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  1. Alright, thanks everyone! Here are is the final team: -Butler!Keaton -Berserker!Elise -Paladin Arthur -Dank knight Leo -Kinshi knight Mozu -Adventurer!Odin -Malig Knight!Niles -Dark Knight!Camilla -Master Ninja!Selena -Sniper Nyx -Maid Anna -Dread Fighter!Xander Second generation: -Nyx!Forrest as Dark flier -DarkFalcon!Percy (Elise) -Kinshi Knight!Soleil (Selena) -Witch!Velouria (Felicia) -Falcon Knight!Ophelia (Azura) -Beserker!Nina (Camilla) Chapter 7: Was cleared pretty easy, had to rely on Effie though. Chapter 8: Took quite a few tries, mainly to get to the money on time. Odin was actually the MVP. Chapter 9: Easy enough, Effie and Niles smashed through the enemies. Anna's paralogue: First time playing, decided to get her before chapter 10. Many restarts later, Odin smashed the Berserkers. Chapter 10: Ah, the dreaded chapter. Didn't take as long as I though, but still was extremely tough. Brock as an oni-cheiftain managed to tank and camilla/effie took out the rest. First time beating it on lunatic and hopefully last.
  2. Awesome, thanks! You're my favourite now <3
  3. Alright, so these are the decided units, the 1st generation are done. -Butler!Keaton -Berserker!Elise -Paladin Arthur -Dank knight Leo -Kinshi knight Mozu -Adventurer!Odin -Malig Knight!Niles -Dark Knight!Camilla -Master Ninja!Selena -Sniper Nyx -Maid Anna -Dread Fighter!Xander I decided to allow 12 so that Anna could be used. Only 1 more second gen unit is allowed! Parents supports will be grinded, so don't worry about which ones are being used. pls Ophelia chan Second generation: -Nyx!Forrest as Dark flier -DarkFalcon!Percy (Elise) -Kinshi Knight!Soleil (Selena) -Witch!Velouria (Felicia) -FalconKnight!Ophelia (Azura)
  4. Aye. lol, wouldn't that make different theories. I will probably just marry him off to whoever the best grill on the run is. Stop the Brock friend zone 2016
  5. Hmm, maybe. That would mean playing a DLC, possibly 2 on lunatic >.> Also, as for Brock, I'll probably leave him friend zoned... Who knows.
  6. I like it, I'm considering whether or not to use Anna. I have yet to get her dlc sooo..
  7. I like the way you think~ Dread fighter is better tho ;o
  8. lol, all good, just checked. She has a 40 percent growth rate as witch >.> This should be.. Interesting. inb4 dread fighter/swordmaster Ophelia lool
  9. Alright lmao, little red riding hood is the evil queen? What a plot twist! Also, do you happen to know her growths as a witch?
  10. Hmm, berserker will be fine, maybe only one second generation kid though, if that's alright.
  11. Thanks guys, this is going to be the edgiest pokemon!fire emblem run ever. xD Also, 1 maybe 2 more units (I don't know about anna >.>) and 2/3 more child units. (I will grind supports, so don't worry about if the parent is being used or not, ie. Siegbert can still be used. pls dread fighter <3
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