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  1. Alm is the rightful ruler of Valentia by right of conquest duh. Celica and Conrad be damned all hail Emperor Albein Alm Rudolf baby.
  2. I'd recommend sticking with the Male/Female/Undisclosed options and adding Non-Binary for the people who deem it appropriate. If not maybe recommend people to put their pronouns in their signature if they want? It's clear the pronouns thing is divisive but I think there's a middle ground here.
  3. While I somewhat agree with your opinion I feel like you could have been more polite with how you expressed it. A lot of people here seem to take gender identity pretty seriously so at the very least they warrant some respect, especially if you want other people to respect your opinions. I think the change to a pronouns setting is a bit odd but enough people wanted it so it makes sense.
  4. I realized why later down the line. It turns out you have to patch an already patched rom. So you have to make sure to patch it twice in order for the saving to work. Hope that helps!
  5. Thanks for looking! I'm honestly ok with any of the figures although I'm giving an edge to Eldigan Lewyn and Tailtiu. Unsurprisingly they're crazy expensive. Guess I have to keep looking!
  6. I've been eyeing the Genealogy of the Holy War Exceed a Generation figurines for several years but now that I want to buy some they totally disappeared from the market. I felt this would be the best place to ask about where to potentially find them and possibly locate some sellers. It makes sense that they only got rarer and more expensive over time but I have trouble coming up with the justification to pay more than $15 per figure at best. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction!
  7. As far as I know there isn't much stated in the game besides what the people above stated, but if I were put myself into the world I assume there was some conflict in Silesse and possible Agustria. We know Silesse held out for a while and there may have still been some self interested Agustrian nobles left. Given what we know there's a good chance they were either taken care of quickly or paid-off/replaced with nobles favorable to Grannvale like how Arvis did with Dozel/Velthomer/Friege/etc.
  8. I have an issue where the game doesn't save with this patch. Emulators don't generate a .sav whenever I save the game. It seems to work with other patches and I've seen this problem on FCEUX and Mesen.
  9. I've been trying to play FE1 on a NES emulator since yesterday but I found that the game doesn't actually save when I close the emulator. I'm using FCEUX and it works with other games like Zelda. I saw a post from several years ago that had a similar issue but the solution didn't work for me. Anyone have any idea why the emulator doesn't create a .sav file for the game? I'm using the Megakoopax patch btw. Thanks in advance
  10. Eldigan is the man, he left a big impression on me when I played the game. I also really like Gundam so just put two and two together I guess.
  11. I prefer Snes9x but honestly you shouldn't have any trouble with stuff like ZSNES or RetroArch. If you think about patching games you should check to see if the patch works with the emulator you're using.
  12. I think it should be important to consider when the Loptous tome is passed down too. I assume only one person can be possessed at a time so whenever the crown prince comes of age they are granted the tome and the current emperor loses their power. I guess it would be during this time that their now-possessed son would kill them or seize power themselves. This would make sense since Julius got the Loptous tome some time before gen 2 begins, so it would have only been a matter of time before he declared himself emperor as asserted direct control, even though he was clearly calling the shots instead of Arvis.
  13. Neither Seliph nor Julia carry Loptyr blood so I'm not sure how that would bring any more conflicts with regards to the Loptyr cult. Also what do you mean that Loptyr isn't cannon? I guess he's called Loptous now if that's what you're going for.
  14. I find it really interesting that a lance lord has the most votes. I think Ephraim and Shareena left a good mark on the community. Also it looks like axes still don't have many fans. What really surprises me is the large amount of votes for the lord being from a military background as opposed to a noble one. Every lord except for Ike has been noble so I guess there's an itch for more Ike-like lords.
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