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  1. Thanks for looking! I'm honestly ok with any of the figures although I'm giving an edge to Eldigan Lewyn and Tailtiu. Unsurprisingly they're crazy expensive. Guess I have to keep looking!
  2. I've been eyeing the Genealogy of the Holy War Exceed a Generation figurines for several years but now that I want to buy some they totally disappeared from the market. I felt this would be the best place to ask about where to potentially find them and possibly locate some sellers. It makes sense that they only got rarer and more expensive over time but I have trouble coming up with the justification to pay more than $15 per figure at best. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction!
  3. As far as I know there isn't much stated in the game besides what the people above stated, but if I were put myself into the world I assume there was some conflict in Silesse and possible Agustria. We know Silesse held out for a while and there may have still been some self interested Agustrian nobles left. Given what we know there's a good chance they were either taken care of quickly or paid-off/replaced with nobles favorable to Grannvale like how Arvis did with Dozel/Velthomer/Friege/etc.
  4. I have an issue where the game doesn't save with this patch. Emulators don't generate a .sav whenever I save the game. It seems to work with other patches and I've seen this problem on FCEUX and Mesen.
  5. I've been trying to play FE1 on a NES emulator since yesterday but I found that the game doesn't actually save when I close the emulator. I'm using FCEUX and it works with other games like Zelda. I saw a post from several years ago that had a similar issue but the solution didn't work for me. Anyone have any idea why the emulator doesn't create a .sav file for the game? I'm using the Megakoopax patch btw. Thanks in advance
  6. Eldigan is the man, he left a big impression on me when I played the game. I also really like Gundam so just put two and two together I guess.
  7. I prefer Snes9x but honestly you shouldn't have any trouble with stuff like ZSNES or RetroArch. If you think about patching games you should check to see if the patch works with the emulator you're using.
  8. I think it should be important to consider when the Loptous tome is passed down too. I assume only one person can be possessed at a time so whenever the crown prince comes of age they are granted the tome and the current emperor loses their power. I guess it would be during this time that their now-possessed son would kill them or seize power themselves. This would make sense since Julius got the Loptous tome some time before gen 2 begins, so it would have only been a matter of time before he declared himself emperor as asserted direct control, even though he was clearly calling the shots instead of Arvis.
  9. Neither Seliph nor Julia carry Loptyr blood so I'm not sure how that would bring any more conflicts with regards to the Loptyr cult. Also what do you mean that Loptyr isn't cannon? I guess he's called Loptous now if that's what you're going for.
  10. I find it really interesting that a lance lord has the most votes. I think Ephraim and Shareena left a good mark on the community. Also it looks like axes still don't have many fans. What really surprises me is the large amount of votes for the lord being from a military background as opposed to a noble one. Every lord except for Ike has been noble so I guess there's an itch for more Ike-like lords.
  11. Well the majority of the conflicts are the result of Rudolf's insane plan to get his son to kill Mila and Duma. Rudolf is the main antagonist but he technically succeeds, not that his plan makes much sense.
  12. Another Seliph x Julia denier. We'll show them once the Genealogy remake comes out and shows copious amounts of uncensored incest!
  13. Very true! I guess the whole conversation comes down to how IS would want to balance the game to be both easier and accessible yet challenging and fun.
  14. Agreed, the inventory system is pretty outdated in FE4 and I think adding trading and a convoy would make the game a bit easier in a good way. Also good. SoV pulled it off really well and its honestly the best form of supports we've seen so far so there's no point in taking a step back. There are definitely good intentions here but I don't know if nerfing Holy Weapons will improve the game in any way since they're supposed to be really strong. The game balance even plays on this with the Dreadlords. You're also right with repairs but I don't see that being changed at all since SoV used the same item system it already had. Here is where we disagree. The long chapters are a major part of the game's overall design and I think they should stay that way. There are dull zones with no enemies but a little bit of re-balancing or just adding more enemies could fix that. Maybe a mechanic where you can call your units to a recently seized castle would help but that's all up to how the game would be balanced. Also, deploying every unit is something really unique and great about FE4 and we only ever saw that before in Gaiden/SoV for about 99% of the game. Using every unit is pretty rewarding and due to the game's scale, you kind of need to have as many powerful units at once. Definitely agree with adding more characters, possibly in paralogue chapters. This addresses your second point too, since paralogue chapters would use a certain set of characters.
  15. As much as that would be really fun, the issue I see with this is that it would add even more enemies to each chapter and make them even longer than they already are. The way they handle sieges in FE4 is the same as all the other games so I don't mind it as much. I guess a good alternative is to include indoor levels as paralogues or something.
  16. Now I get what you mean. You are right in saying that there are no setbacks but honestly if we had more dialogue with him and his scheming, there would be a better understanding of his plot. Sigurd could be considered a setback but we never get to see Manfroy's reaction to Sigurd's exploits. His scheme could use more fleshing out in the game. There is truth here, although I let it slide as Arvis trying to redeem himself in the end. This can go either way depending on what you expect of Arvis as a character. Like I said before, that isn't really Lewyn. It's most likely Forseti controlling his body, much like how Loptyr controls Julius.
