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  1. "She offered to help, and I was simply telling her how. And how was I meant to know how much magic you have to spare, hmm? Last I checked you were in the thick of things just as well... don't tell me you were slacking, Amera~" Nessraya replied, smiling lightly at the cat as she stuck her tongue out, chuckling slightly at Suki's pure naivete. "Anyway, I hadn't intended to seek anybody out, until camp was properly set up, so I could see the condition everyone was in once we had settled down. I only brought it up to Suki because she asked. I wasn't aware that she was quite this sheltered though..."
  2. Seeing this discussion popped an idea into my head. What if there were a set number of different outcomes for Byleth failing to save dad, the same as the max amount of possible pulses a player has access to? The game plays as many failures as you had pulses remaining at the end of the map, counting them down on screen each time Jeralt dies, until you've spent your load and have to accept his passing. Gameplay integration rather than segregation.
  3. Close ward actually innately disables targetting lower defense stat effects, specifically because the only thing it actually lets you counterattack is dragons, and can only be equipped by ranged units. They did think of that... it's still not a good skill, but they did think that much through at least.
  4. "Yes, mana. It's magical energy, to put it simply. Most living things produce mana just by... being alive. But for succubi... we can't make our own, so we need to get mana from other people, in order to maintain our supply." Nessraya explained, continuing to lazily pet Suki as she did so. "How to fix it... well, there are multiple ways to absorb mana from another person, but I am a succubus, after all. The best way for me to recharge is through sexual contact. Fun for all parties involved, and it doesn't end in me needing to consume your blood or anything of the sort... I'll leave that to Lavinia, she takes far more enjoyment from it." Nessraya explained, letting her hand fall away from Suki's hair after a little while. "As for whether you can help... to be honest, you might be my ideal helper at the moment. I don't like taking more mana than is comfortable, and my reserves are quite low. Sustaining me would be... taxing for anyone who had just fought in a battle like that. But you held the rear guard and camp, so you're still fresh, Suki. And certainly energetic.. mmm, if you're still interested, once we've set up camp, I might take you up on that offer. It's not the sort of thing to be doing out in the open like this." *** "If you're hurt, you really should get it looked at, Taiyute. Even if you'll heal over time... I can't say I know how your body really... works, it must be painful, right?" Nisha chided, stopping for a moment as the genasi continued, unable to help a light chuckle from escaping her lips. "Admirable? Me? That's a first. I pretty much work entirely on sneak attacks and the like... most people don't admire a rogue like me. All caught up in their honourable duels and whatnot... honour won't do you any good when you're dead, but most knight and fighter types don't see it that way."
  5. "Oh, Suki. Mmm, you aren't wrong. It was a hard fought battle, and I'm well and drained. I should be able to walk fine, I just need some rest for the time being." Nessraya responded, looking up at the curious wolf and reaching up to pat her between the ears. Most beastfolk wouldn't take too kindly to such a gesture aside from an intimate setting, but Suki wasn't the sort to get hung up on that sort of thing, and the temptation was always there. "I simply need to rest and find a chance to recharge my mana... but I can't really do anything about the latter until we've wrapped up here and properly made camp for the night. Though if you're still interested in helping then, you seem more than energetic enough to not be burdened by it." She continued, letting her hand linger atop Suki's hair for the moment.
  6. "Oh, Taiyute. I'm doing okay... that kind of chaotic melee is pretty much ideal for me. No one can keep track of me with all that going on, so I wasn't really in any danger and had time to line my shots up. You seemed to do alright yourself, yeah?" Nisha replied, her attention slipping from the hero's speech as she was approached. Not that any of it really applied to her anyway... she wasn't a Vaian native, she wasn't part of the military. The greater intricacies of the campaign weren't exactly lost on her, but it was difficult to consider herself involved in any meaningful way past the fighting part. ________ There. That should have been the last of the triage... after Seilan had tended to her own wounds, it had been straight into bringing the rest of the army back up to snuff. As the General, that was her role to play in all of this. With the King present, and lead of the operation technically belonging to Marina, her own input to the troops wasn't especially necessary. It was a bit of a shame that she hadn't caught much more than snippets of Marina's address during her work, but she had seen the girl grow in such a short period of time, surely she had performed admirably in that regard. Leaning back against a sturdy tree outside of the fort, Nessraya sighed gently. Her physical wounds had been healed, but she had expelled a great deal of magic containing Ithraxl's corrupted form, and had leapt directly into her position as primary medic. There hadn't been much to do about it, their proficient healers had already been stretched thin, but... sliding down the trunk of her leaning tree, Nessraya felt light scratches across her back from the bark... right, her robe had been left scorched and in tatters, surely there were many holes across her back, leaving the skin exposed. It didn't take much magic to fix, but it was dipping even further into a reserve she was running low on as-is. "Mmm, I'll just need to make sure to have a good meal... later on. They'll all be far too tired for such a thing..." Nessraya mumbled to herself, watching the aftermath of the battle unfold. Even among their group, there must have been so many differing feelings on the matter... from the grieving Taliyah to those who had varying levels of personal stake in the matter. Surely some would still resent Marina, resent Nessraya herself for her part in the matter. Would Ithraxl's men fade away quietly, or continue to stir unrest? The battle was over, but was the war? Only time would tell what would happen to the remnants of that faction now...
