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  1. The class that I actually dislike the most is actually cavalier/paladin. Every other class has several flaws, but that's the point. It's a tactics game, you're supposed to have units that have distinct strengths and weaknesses. Then you have units who can equip the entire weapon triangle (depending on the game), can fight at 1-2 range with hand axes and javelins, move farther than everyone else and usually have above average stats in mostly everything but resistance. Their only real weakness usually winds up being magic which most weapon users are weak to and the one obligatory desert/sand map in the game and the one unit with a horseslayer that's just there to punish you for not checking enemy weapons before fighting.
  2. Literally only the ones that I'm required to bring. Even then I don't want half of them because Sothe being there means he needs the SS dagger and Volke is just better. I'm fine with Micaiah as she fills that token Rexaura user slot. I tried to use Leo and Nolan before but I just wound up going back to Shinon and Boyd in the next playthrough.
  3. I'm fine with the Four Riders getting the amount of screentime they get. Having all 4 constantly running into the main characters repeatedly and having them survive would cause even more suspension of disbelief. Daein has a large army. They have other things to do. I'm fine with Elincia and Ike having the amount of the story importance that they do have. Elincia is now too constrained by her status as queen to run around and go fightin round the world. Ike stealing the show makes sense. He's a hero who saved the world and his actions have shaped the current state of most nations. It would be even stupider if he wasn't important. That'd be like having Superman not having a big role in BvS Dawn of Justice. The GMs and their army were always gonna be playable in this game (except Largo) unless it took place in the distant future. Of course, most of those characters would be on the same side as Ike as well as he as their leader/friend/ally whatever. And as a mercenary, he's gonna get swept up into conflict as it's his job. Also there's still that closure that he needed with the BK because even though BK lost at the end, we still knew nothing about him which was obviously supposed to be finished in the next game and Sephiran was doing that foreshadowing that Ike would have more fights ahead of him. The unrealistic thing would be for Ike to not be important and to have most of the playable characters from the previous game not side with Ike and not give the player the satisfaction of letting us have Ike get his win against the BK. Ike being center stage in the sequel was always going to happen. To change that, they'd need to completely rewrite the previous game. There is missed a lot potential in the Chapter one units though. Most of them didn't have the screentime from PoR necessary for us to get attached to them. Even a few more base conversations and being in scenes before and after each chapter would have done wonders for them. LEA should have joined earlier and all that yeah, but my big qualm is about Micaiah. I know they're trying to keep her true identity a secret until the end of the game, but her gameplay presence seems really underwhelming for being the true apostle. She can heal but staves do that better. She can foresight but that has no presence on actual gameplay. She has light magic yeah but it's not exclusive besides Thani. I feel that the decision to have it revealed that she was the true apostle really limited a lot more stuff they could have done with her character. I'm conflicted though. Part one cast needed more screentime, but they really only had one goal in mind which was liberating Daein, and there's only so much they could have done to drag that out without having it get boring and feel pointless. It would have seemed really underwhelming compared to the higher stakes conflicts in each of the later parts of the game.
  4. It is random chance that the rescue happens to align up with Leif's capture. It's nothing but random chance. He had no influence on the outcome or knowledge of the incident. Hence DUMB luck. I'm pretty sure you meant Nils in one part of this post. Saying Elbert isn't with Elbert is literal nonsense. NIls can predict bad things happening but he's never been the type to take action on it. Prior to that the twins have just ran away from their problems. He knows there's nothing he can do against Nergal and his minions and the only time he ever decides to run up and confront the problem by himself is at a time when him showing up is exactly when Ninian is trying to bring Dragon's through the gate and can't be interrupted. There's more to it than that. Roy has to send a messenger through a country that's being invaded into another country. Meet up with someone he currently doesn't know the status of. Then Cecilia has to also convince her king to intervene and mobilize an entire army and then have them manage to travel all the way to Ostia with no problems. The scale of what needs to happen and everything working perfectly when he has so little involvement is what makes it lucky. Ike tripping and dying is something that can be prevented with his own effort and the scale of the issue is so small compared to mobilizing an entire foreign army with a letter. People don't jump in to bash on someone if they don't feel strongly about the issue. Hector doesn't care as much about Zephiel as Eliwood does, so that's why Eliwood jumps up and Hector doesn't. His response to the whole incident is Hector: “It’s over and done with. No sense worrying about it now. " These aren't the words of somebody who cares. It's a lot easier to get angry when someone is insulting your friend. There's no point in trying to continue this further. We're going in circles and you clearly hate Ike and want him to die a fiery death at every opportunity if all your examples you pulled off the top of your head were related to him dying.
