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    Video Games, RPGs, Anime, Fate Series, Fire Emblem(obviously), Mecha, Game Lore
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About Me

I'm an overall video game fan and waifuslayer extraordinaire. Nintendo games, Sega, Sony, Square, Atlus, you name it, I probably play it or want to.

I've been with Fire Emblem since around 2009 when I first played FE7 and I've stuck with it since. By far, Genealogy of the Holy War is my favorite. I may have a dangerous obsession. I prefer the FE games from Sacred Stones and before, since I think Awakening and Fates, while fun, are just going in the wrong direction, but luckily Shadows of Valentia gave me hope.


Genealogy of the Holy War

Blazing Sword

Sacred Stones


Shadows of Valentia

In progress:

Mystery of the Emblem

Binding Blade

Favorite Pair: Eldigan x Lachesis (That's right I said it)

I get pretty heavily invested in the story of the games since I'm not particularly great at the actual gameplay. I know how it's done and I struggle on occasion but there's nothing like a good plot and characters to keep you going. I particularly like hunting for the etymology of characters/weapons/places in the game since they're usually tied to various mythologies, which I am very invested in already. 

Outside of Fire Emblem I'm also a fan of video games in general with a bit of bias towards RPGs. Besides video games I like anime like mecha and the Fate series. I like more stuff too, I just can't be bothered to remember it all. I guess we'll just have to chat if you want to know more.

In terms of the site, I usually visit once a day for a short time to check news or the topics I'm following but that's all. Sometimes I get bored and post something(that people tend to disagree with, welcome to the internet) so that might be interesting. I guess I'll need convincing to get on the community chat, otherwise that's where I stand.

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