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  1. Following along after Taliyah, Nessraya soon came across just what the half-lizard had said... a large amount of people tied up within the armoury. It wasn't overly surprising... there would have been folks staffing the arena, and they would have needed to be dealt with before Nimbus could make his move proper... they seemed to be merely indisposed and not dead, which was a blessing. "Thank you, Taliyah. Begin undoing their bindings... anyone who is injured, speak up. I'll begin healing." Nessraya noted, waving her trusty staff about with her tail.
  2. Well, this was a Sacarian Knight after all. Seung-Min could only hope to evade his dogged pursuit for so long, eventually a hit was bound to land. And it was a hefty hit to be certain, but between taking the blow head-on with her TK field to mitigate some of the damage, and a shield projected from one of their allies, it was... managable. Buck would have his work cut out for him later, but they could still fly. "Congratulations Sacarian Knight. I'm sure that finally managing to hit me will be the crowning achievement of your soon to be short-lived career." Kim shot back in response to the Knight's boastful taunt, taking another quick survey of the damage and the rest of the battlefield... this Hexis was built like a mountain, and while her ripostes were chipping away at it, the machine's core systems were avoiding any damage in the process... it was mostly hacking away at it's armour. It would take a concerted group effort to bring it down, but with the other Knight still in play- no, they needed the time and freedom to wail on this behemoth uninterrupted. Which left only one course of action in Seung-Min's mind. Major Bonner seemed to be on a similar wavelength, as he had begun to gather intelligence on the last Knight. "Chrissy... lock on to the Theoria. We'll see how cocky he feels when he's alone... we're still fine, we'll win this." Kim noted, giving a quick slap to both of her own cheeks to get herself pumped. As soon as the lock was confirmed, the Artemis shot up to a higher altitude, railguns opening up on the Theoria with a heavy salvo of fire, funnels swarming towards the smaller and much less sturdily built machine and opening up to suppress and pin it down... it would be tougher to land hits on than their persistent friend, but with any luck she could take some of it's attention and ease the burden on their allies. Charging forward with her Xiphos alight, Kim caught her blade on the Knight's saber, locking them for a few moments as she sized up the machine from up close. Kim chugs SP drink, casts Christina's Sense, casts Valour, attacks Theoria with 115mm Twin Railguns, and moves to 14,15 with Hit&Away
  3. All's well that ends well, so they say. The ransacking of Aensbrook had ended in complete and utter failure for the bandits, Nimbus was in custody, and aside from a stray coin that might have gone unchecked, they hadn't made away with anything. You would have thought that, being made aware that an envoy from the King was in town, Nimbus would have used that knowledge to postpone his raid, but... well it takes a certain sort of dullard to be a bandit, now doesn't it? Oh. Nessraya tensed for a moment as one of the villagers called Marina out on her title, but after a few tense moments, things seemed to pass. Good... it would have been unfortunate to have to incapacitate any unruly village folk who had decided to attack Marina, but luckily that didn't seem to be in the cards. It was soon after that moment of tension that Taliyah decided to call the General over, urging her to bring her staff along. Whatever could this be, then? Floating over to the sneaky lizard, Nessraya held her healing implement with her tail. "What is it, Taliyah?"
  4. "Restrain you? Now why would I do that? If what I'm hearing is correct, you had no control over yourself, your actions weren't pre-meditated, and you wouldn't be asking me to heal a corpse, so I doubt you ripped out the poor bird's throat." Nessraya shook her head, glancing towards Bladen around the corner... he too seemed shaken, having climbed a tree to brood, but the wound didn't appear grievous at any rate. She'd have to inspect it properly when she had a moment to, of course. "I appreciate you being forthright with me, Jade. But I'm not going to arrest you. By Vaian law... your issues with Bladen are your own to sort out, unless he contests that there was no malicious intent on your part. We would need to investigate in such a case, but... well, zombies are not the only monsters who can suffer from sudden onset hunger. Any jailer in Vaia worth their salt has seen a fair share of cases go nowhere." The General added, patting the remorseful zombie on the shoulder. "Now pick up your gun. If any more of them decide to try and sneak off with anything, I'd like to have a proper crack shot on the case."
  5. It seemed that most of the thieves had been dealt with, the majority of their fighting force gathered around the arena... best to head that way just in case she was needed, but with any luck whomever remained there would be quickly felled by the group that had gathered about them. May as well begin triage while she moved over, then. Stopping for a moment in front of Jade, who seemed... not only injured but rather shaken, oh dear, Nessraya began work healing the merchant immediately. "Jade... you seem shaken. What happened over here while I dealt with the runners?" Nessraya to 9,6 and heal Jade
  6. "I will leave it to you, then. Make sure to keep it, and yourself of course, safe until this is over with. I'll call in that favour when things have calmed down~" Nessraya replied, stepping away from the dwarf who was now healed and reunited with his hammer. Floating over to the door, it was back out into the fray...
