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  1. "But you're so cute when I play with your tail... I ever so adore those squeaks and moans of yours~ But if you insist~" Nessraya replied playfully, sticking her tongue out at Xalrei, before her eyes drifted back to the other half of their little party. Things seemed to be somewhat escalating, the man the two had been accosting now standing and grabbing his weapon... although he didn't appear to be making moves to use it yet. "Mmm... though our fun may be cut short... it does appear that those two have riled their little friend a tad... perhaps it is not yet time to intervene, but certainly to keep an eye out."
  2. Ether

    Aeon - The Odyssey

    "I'll be fine, I promise... it's passed. I just need to... not try that again, that's all." Monika protested, waving her hands frantically in front of her face. While it was nice they were concerned for her, they didn't need to take things quite so far... "Please, don't let this ruin the day for you guys. I'm okay now... okay?" Monika confirmed once again, reaching out and giving Melanie's hand an assuring squeeze.
  3. "Well how self-sacrificing of you~ To bring her here even if it isn't to your taste... how noble. You do seem quite fond of our cute little lizard, Xalrei~" Nessraya teased, stroking underneath Xalrei's chin with the tip of her tail. Keeping one eye on Taliyah just in case her socializing went South was a good plan, but there was still more than enough of her to tend to Xalrei. "As for alcohol? I can drink it, of course... it doesn't settle in my blood as readily as with most, so I could probably drink even seasoned tavern-goers under the table if I wished to... of course, it also means I miss out on a bit of the fun unless I let quite a bit loose... ups and downs~" Nessraya added, floating a little bit closer and placing her hand on Xalrei's tail, giving it a gentle stroke with her fingertips. "And... as I'm sure you're aware... if this place isn't quite your speed... I can certainly help you let loose, as well~" The General whispered into the dragonewt's ear, ending in an amused giggle.
  4. Ether

    Aeon - The Odyssey

    Monika was quickly sat down on a stool by Melanie, and after a few moments of several others chiming in to check on her once the streamer had vocalized her condition... Monika felt her shoulders droop, the tension in her back starting to subside. Letting out a breath she had been subconsciously holding, the redhead looked around at the assortment of teammates around her, managing a very small smile. "Sorry for worrying you... I'll be alright, just... a panic attack. It... happens, sometimes..."
  5. "Gabriela, dear... victim is such an ugly word... I prefer lottery winner~" Nessraya replied with a smile, drinking in Xalrei's embarrassment with glee. Worth it's weight in gold, that. In short order the small group had been lead by Xalrei to the local tavern... interesting first choice, not quite what Nessraya had been first imagining, but there was no real problem with it. "A drinker, Xalrei?"
  6. And off they went... Nessraya had considered following along in order to see how well the little group did at their attempts, but before she had made her mind up, they had gotten a bit ahead of her, and Xalrei had come along with Taliyah in tow, asking if she wished to tag along for some exploring. "My my, inviting me along on your date? How risque~ Not that I mind such... daring proposals~ Of course I would love to come along~" Nessraya replied, though Gabriela also turning the corner soon afterwards put a little damper on her little bout of teasing. Oh well, perhaps she would still get an adorably flustered reaction. "Gabriela as well? And I thought I worked quickly~"
  7. Ether

    Aeon - The Odyssey

    "Just... bit down on my lip... a bit too hard..." Monika replied, as she was yanked out of the change room, the sudden concern very... unusual to her. Granted, she usually tended to isolate herself whenever an unfortunate episode were to occur, but she didn't have much in the way of close friends regardless. It felt... nice, to be worried after like this. Hopefully it wasn't just because Melanie felt responsible...
  8. Ether

