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  1. "I won't... I won't let her touch you again. You have nothing to fear from that bitch... yeah, let's end this." Seung-Min replied, releasing Christina after a few moments.and allowing the both of them to finish getting dressed. Seemingly just in time, as right about the moment they were approaching the Artemis, Seung-Min felt an intense, familiar pressure. Here, so close, now? Christina could surely feel him too, she let out a squeak as Kim grabbed her and rushed the both of them up the elevator, the Lieutenant immediately dropping into the seat and closing the hatch behind Christina. "Damnit damnit damnit... hold on Chrissy, no time for a smooth takeoff..." Kim swore, feeling the Heion Riese begin to shake from impact as the Artemis cleared the launch catapult and began to move. As they came into the open air and gained a proper visual... things weren't pretty. The bridge of the ship was... gone. Crushed inwards by the Alpha's claw. It had done some damage back, but Soor'Kan was in position to go in for the finish. Immediately putting the new booster to work, the Artemis took a hard turn out from the launch catapult, rocketing up towards Soor'Kan. "Rrrgh... bridge, do you read me? Are there any survivors? What's your status?" Seung-Min desperately shot off over comms as she cleared distance, hoping that anyone would... could... respond. Drawing her Xiphos, she managed to reach Soor'Kan just as he moved to bring his sword down, locking the energy blade against her own in a hard clash, coming in at full speed. "SOOR'KAN!" Kim roared as she began to push the Alpha slightly back from the Heion Riese as the Artemis' head came up mere feet from that of the Praxis, singular eye glowing directly into Soor'Kan's optics.
  2. Buck bounded over as soon as Seung-Min had entered the hangar, and gave a quick rundown of what he had done with the Artemis... some weapons and a booster that Avery had made... that brought a scowl to Kim's face as she thought back on it... that woman had done so much to interfere with the machine's systems, so why was she still developing extra add-ons for a mobile suit that she had planned to destroy? 'I suppose it doesn't matter now...' Seung-Min shook the thought away, pausing as Buck brought up something peculiar... a system or weapon that he couldn't access? That couldn't be... Kim was reminded of the first time she had tested the Artemis, the dull ache in her chest as the T-link that had been far too highly calibrated had infiltrated her mind... Avery had said nothing was there, but... well, where had her loyalties lied in the end? No time to worry about it. either way. Before she could say anything to the young mechanic, he was already off to his next project. She supposed at a time like this, he had to be like that. Turning towards the change rooms, Christina's apprehension was clear as day, even if she couldn't read the blonde. You could practically cut it with a knife... while she had been waylaid by Buck, Christina had gotten about halfway stripped down. Coming up behind the blonde, Seung-Min gently hugged her from behind, gently pressing her face against the crook of her neck, but not doing anything else beyond that. "Hey. I know you're anxious, Chrissy... we all are. But we're gonna do this. I know we are... I'm glad that you're gonna be with me, today. I always feel stronger, when you're next to me."
  3. "Ah shit, here we go again." Marcia muttered to herself as the telltale signs of upcoming battle made themselves known, namely the blaring alarms and sudden spike in activity. With the Captain arriving in short order and giving basic starting commands, the gunner already had the targeting and shield systems online by the time the words were in the air. That she had explicitly mentioned the admittedly silly name she had given the ship's cannons was slightly embarrassing, but the appraisal seemed closer to positive than negative. "Aye aye, Captain." _____________ "I can't say I'm surprised... we probably would have made it there before nightfall if they hadn't come out anyway." Seung-Min noted with a short sigh. It was what it was, after all. They had a job to do. "Hopefully those warmongering cats will give me a nice present of their own. They can all just up and die off, for me." Kim added with a bit of snark, as the trio left the gym and made it down to the hangar in rather quick time. As they entered, Kim couldn't help but gaze up at the Artemis... it had been a hell of a time working with Buck to remove all of Avery's sabotage... it was mind-blowing just how much she had bogged down the systems whilst flying under the radar, but now it was in the best fighting form it could expect to see during the war... it would have to be enough. "Well we're here. Let's get suited up."
  4. "We may as well get right to it, then. If anyone wants to eat, they should be fine to grab something road-worthy. It'd suck if another group partied up and beat it first!... Err... is that how things work in this game? Can quests be sniped out or something... I guess we'd have no way to know unless it said somewhere in some promo stuff I didn't read... oopsie~" Felicity replied, eyeing the menu posted on the wall. It wasn't an actual interface, but it was probably relatively accurate to what the vendor would sell. "Ooh, they've got those big mutton drumsticks you always see! I wonder what it tastes like..."