  7. "Stubborn to the end, huh? How like you, Ithraxl..." Nessraya muttered... it wasn't that she couldn't understand the sentiment... truly, the church of Coteon held no virtue to speak of. But not all citizens living under it were the same. There were people like Lucille, coerced against their will, and surely others who merely echoed the sentiment for fear of their own safety. Condemning them all to the sword just to erase the church... it left a foul taste in her mouth. "We need to make sure we secure the perimeter. So tha-" Nessraya began, but as she tried to step forward, she immediately collapsed back onto Amera. Using her magic seemed to have been the last straw on her body, the General starting to slip in and out of consciousness. By this point, the myriad wounds left on her by Ithraxl's corrupted breath were beginning to bleed through her clothing and onto the cat, as well. _____ That was that, all dealt with. Ithraxl went down to a flurry of blows from the enraged dragonewt, and a few folk had gone off to look around the areas of the fortress they hadn't stormed during the battle. Slinking off for a few moments, Nisha eventually found who she was looking for a ways away from the main battle line. Seilan had been slinging thunderbolts as per usual, so he wasn't near the front line. With the General looking pretty worse for wear, what he was, was their new primary medic. "Hey Seilan, a few folk took some bad knocks taking down Ithraxl. You should really get your butt up to the front."
  8. "You couldn't stand me because my heritage reminded me of your wife and daughter. What does my mother's blood have to do with anything, Ithraxl. I was chosen to lead our armies, because I was what we needed. You won battles under your command, but you always posted losses. None of my men died today, Ithraxl. And I think we can finally put to rest your boasting that I couldn't hold a candle to you in combat. You let your rage drive you, you were more concerned with destroying Coteon than in protecting Vaia. We could have invaded, maybe even destroyed them... but at what cost?" Nessraya coughed, leaning forwards onto Amera and beckoning the cat forward, hoping for some assistance to get closer to Ithraxl. "We would have lost countless lives. More than Marina's crusade, more than your rebellion... that sort of war would dwarf both of those tragedies. And for what? Unless we burned Coteon to the ground and salted the earth, the survivors would see their vision of us manifest. They would burn with an even greater hatred than ever before, smoldering in zealous... and fully justified fury. Wars would never end. We would turn Hwein against us with such a brutal display, and lose all of our trade. So call me soft if you must, Ithraxl. Know I do this not for you, but for Taliyah." Nessraya finished, pulling out her staff and weakly touching it to Ithraxl with her tail. Squeezing Amera's hand, Nessraya needed to borrow some of her magic to even attempt this, she began to push magic into her staff, the head beginning to glow as the rejuvenating light engulfed Ithraxl- -and nothing happened. His wounds didn't close, bleeding didn't stop. It was as though his body was resisting the healing process itself. "Hess below, what did you do to your body, Ithraxl? Just what sort of madness did you concoct here, for your foolish ends?" Nessraya balked, leaning harder back against Amera as she stopped pushing magic into Ithraxl for naught, using the cat for support.
  9. "It's fine... see? I'll live." Nessraya managed weakly, slumping into Thesephine as the tension dropped, Xalrei's assault felling Ithraxl, reverting his transformation. It was truly over, now. Taliyah rushing over and cradling her dying father was... unpleasant to watch. The girl did not deserve to suffer witnessing such a thing, she did not bear her father's sins... and yet it had felt wrong to deny Taliyah her resolve in being present. Perhaps it had been a mistake, but... "I am sorry, Taliyah. Necessity won't stop the pain, I know that. Mmmf... hate me for my part in it, if you must. Try to have it in your heart... not to blame the others." Nessraya coughed rather roughly as she spoke. Ithraxl's rebellion, and in turn, his demise, had come from a lack of faith in her ability. That was a responsibility she would need to bear.