    Aeon - The Odyssey

    That was... Melanie. She seemed to be sorry for the volunteering and dragging, but unfortunately the damage had been done. Not than Monika really blamed the streamer... she needed to learn to be more assertive in situations like that it seemed, and all it had really amounted to was a small panic attack... and one stained and probably ruined uniform. Oops. Still shaking, the redhead reached over and turned the lock on the door, giving it a slight push but not much more, still clutching the slightly bloodied uniform against her chest as the door slowly creaked open. Giving Melanie an apologetic look, she couldn't stop the sniffle from escaping. "I'm sorry..."
  9. "We'll see who is all talk!" Seung-Min replied as her funnels continued to swarm the Poesis, hammering beams into the now-exposed inner workings of the Sacarian machine, covering Abigail's approach by suppressing the Poesis' weapon systems, it's own funnels having been drawn away in pursuit of the Artemis itself. She had to admit, she hadn't been expecting Abigail to approach in... quite that manner, feeling an odd sensation flare up in her body as the extensions of the Artemis... and in turn, her increasingly sensitive TK-field, were used as a sort of stepping bridge by the Vergloria. Abigail had made a point to be gentle, but it still elicited a surprised cough from Seung-Min on the first step, each funnel rejoining the swarm after it's turn as a step was up. Moments later, it was over. Between her funnels and the Vergloria's magnum, the latter had managed to close in enough to carve the cockpit of the Poesis out with the beam claymore, and summarily crush it in hand. Two down, two to go... [Warning. Energy levels approaching critical. Please refuel immediately.] came the blared warning, as the Enyo cannon ceased rotation, grinding to a halt. They wouldn't be using that again without either a proper rest stop, or an engine jumpstart... unfortunately there were still very dangerous foes about. "Nice work, Abby. I knew you were the right one for the job."
  10. Ether

