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  1. I think that's exactly it, Takumi is the only one that isn't presented as pristine and perfect and therefore, he's the only one who's particularly interesting or relatable lol. Not saying everyone has to LIKE it, but it really seems like the amount of hate he gets is like some Tharja levels of not being able to see the good character there under their flaws.

    ...I thought Tharja was popular? She gets that much hate? Man I'm out of the loop, all I've heard is people calling her the waifu lol.

  2. From what I've heard that's fairly unpopular, yeah.

    I don't particularly dislike most of the royals, but Takumi is on the higher end for me as well; I don't really get what's with all the hate for him.

    I think it's because he's the "jealous one" archetype, which I guess I understand, but I feel like it makes things more interesting. All of the Hoshido royals are pretty much "perfect" despite their flaws and in my opinion that makes them about as interesting as wet paper. Takumi, on the other hand... Well we all know.

    That's not to say I dislike all the royals. Even though I'm not a fan of the Hoshido royals that aren't Takumi I still really like the Nohr royals. That doesn't really seem to be an unpopular opinion though :)

  3. Mine is shuffling between a handful right now:

    • Fire Emblem Fates: Two Kingdoms
    • Sonic: 25h Anniversary
    • Sonic: Chao Theme
    • Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse
    • My Nintendo: Link
    • Zelda: Gold Edition
    • Pokemon: Champion Steven
    • Pokemon: Red and Blue
    • Pokemon: Espeon and Umbreon
    • NES: Balloon Fight

    I also have the Persona Q, Pokemon Friends, and Hyrule Warriors Legends themes out of the rotation :)

  4. The third game almost didn't happen. It's fan support is what got it made. If it was truly high key then the sales would have got it a third game without issue. First game also didn't get released in Europe at all (at least initially, not sure about the remakes) and the third game didn't even get a physical release over here.

    Yeah, thank you, you've basically explained why I considered it low key :)

    If a series needs petitions and consistent pestering of the fans to get a sequel, it's not really "high key."

  5. I have two that I'll share with you~

    One of my favorite SRPGs that I never hear anyone talk about is Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time. It has it's share of problems (like I pretty much hate the character designs) but it has a unique battle system that doesn't lock you to a grid: instead you basically make a line of what direction you want your character to move in and they do just that. The characters are all fairly likeable and the story is solid, so if you want a different type of SRPG I say give this a go! It's available on the PSP :)

    My favorite VN series is the Zero Escape series, but I'm particularly fond of 999. In all three games you're forced to play a cruel game of life-or-death, all being orchestrated by a mysterious figure known only as Zero (oooooh spoooooky). I really can't say much without giving spoilers, which makes it hard to convince others to try it out, but trust me when I say it's completely worth it. The first game, 999, is available on DS while the other two (Virtue's Last Reward and Zero Time Dilemma) are available on both 3DS and Vita. BUT! If you have a PS4 or Vita I say wait until the recently announced remasters come out. Voice acting for the first game, yay!

  6. I like P3P. A lot. I've beaten it five times, four of those times with feMC. It really is the better route as far as character development goes: it's really hard to like Ken and Junpei on Minato's route, and there is no reason to have much emotion at THAT moment unless you're doing the female route. That being said, I still love Minato to bits and feel for the poor guy.

    The biggest tragedy of P3P is no The Answer with a feMC. I'd like to see who, if anyone, would have the emotional response Yukari had. Or would they just have kept it the same?

  7. Pretty great and professionally-made review! It almost seems like it was written by a author hired at IGN, dare I say. Keep it up! ^^

    It's great that I made it up to this review, because this game has got my interesest for quite a while, so I'll probably buy it for Christmas. ;)

    You seriously made my day with this comment, you have no idea D; Thank you so much! Please tell me when you get it so I can see if you enjoy it~

  8. I think that this is a great idea. Let's be honest here, the Avatar aspect isn't going anywhere, and I think being able to pick a personality type would make it more interesting. Seriously, I've had to make headcanons for my Robins/Corrins for me to even really give a shit about them.

    I had pretty much the same idea, locked away in my hypothetical "Awakening hindsight" folder. That support convos could've been better written if we were a little more limited in choice, and that we could've gotten at least 3 different personalities, just limit the support pool for each personality. There can be a little overlap, but I think we would've been much better off.

    Different endings for each personality could've been cool as well, but that could be pushing it.

    That's such a good idea, but I can also seeing the fans of the more, uh... anime aspects of Awakening and Fates getting annoyed at the restrictions being put in place.

    Also, if we assume that the children aspect stays in place, would Avatar's kid have a different personality based on your chosen personality?

  9. Thanks for all the replies, everyone! I can't wait to talk to you guys even more! I was looking through the wiki and stuff and saw that New Mystery of the Emblem had Casual Mode, so other than that feature how tough would you say it is?

  10. Although, I think Fates may have been the start of them dabbling in that sort of direction Ana, so you may get your wish for FE15! Think about it, the first story was a story with two timelines essentially, Fates was about a game that lets you actually pick alternate storylines. Maybe the next one will be a story like that where you actually lost.

    This is sort of my thought process too. It's the perfect candidate to show the world in a different state based on whether Nohr or Hoshido wins the war, or if they make peace, or whatever. But as to your question, I feel like that'd be really interesting. I love the official Zelda timeline (despite the amount of theorists who aren't a fan) and I think the entire Butterfly Effect thing you have in mind would be cool!

    ...But honestly I just want an official timeline of any sort because I love that sort of stuff.

  11. My name is Amber and I'm a new fan of Fire Emblem (came in with Awakening, liked some aspects of Fates and HATED others hahaha). Since I'm new, I actually have a question: I'm currently downloading all of the fan translations on here since I can't buy any new FE games on my college student budget. Which should I play first? I hope to get to know and get along with everyone :D

    EDIT: I should probably clarify that I want to start with an easier game since I'm still new to the series :)

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