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  1. "Well IIIIIII think that Lavinia's superb physique is a charm point." Nessraya chimed in, flopping against the vampire's back, the stronger demon more than capable of supporting her meager weight. Still lightly humming to herself, tail swinging about in the air, Nessraya buried her face in Lavinia's shoulder nonchalantly, wings hovering her far enough off the ground to maintain such a feat despite the difference in height. "Of course, she's very shy, which you wouldn't expect. Would you believe, looking at us two, that she's more scared of me than I of her? At least, if she isn't, she puts on a marvelous show."
  2. Considering that FE has been really bad for sidelining female lords in favour of their male counterparts in pretty much every game that features both, if one of them has to be the "Main" lord this time around, it had better damn well be Edelgard. Some sort of mixed path or otherwise non-route locked path would be fine, but if this is just another game that gives us a female lord only to have her get shoved aside so that the male lord can be the "real" hero in the end, especially after giving us so much hope that Edelgard will actually be important, I don't know what I'll do.
  3. "No need to be shy. Feel free to stare all you'd like, Xalrei~" Nessraya teased, turning her head back towards the dragonewt with a smirk, pants held just below her hips for a moment before pulling them over and on. Her shirt followed in short order, and with that, Nessraya walked towards the exit of the tent, caressing Xalrei's face with her tail as she passed. "Well, I care, Xalrei~ I think that letting loose every so often would be good for you, rather than being serious all of the time. Even if I'm the only one you'll show it to, as much a shame as that might be~" The general concluded, stepping out the flap of the tent with a skip in her step, doing a gentle twirl in the morning breeze and allowing her wings to stretch out now that they had room to do so. "Mmmnah~ What a wonderful morning~" She noted... it appeared that people were gathering for breakfast. What wonderful timing~
  4. "Fine, fine~ I suppose I can let you be for now." Nessraya replied with a slight pout, sticking her tongue out at Xalrei as the dragonewt moved to sit up, giggling as she bothered to cover her chest in present company... how silly. Shuffling out from their shared bedding, Nessraya stood and began to stretch, showing far less care for modesty than Xalrei had... it wasn't like either of them had anything left to hide at this point. A few moments of stretching and a light yawn later, the succubus reached to the pile of fabric that her clothing had become, beginning to dress herself. "You're quite cute when you're embarrassed though, Xalrei. It's a good look."
  5. Ether

    Aeon - The Odyssey

    Next up would be... what... was that? Staring up at the anomaly was enough for Keizerin to fade into the background of Monika's mind, leaving only her more meek, normal self in her place. Something about a Class A rogue? But that was... there was no way something like that would show up here... could it? It certainly looked real, but... why? How? Instinctively checking her phone... she had turned it off when she entered the sim, and off it remained. Logging off from the sim took only a few moments, but it felt like an eternity, her fingers shaking as she moved through the menu, staring up at the world glitching around her until the simulated cockpit stopped displaying the landscape of Destin and powered down. Laying back against the sim's chair, Monika didn't stir for a few moments. "What just... what just happened?"
  6. "Well, I try to help where I can~ Mmm, an exhausted soldier with low morale will just get herself killed, after all... and besides, it isn't like this little arrangement wasn't... mutually beneficial~" Nessraya cooed, drumming her fingers gently across Xalrei's tight, toned belly, as she lazily kissed at the back of the dragonewt's neck. Considering how seriously the woman had been trying to portray herself so far, these moments of vulnerability made for a nice little treat, if she did say so herself. "I'd be more than happy to raise your spirits any time, Xalrei~"
  7. "Mmm... good morning, Xalrei~" Nessraya cooed into the dragonewt's ear, the signs of her waking all too obvious. Well, she hadn't made any move to get up just yet, and the succubus had no plans to force the issue. Allowing her tail to gingerly wrap around Xalrei's, she snuggled a bit closer. "I do hope you slept well~"
  8. "Mmmnf~Five more minutes..." Nessraya groaned ever so slightly at the morning's light, snuggling tighter into Xalrei's back in defiance to the idea of waking up already. With any luck, having thoroughly thwarted any incoming nightmares aimed at the dragonewt... and replacing them with far more pleasant dreams, would leave Xalrei refreshed and perhaps a tad unwilling to leave the soft warmth of their shared tent with any particular degree of haste. Either that or she would be the embarrassed type, and bolt out without word of warning... hopefully for the sake of her own future standing in the group, recalling that she had disrobed before doing so. If nothing else it would be a humourous thought to tease her about, but Nessraya vastly preferred door number one to door number two. The sun's light would likely give her an answer in short order.
