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  1. @Pandan Ah, glad to see interest in this again! I've updated the first post with a new patch. I've been working on it on and off, and now there's a lot more material and polish in earlier chapters. Now is as good a time as any to publish the newest version I guess. I have updated the OP to reflect this. Let me know what you think!
  2. Poison strike is kind of funny. I think it's kind of a lot better in theory than it ends up being in practice due to other circumstances. In a vacuum, I think it's a great skill and would equip it, but I think that it's better to master the mage class than the dark mage class: Its main competition is the Mage mastery skill, Fiendish Blow, which is very similar, in that in both cases you do extra damage when you initiate an attack. Neither is strictly better than the other; poison strike does more damage if the enemy has >30 HP, which for most of the game I think they will. however, the poison strike damage can't kill the enemy directly, and if you get the double strike, the fiendish blow damage will be doubled as well. I think in most situations fiendish blow is better.
  3. To me, the main problem with the game is that it's a game that's supposed to make you want to play it four (or at least three) times, but more than half of each playthough is the same (there are 12 chaps that are shared and then ~10 after). And even then there are quite a lot of shared chapters after the split as well. I like the three houses story a lot more than the fates story, but man fates really did the split a lot better from a gameplay perspective; most of the maps were different after the split, and the split was very early. Plus, you could just save right before the split and make each different choice and only play the shared segment once. In three houses you can't do this because you pick your house long before things actually diverge. I guess they thought it would be fresh to play the same maps again with different units, but to me that fell a bit short of the mark. I waited for maddening to come out to play the game the first time, and only now have I started playing my second house. And four months is about the shortest possible time I could have reasonably waited between them; any sooner and I would really not have a good time at the shared chapters. I guess my bottom line is, I wish they used the selling multiple games model of fates. I would gladly have bought thee games if it meant that they would actually be significantly different.
  4. The first time I played the game, (maddening, Golden Deer), I made Marianne a holy knight. Gremory was tempting, but I committed to that with Lysithea and Flayn. The lance was completely superfluous, but marianne being a healer/white mage with a horse was a sufficient advantage for her.
  5. I like it, but you should be able to see what people's spell lists are. Like I looked it up on here so it's no problem, but IMO that information should be visible in the game.
  6. At what point do you get out-of-house characters again in part 2? I didn't recruit anyone from other houses my first playthrough, so I don't know. Do you have to re-recruit them whenever they appear as enemies, or do they just show up automatically in part 2 like the church people?
  7. I don't recall my army's charm stats, but almost everyone has A supports now and the gambits are still rarely cracking the 50 against non-monsters. On the topic of maddening in general, I played a couple more chapters since my post, and things are still pretty much in line with what I've been saying so far, some hard chaps, some easy ones, and I feel like while my units are getting base statted hard, I have a lot of positioning options that lets me deal with it anyway.
  8. I waited for maddening to play, playing golden deer maddening first playthrough, maybe like 3/4 the way through now. I can't compare to other difficulties, or other houses, or even other classing strategies since I've only played it once, but I can give my thoughts on how it fares as a blind experience first time through. As for other restrictions I'm also not using any online stuff nor did I recruit characters from other houses. I did get a few of the professors (Catherine, Hanneman, Shamir), but of those I'm really only using Catherine and sticking the others as adjutants. I also am not using divine pulse except for misclicks and stuff like that. Overall I think it was done very well. Many of the missions really made me think about what I had to do to proceed and try a few different strategies. I hear the enemies have more skills, but it seems class based rather than directly selected like in Fates Conquest. Nonetheless many of them are quite relevant, like pass on the thieves/assassins, and poison strike on the archers. The big thing is the stats. The enemy stats can be REALLY high. Like falcon knights with almost as much defense as my fortress knights, stuff with so much speed it even doubles my fastest character with the lightest weapon with ignatz' rally boost. Most of my units who aren't really tough just die in one shot to an enemy. It's really crazy, but somehow you can pull off some baller strats and succeed, and finding the way to do it is really interesting. In the early game, and even now, I was pretty much having to use weapon arts on every single attack for both the power and accuracy. Unfortunately all of the side battles (non-paralogue) are just too easy. I haven't done too many of them because of that, but the ones I've done are just a real downgrade from the main game and paralogues, and TBH I don't really think there's much point to them. It seems like they just kind of put a bunch of dudes on some reused maps and called it a day. However, the