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  1. "Mmm... perhaps I took it a bit far, after all." Nessraya replied, chuckling a little bit at Taliyah's retreat. She would have to work at opening the lizard's shell later on, it would seem... still, the positively adorable reaction was worth it. "I will see what I can manage to get from Marina, then. Getting her to open up about herself might help with her current predicament in of itself, anyway... as for your offer, Aithlin~" Nessraya continued, pausing for a moment as a grin covered her face. "I, of course, will happily accept your offering~" Sidling up to the elf and wrapping her tail around her waist, Nessraya wasted no time in giving her a kiss on the cheek, before bringing her lips to Aithlin's ear. "As fun as the chase is, it's always nice when a pretty little thing comes to me~"
  2. "Oh? But eating you is the best part, Taliyah~" Nessraya teased, considering giving the girl's tail a playful nibble, though she quickly jumped and the conversation moved onwards. A gift was a simple enough solution to try and help Marina feel better, and it seemed Taliyah herself had been having a lonely birthday... which unfortunately didn't seem uncommon. "Spending some time at the market in Tepel sounds like a lovely idea. We can get something for Marina, and for you, Taliyah~ Mmm... it will be a little bit before we reach the gates, so maybe I can show you what Aithlin means a bit later... for a more timely gift, no? I do think you'll thoroughly enjoy it~" Nessraya added, reaching over and gingerly stroking her finger across Taliyah's tail as the half-lizard hid her face, gently placing a kiss on the sneaky appendage.
  3. "My my, if you keep presenting yourself so sheepishly, my instincts might kick in, Ta~li~yah~" Nessraya mused, licking her lips for a brief moment. Marina had been improving ever since their intervention, but she was clearly still struggling. Some additional positive influence could do nothing but help ease along her recovery after all. "You really are cute as a button you know. But it is as Aithlin says, there is no need for you to be afraid. Mmm... well if we are to figure out something, then it would be best to air any ideas you might have already, yes?"
  4. Fair enough. I think that playing on normal will really help those characters, though I can't recall exactly how much normal eases the speed creep. As a fun... or not so fun piece of trivia, a speed capped tier 2 Soren fails to double all but the slowest enemies as early as 3-4 on hard mode, and Oscar only lasts a map or two longer as a paladin. The main reason I questioned Zihark was that his damage output isn't where he falls off, so much as getting mulched if he ever fails to dodge a tiger in p3, so a transfer does relatively little to help him. Jill obviously loves transfers and is probably the best recipient in the game for them. If I might offer an opinion though, I think doing double earth for the mercs is generally overkill. Half earth still gives a meaty 23 avoid at the quick to build A rank, and Ike especially is so bulky that he doesn't need to hard invest in avoid. I usually find having two sets of half earths a lot more useful, especially since Ike and Oscar's move types sometimes get in one another's way. Those are just my thoughts though.
  5. Now that we're getting to the end of this run, I'm admittedly kind of curious about some of your choices for transfers. Especially considering for most of this run your intent was to transfer into RD hard mode, transferring Soren and Zihark whilst dropping Titania's easy knight ward speed transfer(at least it feels like this is the case since you mentioned dropping her a lot, if I am mistaken never mind this one) seem like curious choices. Considering you tend to be averse to early promotion, the Soren choice especially(and Oscar while that point is in the air) seem quite odd.
  6. "You know girls, it isn't good to keep too many secrets~" Nessraya mused, settling in behind Aithlin and Taliyah as she gently floated over, placing a hand on each of their shoulders. Not exactly the duo she expected to see getting friendly, but it was a good thing that Taliyah was managing to talk to people... the half-lizard needed support in her life, that much was clear. "But I agree... Marina has quite a bit on her plate. I can only take so much burden off of her, myself... besides, I think this could be a wonderful exercise, hmm? It's nice to see you two getting along~"
  7. "Will do." Kim replied as the Doctor made his way towards the elevator, giving the man a small wave at the same time. Better not to clue the man into the fact that she had heard his thoughts, but the revelation certainly had stung enough to be noticeable to Christina. So there was no one alive to treat, was there...? That meant that aside from the known quantities, the entire bridge crew-? A frustrated sigh forced it's way through her lips. Not that it was... unexpected, given the damage, but there had been no survivors aside from the Captain, XO, and Ensign Calvin? And even the Captain was only a survivor on a technicality... if only they had managed to get rid of Soor'Kan sooner...
