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  1. I know this is incredibly late, but I never congratulated you on your new role in SF. So congrats~

    1. Jedi


      Thanks! Haha ^^

  2. Hello there~ :D

    1. Dr. Rudy Mjølnir

      Dr. Rudy Mjølnir

      Hi what's up? Happy new year!

    2. MissShake


      Nothing much, just saw that you visited and thought I'd say hi. Happy New Year to you too! Sill stuck in 2016, send help.

  3. Hello there! :)

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    2. Flee Fleet!

      Flee Fleet!

      Ah, okay then. I kinda do the same too. Though it's more because I'm so lazy to follow a series when they're airing, lol. So I just later watch them when all episodes are out.

    3. MissShake


      I don't blame you, who wants to wait for a new episode? :D

    4. Flee Fleet!

      Flee Fleet!

      Yeah :D Also hey, what do you think about the new layout of the forums? So far it looks fine to me.

  4. Ephraim is a cool dude.

  5. Help me, Mystic Messenger is ruining my life.

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