  5. Just an ordinary morning of routine exercise... well, not really. First off, the date was August the 15th, a fact that had nearly slipped Seung-Min's mind, but it was in fact her eighteenth Birthday. Due to that fact, and some earlier shenanigans that had come along with it, Christina and Esther were sitting out the workout this time around. Granted, by this point in the normal routine, they both would have tapped out anyway, but it was a different sort of sitting out than normal. And of course, what would a not-so ordinary day be without an emergency alarm and a call for all hands? They had been approaching the arctic so it wasn't unexpected, but... what lousy timing. "Happy Birthday to me, I guess." Seung-Min muttered, finishing her last one-armed push-up before leaping back up onto her feet and glancing over at Esther and Christina. "Well, guess we should get going." Moonlit Butterfly Happy Birthday
  6. Helping Tarquin up and out of the meeting room, it would only be a short walk over to the infirmary. He had needed a few moments to get his bearings, but that made sense... it was unlikely that he had taken to many hooks to the jaw in his time, they could certainly be disorienting. What the younger pilot had followed up with was certainly unexpected though... Tarquin wasn't exactly a social butterfly, so Seung-Min couldn't think of what he might want to discuss with her off the top of her head, aside from perhaps battle tactics, although something like that might have been better served to Thorvald, or the unit as a whole. "With me? Well, after you get checked up, I don't have too much directly tying me down... unless whatever Esther wants to discuss ends up taking a while."
  7. Opening with a bit of German which Seung-Min couldn't really make heads or tails of, Tarquin soon returned to English, and he seemed to be... dealing. Alright wasn't the proper word, he still seemed somewhat shocked that he had actually gotten slugged and his hand was shaking but he wasn't in hysterics over it, and had managed to sit up on his own power, though he asked for assistance getting to the infirmary. "Alright then, let's get you looked at." Kim responded, grabbing hold of Tarquin's arm and helping to pull him up to a standing position, ready to brace if he began to wobble... with Makoto on the other side, they shouldn't have any problems. It seemed Esther wanted to talk as well... based on her feelings it likely had to do with Louise and Vera. "Sure thing, Esther. After we make sure Tarquin's alright." Nerd Prison
  8. "Some proper lines would be good... I couldn't really use my bow very well in all the chaos of that frenzied melee..." Felicity noted, nodding her head at the assessments made so far. Goblins and Kobolds shouldn't be much of an issue with proper combat lines, and while a hobgoblin could be problematic... the chance seemed to be low, and they would be prepared for the possibility. As for those lines themselves... "Having an extra frontliner couldn't hurt... more targets means you'd hope for a better spread of damage. If she wants to try it, I'm willing to trust that she can handle it. Just retreat to backline if things feel dicey." The Feyline chimed in, glancing over at Jack. Was he pretending to write in the book while menuing? Well... commitment to roleplay and all that...
  9. When Elaine's feelings flared up past fear and into anger as she shared a staredown with Tarquin, Seung-Min could already tell what was about to happen. Attempting to leap into action, by the time the Lieutenant had vaulted over her own end of the table, not only had the younger pilot already been struck, but Jessica of all people had performed a similar maneuver, having made her own vault and already restrained Elaine. Okay, it was taken care of... let the adrenaline fade. Moving over to Tarquin, Kim knelt down beside the fallen pilot, looking him over. He seemed shocked and frightened, but aside from a bloody nose, the damage didn't seem too bad at surface level. "Hey, Tarquin, you okay? Let's get you to the infirmary to get that nose checked out, alright?"
  10. "So it's settled then~ Jack and Jose... hmm... you wouldn't make a good Jill... oh well~ Anyway, they'll be making all a'them executive decisions and whatnot for now, until we come across some sorta better configuration and whatnot, maybe one is better than the other, maybe one of us plebs turns out to be an adventuring genius, nyahaha~" Felicity chimed in, getting out of her chair with a twirl as she circled the table playfully, meandering over to the quest board. "Hmm hmm... so in my humble opinion, after a nice sunbath to regain our energy and for our castey-type individuals to recharge their magic tanks, we should grab one a these here quests and start carvin' up the countryside like adventurers tend to do~!" The enthusiastic catgirl added, pulling down one of the quest notices at random from the board and slapping it down on the table. "Plunder, booty, and lusty barmaids await~"
  11. A lot of news was coming in at once, between Louise confirming that Astin had in fact been the final mole, Elaine being called out for correspondence with the Apotheosis Lieutenant, the flaring tensions between Abigail and a few select crew members, Astin being a clone of Vera of all things, and even Firmia coming along with a new supposed ally in an EU defector... but one thing stuck out in particular to Seung-Min. Had it been a slip-up on Louise's part? Or had something changed along the way that the android hadn't been aware of... perhaps Avery had pulled the trigger because Astin had hesitated, taken too long? Perhaps the robo-Louise's answer might give some sort of clue... "But Avery... Marianne, was the one who shot Christina. Not Astin."