  5. It is dumb luck because Leif had absolutely no idea that it would happen and it happened at the perfect time. Not dumb luck would have been Leif finding out that another group would be attacking to free the prison soon and letting himself get captured to avoid a fight he couldn't win and taking that risk. I think you mean Nils. And like I stated before he had no idea where his sister was. He didn't know if she escaped to safety or got caught again. He had no clue on the situation and acted on a feeling. Ike's bad feeling made more sense because Greil was acting out of character ever since seeing the Black Knight. He had observed that something was wrong and acted on it. Nils just had a feeling despite being isolated from all other information. There's a difference. Like I said before the distance between Etruria and Lycia is huge. A lot of things could have gone wrong between sending the message and for them to arrive. There's a big difference in between that and hoping one of your fellow mercenaries happens to be nearby to help with an incident happening nearby your base. The difference between Ike and Sothe's quality as bodyguards is obviously dependent on their relationship with the one that they protect. Ike takes a more active role since Elincia isn't capable of standing up for herself. Sothe doesn't do that as much because Micaiah is more headstrong and doesn't follow his advice. It isn't. It's a lot easier to stand up for someone when they being attacked. People can do that reflexively. People don't easily join up with their friends when they're calling someone else out that they may not feel as strongly about. Here's a simple comparison. You seeing people picking on your friend. Most people would help out regardless of the risk because you want to protect your friend. You see your friend picking a fight with someone else over something you don't feel as strongly about as they do. You don't just jump in and ganging up on the other person. People act differently when they're trying to protect someone vs. when they're on the aggressor's side. I don't know how this is a hard concept to grasp.
  6. That rescue makes sense yes, but it's also dumb luck. The two aren't mutually exclusive. My point continues to be the same stuff we see in POR is the same stuff we've seen in the other games of the series but you seem to be focused on it being the worst stuff ever because IKE. Nergal had more at the end yes. But he also had enough when they first meet him that's why he could open the gate the first time. He needed more because his ruined attempt made him lose a lot of it and he needed more to heal himself from the Elbert inflicted wound that kept him from being more active. Nils had every reason to be there except for the fact that he had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHY he should have been there. He just hiding with no new information since he fell off the boat had a bad feeling and decided to check it out against all sense of self preservation. I feel like we're going in circles here. Elbert should also be there yes, but he shouldn't have been alive or within proper stabbing position for Nergal. Some of that is luck and some of that is pure bad writing. The luck between the Dragon's Gate scene and the saving Rolf scene are completely different. It's a reasonable, yet lucky rescue. It's way more probable that scene played out the way it did than Roy's rescue. That place where that battle took was much closer in proximity to where Shinon probably was than sending a messenger to a different country and having them show up with an army at the perfect time. The Dragon's Gate rescue was a bunch of BS just happening until the bad guys couldn't maintain the situation anymore. I was only using Elincia as an example of a typical "nice" lord. Most of those characters never do the same things as Ike because they're never in similar situations. Sothe speaks out against Pelleas but it's still clear that Micaiah has most of the power as she's the person most people believe will bring the results so he's in a better position. There's a VERY clear difference between Ike and Sothe. The difference is that Elincia is a giant doormat in comparsion to Micaiah. Sothe just seems like he's handled better because Micaiah can stand up for herself while Elincia doesn't have her confidence yet. I don't feel like these are good comparisons. The scene where they meet with the queen of Bern is completely different to the Sanaki meets Elincia scene. Eliwood is the one criticizing the queen for her not caring about her son who is a stranger to the main characters. While the other scene is Elincia being insulted in a room full of people and able to do nothing but bear it. These scenes are nothing alike. Ike steps in because someone he cares about is being insulted. While Hector doesn't do anything because Eliwood is insulting someone else.
  7. They know who he is yes, but they didn't know he was there until they carried out the mission. The one who he met was August who was in the process of making his own plan to rescue Leaf which means the other plan happened completely independent of his plan. If Sety's plan didn't take place at the exact perfect time. Then Nanna doesn't get saved at the best time and something worse would probably have happened to her and maybe to Leif as well. I'm not saying all rescues break disbelief. Some do, some don't. This one was one of those that do. Same thing goes for FE9 and FE10. The heroes need to be rescued though. It's a necessary story element. They need to be in peril to have tension, and they sometimes need to put themselves in that peril so you know that they aren't infallible gods, but you can't also just kill the hero every time a slight danger pops up. Elbert in particular wasn't necessary. Nergal did the ritual in the end without him and it worked fine. He just needs his quintessence which he could have gotten by killing him like how Limstella killed the fangs. It's also dumb luck that the person they chose for the ritual just happened to be his dad. Yes it's their screw up that allowed the villain to achieve his plan. They acted without proper knowledge. That's my point. It took some Elbert and Nils BS to save them. Nils had to act on a feeling he had that required him acting against better judgment and with no other info to go on and Elbert just happened to be the one they kept alive and unproperly restrained. Ike has some reasonable luck and some unreasonable luck. Just like everyone else. You just seem to be upset that he's not Elincia. All FE Heroes are nice and noble in their own way. Pretending like he is none of that is just silly. Some people like him because they have a reason to like him and some people like him without proper reason. Just like everyone else. He is like Hector. He acts out of hand at some times and the person who is actually calling the shots (Eliwood/Elincia) have to restrain them. Elincia is just worse at it because of her personality. He was based off Hector after all. If you just replaced Ike with Hector with the same scenario, you would have near identical results. He's just more of the same that we've been getting for a while now. There's nothing that new about it. It's the same tropes and cliches we've been getting for the first 8 games but it seems different because of the story structure. He just meets all the important people he needs to make a good impression on for the quest to be completed by the halfway point of the story instead of spread out over the course of the game.
