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  1. Found a bug while manually updating the font stuff on my build. Confirmed it exists on the official one:
  2. To anyone lurking who wants to know the reason: I think I remember hearing about this soon after the Switch's launch. Gamevice failed the first time, so it's likely they'll get shutdown again. Just looking at the difference between the joycons and their controllers makes me want to laugh at this. Gatekeeping technology is really hard to do. I actually believe this is more of a marketing ploy. To get people to talk about their product.
  3. Found a bug with the LevelEditor. It crashes when I try to delete factions.
  4. Try running main.py with the command prompt (aka cmd). This way when the program crashes, the window won't close so you can read the error message. The engine prints an error message to the prompt when it crashes so make sure to read what it says.
  5. Are you asking about the map .png file the Editor asks for when making a new chapter? For that, I personally just use FE Map Creator and then copy and paste the image into paint and save as a png.
  6. Yea it is. I just checked. I guess I'll just have to deal with it then. Transferring from 32bit to 64bit at this point sounds too much like an unnecessary headache. Thanks.
  7. I didn't really think much of these messages either until I saw this. I'm getting something similar when running main.py What exactly is causing these messages? My OS is windows 10. Is %1 some sort of Linux holdover that is incompatible?
  8. Yea nevermind I think I found what I'm looking for here -> To anyone who might wonder the same thing.
  9. Title pretty much sums it up. I want to try giving my FE project a more subdued art style akin to fe4/fe5 (but not exactly like it).
  10. I don't think anyone is going to want to do the math for you. but you can probably figure it out yourself by looking at the information here -> https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/
  11. Did some further touch ups from yesterday. Changes were mostly to make the armor shading look better. I also widened his lips slightly.
  12. After browsing a bit of Feuniverse I got inspired to make my first full custom mug for my next character. And here it is. No splicing done to it all: True Size Blown up so it's easier to see I gotta say, it was pretty fun drawing this up. Would appreciate any comments & critique before I go further and add talk, blink, etc. frames. My shading skills are pretty crap imo so I'd really appreciate any critiques there. If things go well I might redesign the og 4 to look more original too. Also I probably should admit now that I stole borrowed the skin tones from one of the portraits from Absolution so shout out to ZessDynamite.
  13. When I applied all your changes into my code I came across a similar error achieved the same way as before (I click anywhere on the map except Randall). I fixed this myself by just adding a simple check before it. Seems to work fine after. Now on to my next venture (and problem). I'll try to explain this as well as I can. It's not necessarily a bug on your end and is something that can only really be fixed on my end cause of my changes. I just need clarification on a few Engine attributes. I apologize for the info dump. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't really know what I was asking. I'm kinda bad at this stuff.
  14. An update from yesterday: I somehow managed to stop the error by creating a fake MapObject specifically for the Overworld sections. So now if you click anywhere on the map a generic options menu appears instead. Now I'm really curious to see how far I can get with this. I gotta say this is some really malleable software you got. Nice work!
  15. That depends entirely on you. If you have a project in mind that you really wanna work on go for it. Though I think if you have to ask you probably should wait.
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