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  1. Haven't played 3H yet (waiting for Lunatic), but I would do what Conquest lunatic did, and have some stat increase, some positioning changes, somewhat more enemies, but most importantly give them all very significant and powerful skills.
  2. ah lol that shows how out of the loop I've been on this. I played it in like 2013 I think. Still glad to see more fixes coming in.
  3. does it fix Marth's name coming out as "Mar" in certain screens? Or maybe that was only in a very old patch IDK. Anyway, I'm really glad this is being worked on: FE3 is easily my favorite version of the Marth games, and I think it's kind of underrated.
  4. I gotta say I'm REALLY glad the school stuff is skippable, because I don't give a rats ass about it. Good on IS for making something like that optional, since I can see that others may really like it, even though I wouldn't.
  5. Whichever one has gameplay and map design most like Conquest.
  6. I have multiple reinforcements coming from one fortress tile (i.e. they all load on the fortress but when spawning walk to adjacent tiles). I'd like to have it so that if a player unit is standing on the fortress it blocks all of the spawns coming from the fortress, not just the one that happens to end up standing on the fortress itself. Does anyone know how to do this?
  7. In terms of character: Lyn As a unit: Hector
  8. Yeah you can do 7 rounds per character, but IMO it's not unbalanced because they designed the game pretty well around you being able to use it. Like it gives you a reasonable amount of money and XP, not an ungodly amount.
  9. One probably unpopular opinion: Fire Emblem 1 looks better than Shadow Dragon, and the mechanics are better.
  10. I sat her on a fortress tile and grinded her against a thief to level 20, but IDK if it mattered so much. Combine the way the promotions in this game work, boosting your stats to promoted class base, and how there is for all intents and purposes no magical attack or defense stat, and how absolutely juiced the stat up items are, leveling up doesn't matter as much as it does in the other games, especially for mages. All the mages are pretty much useable, and Linda and Merric are better due to their personal weapons. I benched her for quite a while because she can't attack unlike wendel, but brought her back (promoted) in the endgame for that repair staff.
  11. I know it's a necropost, but what emulator can play this? VBA and KIGB seem not to...
  12. I have figured out how to do it: 1: create a save when starting up the game. 2: using the wii data menu, transfer that save to the SD card and erase it from the console. doing it this way creates the proper directories on the SD card. 3: download one of the GameFAQs saves, put the SD card in the computer. the wii save data should be in a directory it has created for itself called 'private'. go all the way into it, and you should find a file called "data.bin". replace that with the donwloaded save file and rename that to "data.bin". 4: put the SD card back into the wii and using the wii data menu (not the SD card menu; it will not show up there), copy the save back from the SD card to the wii. When you start RD, the downloaded save should be in there. I did this on a WiiU, but it should be the same on a regular Wii.
  13. I'd like to play Radiant Dawn on hard mode, but I don't want to have to play it on normal mode first. Is it possible to put a save that has unlocked HM on an SD card and use that to start HM? If so where could I find such a file, and how do I transfer it correctly? I'm playing on a WiiU if that makes any difference.
  14. Well the story and most of the chars were lame, but the gameplay of conquest was really great so it didn't bother me. I guess I'll say what bothered me most was that the maps/gameplay of birthright didn't start to get good until the final few chaps.
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