  8. I think that there's a sweetspot that comes a bit past launch, around the time of CYL1 and Ayra, where units weren't quite so randomly slapped together. Some launch units got lucky, but in general they hit their stride a near the end of book 1 to the start of book 2. These units aren't top tier nowadays, but most of them are more than usable, and we don't hit as many launch unit type duds that need refines like Laslow's to be worth looking at again. We also get to have SI by this point, so you don't have any period where you're stuck with a bad base kit. Even a new player showing up and rerolling for their favourite unit on the day they release won't take too long to get some cheap but effective fodder to patch up a poor base kit. Granted, if you wanted to be optimal about it, the new best moment is post-sparking. By that point units are more often than not more than worth looking at unless you only care about high tier pvp, and you can easily guarantee a neutral +0 even if your luck is abysmal. If you get a 4* focus, you have the easiest time trying to +10 a unit on their release, if you have an orb stash built up. And while bst, prfs, and base stats have gotten better, you can keep units competitive as long as their stats are well distributed. My Mia is my most used unit, and using roughly the same kit as my Larcei(both +1 +Spd, DC/Repel/Variable C usually Atk Smoke, Mia runs moonbow or noontime since no regnal astra), she manages to be roughly equivalent thanks to summoner support bolstering her raw numbers). I don't notice a performance difference between the two in 99% of content even though Larcei is arguably the best sword unit in her role in the game, currently. Granted, Mia got rather lucky in that she has well-distributed bst despite being a relatively early unit, and her refine is quite good, but the point is that with even a less optimized set of innate tools, older units can be made to work in most of the game's content within their niche.
  9. Nodding at Asami's whispered reveal as a silent acknowledgment... they could discuss what needed discussing in private later on, Nessraya began working at undoing the damage to Asami's flesh, moving over slightly to allow Lavinia easier access to the arm as she arrived. "Lavinia, focus on stabilizing the cracks while I reverse the damage." Nessraya noted to the new arrival, not wasting any time in moving into the role she had assigned herself. Years of dealing with temper flare-ups from Thesephine had left the duo more than used to fixing petrification, and Lavinia knew better than to try and argue or do something off-script. Given the practice that both Nessraya and Lavinia had with these types of incidents, and the localized nature of the damage, it took only a handful of minutes in order to free the fox from her stone shackles, so to speak. Looking over the arm as it returned to flesh, Nessraya gave a few prods where the cracks had formed on the stone, and along common fault lines, looking up at Asami as she did so. "Feeling anything abnormal? Pain, discomfort, anything like that? I wouldn't want to miss any spots."
  10. "Run in with a stra-" Nessraya began to question, but the words stopped flowing from her lips as she caught sight of just what sort of patient she was dealing with. Asami's arm had been completely stoned, and cracks were starting to form on the offending limb. This was bad, and very much unexpected. "No time for that now. I'll worry about figuring out what in the hell managed to do this to you after you're out of danger, Asami." Nessraya noted, immediately pulling out a healing staff and beginning to work away at Asami's petrified arm. "Not so fast, Bladen. We're leaving the forest... tensions are obviously high, and we need to sit down and discuss... all of this. I understand you aren't in the best of moods, but we can't have you flying off right now... if you could find Xalrei and bring her back so we aren't missing anybody, that is something you could do to get some time alone... just, be careful. Whatever did this to Asami is likely too powerful for her to put down by her lonesome, and if it's still stalking about... I don't want anyone on their own and unaware. LAVINIA! HERE, NOW!" Nessraya continued, calling the vampiress over as she finished... petrification was severe enough to warrant a second look, and the knight could help keep everyone else in check while she fixed the damage.
