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  1. It's almost like making an update port so soon after the release of the original game was a bad idea
  2. Anyone in here have any resolutions/goals related to gaming for 2020? I have some myself~ I am a very mediocre trophy hunter, so I want to get my 50th platinum trophy next year. This should be easy since I'm at 46, but with how busy work and school has me maybe I should probably keep my mouth shut lol I need to finish the other routes in 3H. I'm playing Crimson Flower with a friend right now, and I'm gonna have a save for the branch split so I can do Silver Snow. Game is so good, guys. So good. I'm thinking of buying FE Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition. I've been kinda in the mood for a Warriors game with Nintendo properties, and even if I have the 3DS version of HW it'll still feel new to me cuz it's been so long! Go through my backlog. I have so many games I haven't touched but still own, so maybe I should cut back on my purchases and actually play some stuff, huh? How about you guys? 😄
  3. Since 3H is doing really well I don't think I'd be alone in saying that any of the main three lords would be a neat addition. I wouldn't mind seeing Ephriam or Takumi, though... What about Celica? She might work too 😄
  4. I agree, on both points, but I still bought it since it means supporting SNK :)
  5. Well. Goodbye, Kukri. Also Fatal Fury Battle Archives was released on the PS2 to PS4, if anyone is interested~
  6. If they really do put Rock in the game, I'm gonna have to drop one of my team members. Sun'ei or Kukri, your time may be coming.
  7. I know this is incredibly late, but I never congratulated you on your new role in SF. So congrats~

    1. Jedi


      Thanks! Haha ^^

  8. I like Ephraim/L'Arachel and Eirika/Innes, but for the most part I think all the Ephraim and Eirika supports are good. I think the only one I don't care for personally is Ephraim/Tana, I'm more of a Cormag/Tana gal myself.
  9. Updated! I recently announced my Year of Fire Emblem at my Backloggery, and I've decided to do more casual write ups for the FE games as I beat them. Today I posted something for Sacred Stones, so check it out!
  10. If I have to make up a personality for a character to like them, then I would say that's a poorly written character. So, no.
  11. Nah, you're good, nothing to worry about~ Eliwood and Hector is looking like a possibility too, honestly. A lot of the paired endings for Eliwood are kinda bland in my opinion, and I'm sort of having trouble seeing any of the female options as a mother to Roy. But that's just me, maybe I need to see the characters a bit more.
  12. Well I know I'll be "fine," but I have fun planning playthroughs a bit so I just thought I'd ask :)
  13. So I'm playing FE7 for the first time and I'm trying to plan out my playthrough a bit. I've read supports and have two things I've determined: I want Lyn to be with either Hector or Eliwood, and I won't be pairing Eliwood and Ninian. Thoughts? What A-ranks do you guys like for the Lords?
  14. I hope that they do add supports, but that's also where my biggest worry for the game is: I feel like Fates had terribly written supports that made characters feel one-dimensional, and I'm afraid that this could happen here.
  15. I'm voting a no since I don't want the story to be too messed up by an avvie, but if we had one (or two, like some suggested) that doesn't get in the way too much I'd be okay with it. There is fun to be had from creating a character, though, so a part of me wouldn't mind one. Honestly I think the poll needs a "it depends" option lol.
  16. If the story is pretty bland, does that mean the characters are pretty blank too? Is this a case where a Support system would beneficial? Anyway, I'm pretty excited. The section where you see a character moving freely is interesting: I didn't know that was a feature of Gaiden!
  17. I see what you're getting at, but I feel like making the assumption that it's going to hurt the game is going a little overboard.
  18. Didn't the 3DS version of HW actually have more content? /index.php?/profile/5281-jedi/" rel="">@Jedi You're probably right. The question is if they'll be in the base game or DLC.
  19. I was thinking the same thing, actually. It would make sense considering what echoes actually are, after all. This also brings up another point: if Echoes IS indeed a new subtitle for remakes, then there's a strong possibility we may see more in the future. I'm excited.
  20. Just picked Ephraim as my first hero since I just beat SS last night. It felt fitting.
  21. I'll be honest, I had no interest in Gaiden until today. I didn't really understand what it brought to the table until I saw the gameplay from today, so I'm really excited to pick up Echos :D
  22. Boy oh boy, let's hope so. I did notice that it said eShop at the top of the screen... Anyway, I'm pretty glad that the 3DS is still getting some love. I really don't have the money to upgrade to the Switch quite yet, so it's nice that there stuff for me to play :)
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