drafted units or NPCs, steal, pick, or have a support rank. Drafted units may do as you please without penalty. Do not enter avoidable skirmishes, the Tower, or Ruins. You must immediately retreat from unavoidable skirmishes. Trainees don't get to be leveled in the Tower. Mine/enemy control glitch is banned. 3. Defend chapters count the last played Player Phase for turns if the timer is waited out. 4. Map shopping is allowed. Penalties: 1. You may use an undrafted unit as a drafted unit with a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter. (There is no special penalty for Seth.) If anyone has any objections feel free to discuss.
  8. Trying something new, to increase participation we will vote on which game. Well theoretically participation should be up due to sequestered people anyway. To avoid the spoiler effect we will use ranked voting: If any choice has >50% of 1st choice votes, it wins. If no winner, eliminate the choice with fewest 1st choice votes, moving up 2nd choices to 1st as needed afterward, and check step 1 again. Ties are broken using the sum of voting ranks (Last choice is 0 points, 2nd last 1 point etc). This way you don't really need to worry about "wasting" your vote on a potentially unpopular choice (i.e. spoiler effect) because your vote will just transfer to your next preference anyway. Rules set will be more or less usual, don't want to clutter up the OP with several of these before the game is even selected. Naturally they will be open to change in the spirit of the thread. Our candidates are: FE6 Normal Mode, 6 people FE7 Hector Normal Mode, 5 people FE8 Hard Mode, 4 people And to spice things up with an experiment, FE8 Hard Mode with FULL Lagdou Ruins, 4 people If the winner needs more people, we just wait for 1 or 2 more. Conversely if the winner is for fewer people, the largest, earliest subset of people with a valid winner will be used. For example, if the winner of the first 4 votes is FE7, but the fifth vote makes the winner a 4 player option, then the earliest group of 4 voters with a valid winning option will be used. Heck, I'll leave the draft method up to the people as well. Normal Draft Screw Over Your Opponent Draft Auction See my previous threads for how an auction would operate, for example https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/89726-fe8-auction-6-partial-lagdou/. From that you can probably guess my first choices: FE8 + Lagdou FE8 Hard FE7 Hector Normal FE6 Normal Auction Normal Draft SOYO Draft Now cast your votes, The Senate commands you to dewit. Edit: Teams: MacLovin: Vanessa, Moulder, Garcia, Colm, Duessel, 2nd Lord, Marisa Wargrave: Seth>=5, Lute, Cormag, Forde, Neimi, L'Arachel, Syrene, Ewan Emerson: Franz, Natasha, Gerik, Ross, Saleh, Dozla, Knoll, Amelia Peppy: Artur, Tana, Gilliam, Kyle, Joshua, Innes, Myrrh, Rennac
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