  17. I really like this and I'm surprised that no one else brought it up before. A lot of subtle details can be made more poignant with the ability to witness them as opposed to being informed after it happens. I think you're missing the point here. It's not uncommon for protagonists to fight an uphill battle against a really powerful foe and that's what the second generation depicts. They don't stand a chance from the beginning but they earn their place and overcome these threats in the end anyway. It makes the story more grand. Once again I think you missed the point. It's not that Manfroy has plot armor, in fact no one even gets the chance to fight him until the final chapter. His plan succeeded because it was unbelievably complicated and flexible enough to take advantage of Sigurd's victories in Verdane and Agustria. He's really one of the smartest antagonists given the fact that he flips all of the protagonist's achievements on their head. He could benefit from a stronger motive, however. He seems stereotypically evil just for the sake of it. As one of the best characters in FE4, I'm confused as to what you don't like about him. His appearance in gen 2 is, although weaker in some aspects, still considerably interesting given the fact that it might not even be him.
  18. The idea I was trying to convey is that the other holy weapons should be earned after defeating the previous owner. In that way, you still have to fight other holy weapon users but you actually get to use it(potentially) after you kill them. Since they only appear in the end game, you will only really be able to use every holy weapon for the fight against the Deadlords, which I think is pretty fitting. As for this, incest is basically a meme in FE4 at this point and isn't something to be taken too seriously, just as the pseudo-incest in Fates was just more fanservice than anything meaningful. That being said, Eldigan and Lachesis's relationship is meant to be portrayed as a tragic and forbidden love, much like Camus and Nyna(whom which they are based on). The game lets on very little of this perspective but side works emphasize it more, that is if we are to consider their representation of the characters as canon or at least believable. And Seliph x Julia is just for those crit Auras and Nagas haha.
  19. I was referring to the game balance in that there is another thunder mage in the party alongside Arthur and Tini. I think it's doable, but the issue lies in picking the right character(s) to add that also add something new to the roster instead of another cavalier for example. Good point. Seliph and Julia should be able to pair up, it's FE4. Haha
  20. This right here is exactly what I have been thinking! From a gameplay perspective it just makes sense to get all the weapons, and letting Ulster use axes means he can use Helswath like he deserves. I like the direction of this but I wonder how it would affect the gameplay if you have such a different roster from the original. SoV added just two new characters with variable impact on the gameplay, so if they are to add new characters in a Genealogy remake, they should add 1-2 and have it make perfect sense plot-wise. There are lots of options so I'm open to possibility. Seliph and Julia should be able to pair up, it's Fire Emblem
  21. I can see the direction you're going here but that isn't the theme at all. From what I gather the theme is more balanced in the sense that the heroes still adopt the battle of their ancestors while learning from their mistakes. Getting holy weapons doesn't infringe on this theme at all, in fact it would actually support the theme if receiving the holy weapons is done in an act of redemption. The game does challenge the idea of unchecked birthright as some characters achieve power but fail due to being selfish and incompetent. The heroes fight to earn their birthright, and just as they become the rulers of their dukedom or country, it shouldn't be so far fetched to have them earn a holy weapon. Plus who doesn't want to Valflame poor fools into oblivion? In regards to this, once again you aren't wrong but you might be ignoring the fact that this is fiction and boundary-pushing relationships between siblings has always been a theme or at the very least an inside joke in the series. What I referenced is the fact that the inclusion of siscons and brocons is just attractive to a particular demographic which happened to be part of the larger demographic that ate Fates up. Ultimately, a properly executed story or character arc that uses incest could be very interesting as Eldigan and Lachesis show in the manga.
  22. You make a good point about the holy weapons here, but I think that a post-game could remedy this. SoV had a post game that was interesting enough, and if that were pulled off in an FE4 remake then it wouldn't be a deal breaker to gain access to all the holy weapons as long as non-holy blood units can still be good. You are the only other person besides me who is ok with this haha. I find it odd that people hate this kind of stuff in FE4 when Fates sold like crazy thanks to stuff like that.
  23. It sounds like we're two of a kind! I forgot to mention that I got Shadows of Valentia on release and I honestly think it's the height of the series right now. Second to FE4 obviously. On a side note you should check out the Oosawa manga if you haven't already. Excellent side material to the game.
  24. Hey guys, hows it going! I just thought I should actually introduce myself now even though it's been almost a year since I've been on the site. The majority of my posts as of yet have been Genealogy related, so you could probably guess that's my favorite game. I guess as a preface I should explain my history with FE and why I'm here in the first place, so I'll make it quick. I started the series by playing Blazing Sword on the vizzed website around 2009 or 2010. I had heard of Fire Emblem before, especially through smash and reading through the wiki at the time, but I hadn't had a complete experience with it until I played FE7. After beating it sometime around 2011, the news for Awakening came out so I had a reason to stay with the series. I had picked up Sacred Stones and Binding Blade at the time but I didn't actually complete Sacred Stones until somewhat recently. I got hooked with Awakening(although I realize it wasn't the best FE game) and continued on playing a little bit of the other games. Once I played Genealogy of the Holy War I knew I had to talk about it, and what better place than here. In terms of being on Serenes Forest, I had seen it several times before but it wasn't until I had the burning desire to read and write about FE4 that I got particularly interested. So here I am, gushing about a 20 year old game that I doubt a third of the current fan base has even played. This was a bit long but just to put myself out there, just fulfilling some formalities and such. I guess I'll talk more about myself if people ask but that's all I have for now. P.S. If you wanna gush about FE4 I'm your man!
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