  12. Ether

    Aeon - The Odyssey

    As expected, the Soldaats weren't providing much in the way of resistance. A few well placed swings had been enough to do them all in so far, and they had yet to get in a proper lock on her position. Things apparently weren't all sunshine and rainbows, however. While their top flank was doing expectedly well, considering how much manpower had been devoted to it, the middle wasn't doing so hot, with one Dr. Flambre having his machine disabled, barely getting through a risky date with self-recovery. Which one was Dr. Flambre again? The Excel... well, hopefully they could clean up Southside relatively quickly and swing back up, if the North couldn't handle it. Speaking of the South... one of the leaders had finally shown himself... just in time for the Nacht's ammunition supplies to be filled by an allied supply drop. Well that was just unfair. Coming out of stealth directly in the Lead unit's face, three quick jabs with the HEAT Stake made quick work of the unit, crumpling to the street with it's torso well and cratered inwards. It was a leader, so just to be safe... bringing her beam axe down through the centre of the disabled machine, it quickly lit up and exploded. By the time the smoke had cleared, Keizerin was already cloaked and out of sight. "Soldaat Leader unit neutralized and destroyed."
  13. Parting ways with Misty and Alf for the time being... the duo had bodies to bury, Alf having volunteered to help some of the others he had met, that left the rest of their fledgling adventuring party to gather at the Guild hall. Clarissa quickly selected a table and brought up a fairly obvious course of action... determining a leader. "Mmm, I'm less of a leader type, more of a follower type. Jack and Jose both seem pretty competent, so I wouldn't be too opposed to either of them taking care of that stuff...I'm more of the curious chase after a butterfly to see what it's got goin' on dealio, you know? Curiousity killed the cat... wait shit, I'm the cat now..." Felicity trailed off, finger resting against her chin in contemplation as her tail fluttered about absentmindedly. "But I mean, that makes sense, right? If people could sniff this shit out in the beta, they definitely wouldn't come back, and would probably tell people. Bet he waited to do his announcement so people could get home from the pre-order lines."
  14. With everyone in agreement, it didn't take long to find Misty's friend... that was someone who would stand out in a crowd, yeesh... he must have been approaching eight feet tall, with that much half-orc sticking out of a fairly deep hole behind the chapel. This 'Alf' fellow had... understandable reservations about striking out to the dungeon. With what had just happened, you couldn't really blame anyone hoping that someone else would win the game for them... sadly if everyone thought that way, no one would actually do the necessary beating. That aside, Alf namedropped a Charles, which was clearly Misty's irl name given the subsequent reaction... apparently this was of concern to Clarissa, who made a point of being sour about it... so much so that Alf called Misty by... Misty, the second time around. "Oh, don't give Misty such a hard time. Playing the opposite gender in a roleplaying game isn't that uncommon... it's in the name, after all. Makes a pretty cute girl, if I do say so myself~" Felicity chimed in, tail a waggin' and ears a twitchin', circling around the hole that Alf had dug, shaking her head in approval. "As for this Alf guy? I'm all game. If Amy over there is anything to go by, dudes as big as you can turn skellies to dust, no problem. That's always gonna be a plus in my book."
  15. "Sounds like it's settled then~ Mmm... I dunno how safe it is for you to go and look for your friend alone, Misty... we don't know if there are more monsters floating around where the knights didn't get 'em... but I mean, it's gotta be super jarring to have... that... happen. So like... if you've gotta go it alone for personal reasons I get it, but... I dunno about the others but I'd be willing to tag along while you look for this guy." Felicity offered, it seemed the party proposition was moving along smoothly enough... Misty just needed to find her irl buddy, and then they could... try to make some sort of sense of this whole mess... whoo boy... "If it helps at all trying to figure this out... I wrote down everything that Edwin guy said in my journal. I got this game to write an article on it so I was noting everything, but... well, getting out alive is more important right now."
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