  8. It doesn't help that if one dies you have a similar counterpart Royal sibling on the side you joined.
  9. FE8 is the most forgettable game in the series. As much as I like the games, FE4 and FE5 had massively gameplay issues that cut down on my enjoyment. I actually like how the magic triangles keep changing between FE games. I kinda hate Fates as a whole. Hand Axes and Javelins should remain the way Fates had it or get nerfed harder. The silliest thing about this franchise is the idea of having one person take on an army by throwing a single javelin 20 times. It would be even sillier to suggest that they had 20 javelins that they only threw once. Horses are too ridiculously overpowered as a series whole. Dismounting needs to come back. Weapon durability was a fine concept. Not having it around every now and then is fine but I would miss it if it stayed gone forever. They need to pick one concept for weapon weight and just freaking stick with it. Every game in the series needs work to make it better.
  10. The timing is what makes those rescues lucky. There last minute rescues that that the protagonists had no idea would play out right then. You can just as easily explain away some of the rescues in FE9 and 10. Leaf only got saved because another rescue attempt had already been planned to take place that was completely unalluded to before and happened to overlap with his capture. The goal wasn't originally to rescue him. Asvel didn't know he was in there. Sety was just all "Hey your old friend is in here. You should go help him out instead. Oh you seem surprised that he's here." It just seemed like something they learned while carrying out their original plan to rescue the children and thought it would probably be good to rescue him too. Nils choose the exact perfect moment to show up when he should have been in hiding and should have had no idea what was going on inside the dragon's gate. That's lucky. He sensed something and ran back toward the enemy base he just escaped from with no knowledge that Eliwood's group was there and had already beat a good chunk of troops there. Elbert has strong quintessence yes but they've been shown every other time to collect it from the dead. You could argue that they might be getting more from a living person, but they've been shown to kill off injured members of the fangs that they could do the same thing with. They only kept him alive because the plot needed it. Those weren't the only examples of course. I could go on to write about more examples of dumb luck or BS rescues. Does Ike have a lot of luck? Yes. Is there someone before Ike who could have been accused of being the title of luckiest lord? Yes. Will there be lords in the future who will contend for that title? Most definitely.
  11. Most FE games have stuff like that to varying degree. The protagonist will screw up but something will happen to ensure he/she will make it to the end of the game (except Sigurd). Good luck is required to be a main character. Michailis steals starlight and gives it to the heroes after they lose it. Leaf gets saved by complete strangers when he gets captured. Roy gets saved by Cecilia when the Bern army shows up after he retakes Ostia. The FE7 Lords get saved by Nils showing up, Ephidel being an idiot and sending Jaffar away, and Nergal keeping Elbert alive for some reason when confronting the big bad whom they know nothing about at the final dungeon at the game's halfway point. The FE8 Lords lose their stone by deciding to confront the DK's vessel alone but just happen to wind up to be going to the next stone location and only needing one to seal him again. It's just protagonist syndrome. It's nothing new and it's not going away any time soon. Every other FE lord also just charges forward a lot. That's why the majority of maps have seize and rout objectives.
  12. Serenes Massacre wasn't that long ago. It's still fresh in the mind of a lot of people. Most everyone feels guilty about it. I assume she needed him for those missions because he has no ties to the senators and is loyal to Elincia and thus wouldn't compromise the mission by having a chance to be in their pocket. He's also sympathetic to the laguz which would also reduce the risk of him not carrying out the mission properly. Also since they're relatively unknown it would have helped them not stick out. If she just picked some of her holy guard, they would have stuck out like a sore thumb while busting up a slave trading ring. There's a good chance any soldiers would have a conflicting loyalty to the Senators.
  13. It's as good of a 3DS remake as they could have done for a game that's over 2 decades old. The plot isn't anything special but artistically it's pretty good.
  14. I always just thought of it as Roy being the one to use the Binding Blade because he used the Fire Emblem to unlock it and that was entrusted to him by Guinevere. Giving it to someone else would be silly. Ike having Ragnell has nothing destined about it. BK gave it to his dad because he wanted a proper duel. Ike picked it up because BK left it for him and nobody else was around. He kept it secret from the rest of the army as he thought having it would somehow allow him to meet BK again. BK says that sword is the only thing to beat his armor and Ike wants to duel BK. Then he gives it back to Sanaki after the war and then she gives it back to him as payment in RD. Nothing destined about it.
  15. The plot of that game wasn't really one that hinged on a lot of really important secrets that only certain people would know. The only real secrets about about Alm and Celica's Origins. They reveal Celica is a princess like within the first 5 mins of her story and Alm doesn't find out his until the very end and that was a secret meant to be revealed to the world if he won. It wouldn't work for something like FE9 or FE10.
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