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  1. About the first one... the truth is that´s a recycled Linoan hair . Why? No idea, lol, but I agree. Yep, hair was the most difficult part because I had to do it nearly from scratch. I couldn´t find similar original mugs and resizing it was just adding more work. Also, I struggle with the movement versus the sharp "cuts" of the edges. I´ll use your tips, thanks!!
  2. I made some updates to the healer, she is probably my most redesigned mug: The hair is supposed to be puffy but I might trim it a bit later. Blinking frames are not done because I hate them lol. Seriously, I have to remind myself not to use fe6 eyes since you need to make them from scratch. And my first Tearring Saga GBA mug, Mel! (original to the right) Since its not an original character there´s a mix of custom parts and resizing along with splicing. I may need more work on this one but for now its acceptable I´ll probably do more TRS mugs.
  3. This is really nice! Is there a way to add skippable animations too like in the fe8 QoL patch?
  4. Thanks so much for the feedback and having the time to go through all of them! I agree with a couple of details you noticed. For the time being I won´t be updating the ones I consider complete (in the OP) but there´s always room to improve them so I´ll probably edit them gradually.
  5. Ok, so the Mugging Blitz gave me a much needed push to complete a bunch of my mugs. From now on all mugs posted in the OP will be free for everyone to use, just give credit, you can PM too but it´s not necessary. Mugs on the thread but not in the OP are not completed yet so please don´t use those. Thanks everyone for the critiques and feedback, I wouldn´t have improved this much without you!!
  6. If this is still going here are a couple more, Ps: I suck at mini-mugs.
  7. Of course, I did it to give you a hand. In general fe6-7 and 8 colors don´t go well together. I prefer 8 myself but since you have a lot of mugs maybe just changing the outline color to fe6-7 will be much easier, your choice.
  8. Just a tip, you are using a really dark outline color (even darker than fe8´s) that contrasts harshly with the fe6-7 colors you used. Use the fe6-7 outline or change the colours. I took some liberties with one of your mugs ´cause it´s really cute and reminds me of Lakche. I used fe8 colors and rearranged some so you could have different colors for the hair and armor. I took away the white from the eyes since when using pale skin you can get away with the same color and have more options for others (like the gold trim). I can´t help you with the frames at the moment, sorry, besides I didn´t find the eyes you used as base, could it be Cath´s?
  9. Hey there, having a blast with this hack! Also, I came to report a "bug". In chapter 16 if you kill the boss before activating the switch, he will have the same warning quote as if he were still alive. A minor gripe I have is with Lenora, I think someone mention this also. I feel having two healers join so close to each other is a bit redundant, they fill the same niche at least early on. Maybe making Lenora a shaman or having her join later with better bases like Saul does could help. I don´t know about the armour knight because I forgot about him, ups. But what I do know is that if you kill the boss, a wall will open above so you can go for the switch after and have more time with the chest looting. Although it´s probably not the most efficient way of doing it.
  10. Here´s the second batch. I had more but unfortunately I have my hand in stitches sooo not a good idea to keep going,
  11. Yes, anyone can use them and credit is appreciated too :). From the op,
  12. Thanks! Yep, the green one stayed. Update: In the near future all splices on this thread will be free to use, I´ll post the complete ones in the main post when I have a sizeable amount.
  13. Thanks! Yep, the green one stayed. Update: In the near future all splices on this thread will be free to use, I´ll post the complete ones in the main post when I have a sizeable amount.
  14. I was already planning to make my splices free to use so this is the perfect opportunity. All were made previous to the event but I had to clean them up, not one was hack-ready yet. First batch! I´ll try to complete as many as I can during the time frame or even make new ones but no promises. Also, a couple of these use NICKT´s assets.
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