  10. "Ghk!" Nessraya groaned in agony as the corrupted dragon's breath scorched her, enduring until Ithraxl went down. And then he got back up. What in the hell was this regeneration? It had to have a limit, Ithraxl didn't possess that level of magic... As she felt Thesephine pull her back, Nessraya tightened the grip on her remaining tentacles, crushing down on Ithraxl's frame as he regenerated. She had to keep him immobile, even if her gambit had failed, if she could keep him down, the others could finish things. "I'm... i'm fine. It's just a... just a flesh wound. Hrrk... urgh..." Nessraya managed, using what strength she had left to empower her lungs. "EVERYONE, NOW! Before he completely transforms and breaks through!" ___ "You got it, General." It seemed that was her cue. Taking aim at the crazed beast's head, Nisha loosed an arrow. She had been about to hightail it away from the damn thing, but you couldn't just ignore the commander going straight for the throat like that, could you? Nisha to 13,22, curved shot with the steel bow!
  11. With one mighty gale, she had torn Ithraxl's armour and weapon to shreds, along with his body. There was no way he could fight in his condition. This was over. Or it should have been. It seemed Ithraxl still had one trick up his sleeve, breaking the ring he wore to summon some sort of magic, corrupting his form into- Hess below... "ITHRAXL, YOU FOOL! WHAT GOOD IS SOME FINAL VENGEANCE IF YOU GIVE UP YOUR MIND TO ACHIEVE IT?!" Nessraya roared in disbelief, the vile perversion of magic nearly turning her stomach. How had he gotten this damn desperate, that he would stoop to such depths? Just to say he won? Their formation had begun to scatter at the sight of him... she had to put a stop to this. A push from Asami, she felt re-invigorated. No one else could do this. It was her burden to bear, as the root cause of Ithraxl's rebellion. "Planning this all along... and you would call me a coward?!" Her wings flared, increasing the lift generated by the burst of magic that sent Nessraya hurtling down the corridor, directly into Ithraxl's face, and gaping maw. Tentacles tearing out from the stone floor and walls, enveloping the dragon's limbs, body, throat. Restraining, pulling Ithraxl's corrupted body towards the floor, crushing flesh and bone in their wake. Nessraya to 11,22, TENTACLE SMASH Corrupted Ithraxl
  12. It seemed Bladen intended to slow Ithraxl's advance... dangerous, but the young man seemed capable enough, a single bout with Ithraxl should have been within the realm of what he could handle... Until his magic seemed to inexplicably fail. Nessraya wasn't sure what exactly had transpired, but it was clear at a glance that something was wrong. "Bladen, Ithraxl may be a blowhard, but he's more than a competent fighter! Brace yourself and prepare to fall back-" Nessraya began, but bad had brought it's friend worse to the party, and now not only had Thesephine taken a forward position and taunted Ithraxl, but Xalrei had joined her, revealing her status to a man who had every incentive to snuff out the royal bloodline, now that it had laid itself at his feet. And they were continuing to taunt and rile him up, the dracolizard's magic beginning to swell. Worse yet, they were too far forward for her to intervene before the rebel general took his shot at either one of them, or at the shaken Bladen. "ENOUGH! What was the one thing I have emphasized, above all else, all of this time?! Do not put yourselves in needless danger! Ithraxl's brash willingness to throw his men away is the reason he cannot lead this country, let alone her army. I will not watch you throw your lives away over this foolish blustering! Thesephine, I offered you command of this siege and you told me to keep it, so follow my command and fall back! I refuse to accept a rogue element on the field!" Nessraya barked, her cadence immediately shifting to that of a proper commander and officer. She gave Asami a nod in acknowledgment, as she moved up as far as she could, taking aim at Ithraxl's second in command. Even if she couldn't get between Ithraxl and the royal sisters in time, she could at least cover their hopeful retreat by removing one of their pursuers. Nessraya to 14, 24, cast Tornado at Zask "Just gonna... hang nearby and keep my head down..." Sneak sneak sneak, maybe a lizard would need a stealthy slicing... Nisha to 14, 21
  13. "Gave you reason? Your twisted ambition was the only reason you ever needed. And my death? Quite slow, yes. I think enjoying good times and good company until a ripe old age suits me just fine. You, however? Yours shall be swift, Ithraxl."
  14. "The only thing history will remember about you is how much of a fool you were, Ithraxl." Ness 17,22 heal sollowy
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