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  1. The Outrealms is the most obvious route for them to take in the story, isn't it? A built in reason to have stages from varying games~ I like Fates and Awakening, but I'm hoping for more of a variety as far as stages go.
  2. This isn't a roster list, but if we consider that Hyrule Warriors had two OCs in the form of Lana and Cia, I think it's possible that we get another OC. I hope not, Lana and Cia were awful. Could this maybe be like a new avatar? We know how much IS likes avatars these days, after all.
  3. I'm sorry, but I'm just gonna say that people are allowed to have their preferences and trying to persuade them to change those preferences is a lesson in futility.
  4. /index.php?/profile/5281-jedi/" rel="">@Jedi You seem to know your Musou, and I forgot if you mentioned it in your video, but since saving villagers is a thing in FE would that work for this game?
  5. Besides Awakening and Fates, what games seem to be the most popular in Japan? If we know that, maybe we could figure out what maps would make for good stages in those games and we could have an idea of what we should expect.
  6. They'll probably take some creative liberties, like maybe making the boats bigger. It's really common in Musou games so I really don't see them not putting a boat level in.
  7. Right, right. I'd forgotten that the remake had added the prologue. Also, may I say that your video was fantastic? Cuz it was~
  8. I was thinking maybe Ghost Ship, but I like your idea way better. Is that the escape chapter? I'm sorry, it's been a while since I attempted Shadow Dragon.
  9. God, the Opera House would be a really cool map. I can't believe I forgot about it! And the soundtrack would be fantastic.
  10. The streets of Hoshido like in the earlier chapters of Fates seem like a good place. And how about Jehanna Hall? If Sacred Stones is featured, I feel like that would be a good stage. But I also think the other GBA games are more likely to get a stage so... Hey isn't there a stage at Elincia's castle in RD?
  11. I know that characters are the first thing on everyone's mind, but what about possible battle locations? The soundtracks that would play? What would everyone like to see?
  12. I played the first one and had a similar opinion, so I'm just gonna assume that the entire series isn't great. I'm not the best at stealth, but at least Metal Gear has an interesting story. I figured I'd also add that I absolutely hate Skyrim. The fact that it's being ported again reminded me. Like what is it that everyone sees that I don't see?
  13. I stayed up late to watch the run too, and you did excellent Kirbymastah!
  14. I just thought of this, but since it seems that IS is sort of assuming that an avatar is what's selling the series right now, is it possible that New Mystery could come stateside? I know how Kris is so well loved in SF, but you know, food for thought.
  15. I found that the way FNAF was laid out made it scary initially, but when the game only has one form of scaring you it sort of takes away from the tension. I mean, you know you're gonna get that jump scare, so all you're really doing is sitting there and waiting for it.
  16. Isn't it because the head guy left and said he doesn't want to do any Ivalice games anymore?
  17. I'm thinking the siblings of World of Final Fantasy are more likely than Benjamin, since it's newer. But I'm not sure how a moveset for one of them would work, since I never played WoFF. It'd just be calling monsters to attack for them, right? (Ugh that sounds like a possible nightmare, give me Benjamin instead.)
  18. I dunno, I kind of agree with OP on this one. I understand maybe having guest characters as DLC, but since the name is Mario the main focus should be on Mario. I understand that my opinion doesn't really change that Nintendo's crossover is one of their biggest IPs though, so it makes perfect sense as to why they added the guest characters. (At this rate they should just change the name to Super Smash Kart.)
  19. Any ports would be welcome in my eyes, but I think that the games that didn't get released in the states would be best. Give them a chance outside of Japan and all that. But I'm with Sentinel, no guest characters please!
  20. Am I the only one who thought that even the original SMTxFE trailer looked super awful? It was all still images! It left a bad taste from the beginning for me...
  21. I'm pretty hyped myself, I like FE and all but I love SMT with all my heart and it's nice to see a non-Persona game being announced :)
  22. I agree, it should be Marth. But since they focused on Chrom, I'm sure we'll start with him. I really hope I'm wrong on this one though. Who knows, maybe we could have a couple of storylines at the start? Since HWL let you play as Link or Linkle, if I remember right. Also I'm thinking about the potential stages the game could have and I'm getting even more excited.
  23. If that's all you're worried about, then you well... Really have nothing to worry about. I highly doubt if this is a full crossover that they'll leave Ike out.
  24. So many Negative Nancies over a teaser trailer. You have to remember that it's only that: a teaser. They're gonna show what's currently popular and as time goes on we'll see if there's actually anything to be worried about. Remember how much of a variety of game representation HW had. By the time all the DLC was done, there was a character for everyone. I'm excited, myself :)
  25. Well I guess it'd be safe to save the best for last then. I guess A1 it is then~
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