    Aeon - The Odyssey

    How had it come to this? What was this, exactly? Well, it was Monika sitting in one of the change rooms, the unfortunate phrasing of Carmen's directive echoing in her head, overtaken by the memory that it had dredged up. Your pride and dignity meaningless, the honour of the family was paramount, was your purpose? 'Just cut out this nonsense, - ... You're going to embarrass us. You're goi- to embarrass me. Wash tha- off your face and put on some proper clot- already.' It had hit a little too close to home. Which was why what it had come to was Monika, sitting alone in a change room clutching her stupid costume in her clammed up hands, shaking and biting down so hard on her lip that hey had drawn blood. Blood that must have been dripping for at least a minute or two by the time the room outside her little change closet had begun to show signs of life again. The redhead had registered that she was bleeding on the uniform at this point but her body just... wasn't moving. "I just wanna go home..." She whimpered softly, cradling the servant's top against her chest as she rocked back and forth on the change room chair.
  11. Nessraya couldn't help but giggle a bit as Lavinia chimed in, asking Marina to hurry along... she seemed to be in brighter spirits by this point at the very least, the hero quickly embracing the General for a few moments in lieu of accommodating the actual content of Lavinia's ribbing. Trailing after Marina as she ran over to the undead duo, Nessraya stopped just behind Marina... and Agni had joined them. He might cause a stink, but mischief needed to be made in correction of Marina's mistake. Reaching around to Marina's face, Nessraya quickly turned the hero, pressing her lips against Marina's. No nibbling, no tongue, just a quick kiss, over seconds later, almost as soon as it had began. "Another piece of advice, Marina. A leader should do as their followers ask of them, when reasonable. Helps with morale~" The General teased as her lips parted from Marina's, a playful wink following.
  12. Well, a message from the Captain was a good sign. It meant that she had survived Soor'Kan's suicide run into the bridge of the Heion Riese, but... the contents of that message were... disconcerting. She couldn't remember anything? Nothing at all? That couldn't bode well, but... they didn't have the luxury of worrying about it at present. Christina was managing to keep her own spirits up, they were coming out on top... they would win. "Yeah... we've got this, Chrissy. We didn't come this far... to lose now." Kim affirmed, trading blows with the Hexis as it continued to close in on the Artemis. It's repeated tail swings weren't hitting their mark, but at the same time, the Mode A Zanbar was barely chipping away at the hulking behemoth, doing little more than slicing off chunks of tail as the swings were parried. If she continued in this manner, she could wear it down eventually, but there were other knights to deal with, not to mention the remnants of Apotheosis. Speaking of the other Knights... they had finally exposed a real tactical error. Whether it was hubris or some sort of plan, one of the lead units had left itself wildly overexposed in-between their Northern and Southern flanks... they had to take it down before it managed to retreat, and several pilots had taken the initiative in landing some heavy blows... but the nightmare of a machine still seemed to have armour and barriers to spare. It was disheartening, but if they couldn't capitalize on this opportunity, they would never put these cats down. "Abigail." Kim addressed her fellow pilot as soon as she opened the channel. Normally she'd have used a callsign, but surely the blonde was affected more than anyone by Jessica's vague broadcast. "I know that hearing... that, can't be very good for your state of mind, right now. But if want to make this take down clean, we need to work together on this. If I'm being insensitive... I'm sorry... I'll give you a free shot in our next spar if you feel like I deserve it, but... I need you to follow my lead. I'm gonna smash this cat's barrier, and I need you to make sure that it's cockpit is vapourized before he can recover." Seung-Min noted, before turning her attention back to the foe at hand. Parrying one last swing from the Hexis, Kim recalled her funnels, sending them swarming after the Poesis, kicking off and away from the behemoth that had been harassing her as the Artemis took to the skies, thrusters alight, rapidly moving out of range from interference. "I'm sick and tired of you Sacarians with your insect this, insect that! I am no insect, humans are not insects! You want to think Soor'Kan was a fluke?! I'll show you! I'll kill all of you!" Kim roared as she reached flight altitude, the chest of the Artemis opening as the machine leveled out, engines whirring at full capacity, the suit practically groaning in protest as the cannon held within exposed it's barrel out the front of the Artemis, a red glow blanketing it's line of fire as energy gathered at the Artemis' core. "Enyo cannon... FIRE!" Came the Lieutenant's battle cry, as the cannon did fire. A torrent of red encased in white engulfing the air within an instant, an incomprehensible heat striking dead centre on the Poesis, the entire suit consumed within the circumference of the beam. It's barrier would break. It would break. And if anything remained, hopefully Abigail was in place to snuff it out. Kim casts Valour, takes off, flies to 12,12 and slams the Poesis with the Enyo Cannon
  13. The Christmas banner started on Dec 18th both 2017 and 2018, so Mid-December seems like a safe bet. That gives us late november or even early december as reasonably open
  14. "No one can be strong all of the time, Marina. Better to allow yourself a moment of repose when you are able, than to neglect to do so and regret." Nessraya noted, allowing Marina to cry her little heart out until she was done, gently petting the hero's hair until she pulled away of her own accord. Mirroring Marina's smile, Nessraya reached out and gave the girl's head a light ruffle. "Nonsense. We are here to support you... it wasn't the advice I had intended to give, but here is an extra for free... you are only one person, Marina. A General is nothing without the soldiers standing at her sides and back, a King is nothing without their subjects. Relying on your allies is not a show of weakness... we are here to be your strength." Nessraya chastised for a moment, waggling her finger back and forth before setting her hand back down at her side, her expression growing more serious. "As for my advice proper. You are not a tool, Marina... but many will see you as one. When you take a position of power, of authority... you shoulder the hopes and dreams of many... and one person's shoulders are never broad enough to carry that weight. You will fail to do as people want of you, expect of you... you will let people down, and they will feel their hope and trust in you was displaced. And trust me, they will make you well aware of that fact, Marina. That is... the reality of a King, of a General, of a Hero... people will look to you for perfection... and no one is perfect." Nessraya sombrely explained, floating around to Marina's side as she spoke, wisps of magic gathering in and about her hand, slowly forming into the shape of a small bird that almost appeared to be made of glass. "My advice to you is... you must prepare yourself for that reality. The path you walk is one of strife, hardship, and sacrifice... one cannot change things, fix things in any real way, without walking such a path... yet you are still young, inexperienced. You need to steel your mind, your spirit, your body... for the fact that people will expect things you cannot give them, and scorn the best reality you can offer them, expecting you to weave them a storybook world instead. You cannot allow that to discourage you... to dissuade you, Marina. Know that what you give them is not what they want, but what they need... and although their thanks will be hushed... know in your heart that you did all you could to improve their world. That is the burden of a leader. I know Thesephine's methods are abrasive... even I did not expect her to take such lengths... but she too carries that burden. She is not so different from yourself, Marina." Nessraya concluded, the crystalline bird fully forming in her palm, it's head twitching from side to side as it spread it's wings, before flying off into the night at a flick of the General's finger. "Know that we are here to support you, all the way, and that you are never truly alone."
  15. "Oh Marina... you aren't just a tool. You're a person, unfortunately one struggling to find her path in an unfamiliar world." Nessraya replied, allowing Marina to grasp her hand, not making any motion to move her away. "Regrettably... all of the paths before you are fraught with strife... if you would allow me to impart some advice I wish that I had known much earlier... before I ever took a position of command, then I could frame things for you... however, hearing it... might not be what you want, right now. If you would rather speak of that at a later time, I do understand of course." The General continued... unfortunately for Marina, being a leader meant that people placed their hopes upon you... and those hopes were a heavier burden than any weapon or armour. "For now... we may remain like this so long as you wish, or if there is anything else you think I can do to assuage your worries, do not hesitate to ask, Marina. And you needn't be afraid to cry... do not feel you need maintain a facade, hmm?"
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