  11. "I'll make sure she gets to the infirmary if any other symptoms come up, Doctor. We wouldn't want to keep you longer than necessary... I'm sure that there must be a lot that needs taken care of, right now." Seung-Min added, hopefully the bit of reassurance would help. The middle of all of this chaos wasn't likely to be the best place to triage Christina's particular issue, after all.
  12. "Tch..." Nessraya scowled as the bickering began, Bladen and Marina being the center of this little squabble, both breaking apart in different directions rather quickly. The fallen angel had quickly flown off into the forest, and Marina had stopped relatively close by... and was already being consoled by Taliyah, by the looks of it. Lavinia raising her voice had suppressed the remainder of the arguing back and forth, at least for now... both of them would need to be spoken with further, but it seemed for now that there was still work to be done. "Thank you, Lavinia." The General began, before raising her voice a bit further. "Right... we can sort all of this out when we reach town, or at least someplace less... charged. For now, Jade, if you feel any complications, do please let me know so I might investigate. If anyone else is wounded, then please speak up sooner than later... and those with proper mobility in this brush should help me round up the stragglers... Bladen... Xalrei... Asami... are we missing anyone else?" Nessraya concluded, scanning the area for anyone else who had broken away from the pack or had yet to rejoin them.
  13. "Hmm... I knew it was an odd occurrence, but for even the Gathlain to get involved... I suppose it may have been more dire than I had initially surmised..." Nessraya pondered for a moment, floating in place as Bridget questioned her further, the General taking a moment to pat the young vampire on the shoulder. "She has been well, insofar as I am aware. She seems to be getting along quite well with Jade, and has yet to come to me with any grievances." She answered, although speaking of Jade, the time for small talk seemed to have left almost as briskly as it had begun, with the wraith immediately gunning for Jade as soon as the merchant crested the treeline and dismounted... it seemed that this was indeed the same one the wraith had been asking after. She had been too quick to really do much of anything about, but... the spirit's brief entrance into Jade's physical form didn't appear to have caused any outward damage. Lavinia was already asking after her condition, so it seemed the best course of action was to approach, ready to assist if needed. The wraith, at the very least, seemed sated from the short meeting, but they would have to keep close watch for anymore tricks.
  14. Healers are lacking in ways to increase their offensive stats, since aside from Prfs on folks like Brave Camilla, staves don't give additional combat bonuses most of the time, and they can't inherit a lot of boosting A skills/seals like blow skills. Palm tree is inheritable and is effectively +5 spd(since an attacking staff user will always be in range of their own debuffs), and while -Res would be superior to -Atk since dazzle means staves don't take counters anyway, although it does let them EP mages a bit better(or archers/daggers I guess, but most staves have higher res than defense), even the speed boost alone is valuable since raw stat increases for staves are uncommon. That it also makes your tanks tankier if they're fighting nearby the staff user is a nice bonus. You give up the extra effects of stuff like gravity or melancholy in order to have a better offense on your staff user.
  15. "Regardless... it is dealt with. I can already feel her magic has dissipated... you should be able to see the effects in the air already. This sort of wraith does not tend to manifest without... pent up regrets. If seeing Jade will help allay them, then... I will allow it. And if she becomes a problem, I will promptly put her down. She will soon pass on her own either way." Nessraya interjected, watching Gabriela move to collect Jade... they would have to see if the merchant could make it through the thicker brush before the wraith fully left this plane, but there was little to be done on their side. Patting Bridget's shoulder gently as she floated closer to the growing group near the wraith, Ness looked over their new arrival. "She should be back with the others shortly... in the meanwhile, who might you be? Given you've seen fit to so brazenly interject, I assume you provided some measure of assistance, for which I am thankful... however, it would not be good form to not inquire as to your intentions. It is not as though this is a frequently traveled path, especially not as of late."
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