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  1. It's almost like making an update port so soon after the release of the original game was a bad idea
  2. Anyone in here have any resolutions/goals related to gaming for 2020? I have some myself~ I am a very mediocre trophy hunter, so I want to get my 50th platinum trophy next year. This should be easy since I'm at 46, but with how busy work and school has me maybe I should probably keep my mouth shut lol I need to finish the other routes in 3H. I'm playing Crimson Flower with a friend right now, and I'm gonna have a save for the branch split so I can do Silver Snow. Game is so good, guys. So good. I'm thinking of buying FE Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition. I've been kinda in the mood for a Warriors game with Nintendo properties, and even if I have the 3DS version of HW it'll still feel new to me cuz it's been so long! Go through my backlog. I have so many games I haven't touched but still own, so maybe I should cut back on my purchases and actually play some stuff, huh? How about you guys? 😄
  3. Since 3H is doing really well I don't think I'd be alone in saying that any of the main three lords would be a neat addition. I wouldn't mind seeing Ephriam or Takumi, though... What about Celica? She might work too 😄
  4. I agree, on both points, but I still bought it since it means supporting SNK :)
  5. Well. Goodbye, Kukri. Also Fatal Fury Battle Archives was released on the PS2 to PS4, if anyone is interested~
  6. If they really do put Rock in the game, I'm gonna have to drop one of my team members. Sun'ei or Kukri, your time may be coming.
  7. I know this is incredibly late, but I never congratulated you on your new role in SF. So congrats~

    1. Jedi


      Thanks! Haha ^^

  8. I like Ephraim/L'Arachel and Eirika/Innes, but for the most part I think all the Ephraim and Eirika supports are good. I think the only one I don't care for personally is Ephraim/Tana, I'm more of a Cormag/Tana gal myself.
  9. Updated! I recently announced my Year of Fire Emblem at my Backloggery, and I've decided to do more casual write ups for the FE games as I beat them. Today I posted something for Sacred Stones, so check it out!
  10. If I have to make up a personality for a character to like them, then I would say that's a poorly written character. So, no.
  11. Nah, you're good, nothing to worry about~ Eliwood and Hector is looking like a possibility too, honestly. A lot of the paired endings for Eliwood are kinda bland in my opinion, and I'm sort of having trouble seeing any of the female options as a mother to Roy. But that's just me, maybe I need to see the characters a bit more.
  12. Well I know I'll be "fine," but I have fun planning playthroughs a bit so I just thought I'd ask :)
  13. So I'm playing FE7 for the first time and I'm trying to plan out my playthrough a bit. I've read supports and have two things I've determined: I want Lyn to be with either Hector or Eliwood, and I won't be pairing Eliwood and Ninian. Thoughts? What A-ranks do you guys like for the Lords?
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