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  1. Anyone in here have any resolutions/goals related to gaming for 2020? I have some myself~

    • I am a very mediocre trophy hunter, so I want to get my 50th platinum trophy next year. This should be easy since I'm at 46, but with how busy work and school has me maybe I should probably keep my mouth shut lol
    • I need to finish the other routes in 3H. I'm playing Crimson Flower with a friend right now, and I'm gonna have a save for the branch split so I can do Silver Snow. Game is so good, guys. So good.
    • I'm thinking of buying FE Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition. I've been kinda in the mood for a Warriors game with Nintendo properties, and even if I have the 3DS version of HW it'll still feel new to me cuz it's been so long!
    • Go through my backlog. I have so many games I haven't touched but still own, so maybe I should cut back on my purchases and actually play some stuff, huh?

    How about you guys? 😄

  2. 3 hours ago, Dayni said:

    Sorry, kinda venting about myself and my overplanning.

    Aside from that, I also tend to pair EliwoodXNinian or HectorXLyn. I tend to like HectorXLyn regardless myself, but Hector and Eliwood do support well together, and it's very easy to get.

    It also somewhat depends on who else is used, like if you're using one of the Pegasi or so on, as they also have paired endings with either lord, or units like Oswin or Lowen.

    Nah, you're good, nothing to worry about~

    Eliwood and Hector is looking like a possibility too, honestly. A lot of the paired endings for Eliwood are kinda bland in my opinion, and I'm sort of having trouble seeing any of the female options as a mother to Roy. But that's just me, maybe I need to see the characters a bit more.

  3. On 1/20/2017 at 1:05 PM, Dayni said:

    I'll be honest with you: Don't worry about it.

    It's not a big deal on gameplay (unless you're starting on HHM), and story wise it mostly isn't a big deal either. Just play on, you should be fine (unless it's HHM, in which case I can help recommend a bit)

    Well I know I'll be "fine," but I have fun planning playthroughs a bit so I just thought I'd ask :)

  4. So I'm playing FE7 for the first time and I'm trying to plan out my playthrough a bit. I've read supports and have two things I've determined: I want Lyn to be with either Hector or Eliwood, and I won't be pairing Eliwood and Ninian. Thoughts? What A-ranks do you guys like for the Lords?

  5. Just now, Anacybele said:

    Read my posts again. The 3DS and Wii U aren't as different in capability as the 3DS and Switch are. The 3DS likely can't handle nearly as much as the Switch, which means the game will likely be limited.

    I see what you're getting at, but I feel like making the assumption that it's going to hurt the game is going a little overboard.

  6. 15 minutes ago, Anacybele said:

    I'm now going to say we probably should expect a small roster, due to the game also getting a 3DS version. Obviously, with the Switch being even more powerful hardware than the Wii U, the 3DS is much weaker, and as a result, it'll limit the poor Switch version.

    I'm disappointed. This caused some limitations for Smash too, like the Ice Climbers being cut. I don't know why they do this, it's not cool and hurts the final product. If it stayed Switch-exclusive, a lot more could be done.

    Didn't the 3DS version of HW actually have more content?

    /index.php?/profile/5281-jedi/" rel="">@Jedi You're probably right. The question is if they'll be in the base game or DLC.

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