Paralogues were all really cool and interesting. For most of them, doing them as soon as they're available is quite hard. I assume that waiting would help on that, though. Instead of doing so, however, I warp skipped a couple of them, which in the case of the Lorenz one was really fun to figure out how to do. The Catherine / Ashe one was REALLY rough (damn those assassins), but eventually I was able to prevail (though I did delay that one like a month). I didn't get to do the Hilda one, since it said it would be available until May, but then I got timeskipped and it went away, which is a little rude that they lie to you about that. The Marianne one was really fun too, and the Seteth/Flayn one required a very plodding and methodical approach but was pretty interesting to grind out. As for the main chapters, most of them are really challenging, but some of them are kind of easy, like the burning village (, or the one where all the crest stones are being stolen (I saved about half; it would have been a lot harder to save them all I guess). A lot of the second half of part one was easier than the first half. The lava valley map was kind of easy too, once you know where the allies you have to protect are going to spawn. This is all offset by some REALLY hard maps, like the first two after the timeskip, most of the early ones up to the Tower of Black Winds, the Battle of Eagle and Lion. Ultimately, I think what's going on is as the game progresses you have a lot more options that mess with the positioning and distance, like warp, rescue, draw back, dancing. And also your units get access to a lot more range. The Thyrsus for example is REALLY strong (sometimes I think it's a bit overpowered, but then some really hard chapters slam me anyway, so IDK). And having these abilities lets you deal with things a lot more effectively. So the difficulty is ultimately pretty widely varied and inconsistent, but there haven't really been any main chapters and/or paralogues which were trivial, where I didn't have to think hard about how to proceed (except maybe the burning village chapter), and all of the chapters have been very fun to play so overall I am really liking it so far. As for new 3H mechanics in general, the Battalions are kind of cool, in that I like the passive buffs they give your units, and picking which battalion to assign to which unit is interesting. The gambits are unfortunately pretty lackluster, however; they usually don't really do more damage than normal attacks, and the enemy not counterattacking is less of a big deal than you'd think since many of your units can attack from 3-4 range anyway. Also they're usually a really bad option since they're so inaccurate. Almost always, if I'm attacking an enemy, that enemy needs to go down RIGHT NOW, and betting on some 30-40% gambit ain't gonna cut it. Plus there's quite a lot of skills that involve the battalions, but most of them aren't really good, especially when compared to the skills that buff your stats or weapon skill. Like all these things add strength to gambits, and I don't want the gambits to be stronger, i want them to be more accurate. Or the ability only works when the battalion is at low health which is difficult to deliberately engineer. But the enemy knowing gambits is really interesting, because they don't really have to care about consistency as much, because even a 50% chance of ruining your day is pretty bad. So I guess the gambits are a case of something that is better in the enemy's hands than yours, but I can get behind that. They are pretty effective (since they're accurate) against monsters too, so hey. The main thing that's interesting about this game compared to other FE games is how it kind of forces you to focus on being really proactive. A lot of the really hard strategizing and planning goes into finding ways to kill things before they get a chance to attack you. Most of the heavy lifting is done on player phase, using everything at your disposal to try to smoke all the enemies that might attack you next turn, because if you let them, they will freaking MURDER you. This is unlike a lot of other FE games, a lot of which is about positioning yourself so that the enemies run into you in an optimal way and kill themselves on your counterattacks. In this way it's a bit like Gaiden, which had a bit of a similar focus, with a lot of far-ranging attacks and fewer but stronger enemies.
  9. Haven't played 3H yet (waiting for Lunatic), but I would do what Conquest lunatic did, and have some stat increase, some positioning changes, somewhat more enemies, but most importantly give them all very significant and powerful skills.
  10. ah lol that shows how out of the loop I've been on this. I played it in like 2013 I think. Still glad to see more fixes coming in.
  11. does it fix Marth's name coming out as "Mar" in certain screens? Or maybe that was only in a very old patch IDK. Anyway, I'm really glad this is being worked on: FE3 is easily my favorite version of the Marth games, and I think it's kind of underrated.
  12. I gotta say I'm REALLY glad the school stuff is skippable, because I don't give a rats ass about it. Good on IS for making something like that optional, since I can see that others may really like it, even though I wouldn't.
  13. Whichever one has gameplay and map design most like Conquest.
  14. I have multiple reinforcements coming from one fortress tile (i.e. they all load on the fortress but when spawning walk to adjacent tiles). I'd like to have it so that if a player unit is standing on the fortress it blocks all of the spawns coming from the fortress, not just the one that happens to end up standing on the fortress itself. Does anyone know how to do this?
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