  9. "Mmm... dreamless, huh? I'm not so good at dreamless, but if it's a nightmare you're worried about... I can certainly prevent that~" Nessraya replied... it was fairly easy to infer what had Xalrei bothered with that comment in the open... she wasn't sleeping because she didn't want to dream, didn't want her sleep haunted by the memories that haunted her. It wasn't exactly a difficult problem to understand. Pulling closer as Xalrei leaned into her, Nessraya pulled the dragonewt's chin ever so slightly, pressing her lips gingerly against those of the larger demon, teasing her with small nibbles and nips. "Just relax and let me take care of you, and melt all of those worries away~"
  10. "Soldiers breathe, eat, live and die, just like anyone else. Donning a helmet doesn't change the person underneath, Xalrei. And you weren't done in, but if you don't take care of yourself and recover, next time you will be." Nessraya replied, snuggling in closer as Xalrei gave up her protests, a light giggle escaping her lips as the dragonewt was unable to hold down a yawn, erupting into a full chuckle as the siren passed by with a single quip before moving on. "Positively exhausted... mmm... you know, Xalrei... I am more than capable of... refreshing you, if that is what you desire. I do think some energy and a good night's rest are just what the doctor ordered, no?" Nessraya teased, gingerly resting her finger on Xalrei's collarbone, slowly dragging the tip up her neck, and under her chin, ever so gently moving her face towards the succubus own, a gentle spark of magic on her fingertip leaving the dragonewt's skin tingling in it's wake. Coming face to face with eyes aglow, Xalrei would find the muscles in her face beginning to relax of their own accord, as a slow stream of magic began to unwind the tension in her body. "Of course, in this group, I suppose I AM the doctor."
  11. "You're exhausted, it's raining, and you were badly wounded... our bodies don't take well to that magic, you think I don't know about all that? Pushing yourself won't do any good." Came the rebuttal, Nessraya leaning further into Xalrei as the dragonewt didn't make any real effort to push her away in a non-verbal fashion. "You simply looked miserable, and seemed to be fighting against your own needs. Pardon me for wishing to check up on you... you looked as though you might use some company."
  12. They had managed to make a decent amount of progress on foot... at the very least, the scent of death was no longer in the air, but after a long day of traveling and fighting, they would all enjoy the chance to actually make camp, this time. The tents were set up, and people seemed to be going about their own routines, which left Nessraya to her own devices. The day's exertions had left the demon feeling rather... drained. And while she could continue along as such, it was far from optimal to do so. In a pinch, Asami would more than likely indulge her, but the succubus was curious whether she might be able to turn any of the new blood on to the idea... perhaps not this early, but it couldn't hurt to try. But where to start... Marina and Lavinia were getting on rather well on their own, practically washing one another if a glance was to tell any truth, and the siren was watching them. Although one tent aglow with a lantern's light caught Nessraya's eye, the succubus floating over and landing gingerly just next to it's occupant, Xalrei. And she was looking quite worse for wear, my oh my. Flopping lazily against the dragonewt, Nessraya rested her chin on the taller woman's shoulder. "You look positively exhausted, Xalrei. Whatever has you awake, instead of resting your body, hmm?"
  13. "Hmm? No no, I meant administer initial care to anyone else that might be in need, while I look after her. But things appear to be mostly under control." Nessraya replied, sighing at Lavinia's response... it was so... Lavinia of her. "You'll make Marina cry again, if you take a dire wound." The succubus added, before stepping over to Xalrei and baring her staff. "Alright, do tell me if anything still hurts after this. I'm going to start with general recovery, but you took quite the knock." She noted, working her magic.
  14. With that, things seemed to be over... at least on one front. Their new acquisition... whether he would be long-lived was yet to be seen, had pressed Marina for answers as many others had, but this particular one broke the dam. The heroine dropped to the ground, a husk of her former self, and belted out her emotions unabashedly. It was difficult to reconcile that sort of display coming from the Church's chosen crusader, but it was what it was. Lavinia seemed to have consoling Marina mostly in check, though Nessraya gave the girl's face a gentle stroke with her tail as she passed, wiping a tear off of her cheek. "There is a small village to the South, by the name of Aensbrook. By foot it is... a day, perhaps two? But we can attempt to purchase more horses, possibly resupply... if we need leave the wagon, we may not have enough hands to take everything. However, we didn't really get to have much rest, either. We should move a ways to get away from the bodies and any predators they might invite, but I imagine we will need set up camp relatively close by." Nessraya reasoned, looking across a thin treeline towards the other half of their entourage. "Before anything, we will need to check for wounds... I will handle Xalrei, she appeared to take quite a beating... but if her wounds are severe, I may need your assistance in triage, Lavinia. Speaking of... I know that you do not feel pain, but you must be more careful. One of these days you will take a wound you cannot shrug off, fighting so recklessly... you may be immortal, but you are not invincible."
  15. Oh dear... tensions were bound to be high between their Northern flank, but throwing fists as soon as the enemy was dealt with? They would have to wrap this up quickly, then... stepping closer to the lead templar, just far enough away to be out of range of his bow, Nessraya sighed, her natural magic flaring. "You shouldn't have come here, Church dog." Nessraya moves to 16,6 and attacks Reinford with Thunderbolt(MP)!
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