  7. "Your hammer? This hammer?" Nessraya inquired, holding the forging hammer that the last thief had in his clutches out with her tail. "The thief escaping your house had this. I stopped him just outside the door. If you'd rather I hold onto it until this mess is finished with, I can return it later of course."
  8. "Nonsense... hold still." Nessraya replied, shaking her head as she crossed the room. Taking the keys that the dwarf had offered along the way, the General knelt down next to the injured man and pressed her staff to his wound, allowing a gentle healing glow to cover him. "I don't know how many of them there are, but I've recovered all that I can, so far. We can only hope the others in the rest of this town have been so fortunate."
  9. There was a bit of sound of commotion where the rest of the fighting was taking place, but surely the others could continue to handle themselves for a few extra moments if only for Nessraya to make sure she had taken care of any remaining thieves in the area. Oh if only she knew... either way, stepping towards the still-open door of the house her latest victim had stepped out of, Nessraya poked inside, a fireball ahead of her in hand. "If there is anyone in here, you had best show yourself. I won't suffer any more thieves skulking about." Nessraya moves to 19,7 and visits the house
  10. Even more of the bastards... had they gotten into every house in the village? The others appeared to have the aggressive ones handled for the time being, so there was little reason for her to stop recovery efforts. Before the third thief could get more than a few steps past the doorway they had exited, Nessraya had lobbed another fire spell in their direction. Nessraya to 19,6 and Fire Sword thif 3
  11. It's a sniper tower, paired with his finger gun extending to look like a long-barreled rifle. It's thematic if nothing else.
  12. "Jezebel, hmm? If you can't fight, then move yourself out of harm's way, miss Jezebel." Nessraya replied as she took hold of the stolen property, keeping an eye out for any other thieves nearby. There were a few close who looked as though they were soon to strike, but of greater note was one leaving a house, plunder already in hand. They would be gone in a flash if they weren't swiftly dealt with- A hiss escaped the General's lips as a cleric who had been hiding around the corner unleashed their magic. It stung, but they had been dealt with accordingly. She'd simply have to take her life force back from the light slinger's accomplice. Nessraya to 15,6 and attack thief 2 with Fire
  13. "Men from the arena? Perhaps this has been something they've been planning a while going, then... well, either way we must out a stop to this tomfoolery... when the country is already in such a state, really now?" Nessraya cursed with an exasperated sigh... bad only became even worse when people gave into chaos and greed. Spotting a nearby thief who seemed to be trying to slither off with a fancy looking piece of jewelry, she had found a good enough target to begin with. "To cause such a ruckus in this tranquil little town. That was your first mistake, and it will be your last." Nessraya to 11,7, set Sword thief 1 on Fire!
  14. "Nnn... lovely, just lovely. Trouble seems to... ahhhhhhmn~ Follow us wherever we go." Nessraya mused as she was awoken by the ongoing commotion, taking a moment to come to grips with the situation. Taliyah had already gone out after Lavinia, and a few others were stirring as well. Cutting off the gentle flow of magic she had been supplying Xalrei for comfort as they laid beside one another... having been sharing a room with Taliyah, that was as much as they had really had room to do... Nessraya gave the snoozing dragon a few shakes with her tail as she grabbed pants and a shirt to throw on over top of her undergarments. "Time to wake up, my sleepy dragon. We seem to have unpleasant company... I'm sure Lavinia and Taliyah will fill us in on the finer details." The General noted, ceasing her stirring of Xalrei once she showed signs of being coherent, and floating towards the door. "Meet us outside once you've prepared yourself." Nessraya reminded, before making her own way to the lobby.
  15. Well, it wasn't the old vampire, but Erephis herself was inside... that was easy enough to predict, really. A place devoid of people and flush full of books was a veritable paradise for the introverted snake, after all. Squeezing Xalrei's hand and leading her inside, Nessraya took a quick look around as Erephis explained the place a small bit, telling them to make themselves at home. "Well actually, we were looking for information. You seem familiar enough with the place, even without Eugene you might know something... or perhaps could lead us along to a clue of sorts. I heard an interesting rumour at the tavern, you see. Haunting wails and glowing in the woods to the South of town... the patron thought it a witch, but my gut tells me that it's more likely a spirit than that. One of them felt as though they remembered a sort who might have clung to the world of the living, but couldn't recall whom through their drink... I was hoping to see if I could find out anything on the matter."
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