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  1. "That wound seems rather severe. Do take take, I don't intend to see any of you die today if I can prevent it." Nessraya to 20,18, equip Nosferatu, heal Taiyute
  2. Time to get back in the thick of things, then. That one there looks pretty vulnerable... Nisha to 20-17, curved shot steel bow on Brigand #1
  3. "Hmm... perhaps at this point it might be better to secure our frontline..." Ness to 20,13, Rescue Bladen Nisha to 20, 12
  4. "Would you rather I leave them alive and advancing?" Nessraya to 20,15, Bolting Mage 8
  5. So I'm building up a W!Nino forma and I've currently got Blarfox/Rally Atk/Def+/Glimmer/AS Ideal/Daring Fighter/AR Menace. I'm fishing for AS Menace and Ruptured Sky since i'm finished hall 25, and hopefully Flora Guide will pop up somewhere along the way, but I'm unsure if I should keep Daring Fighter if Special Fighter pops up along the way. I don't have any daring fighter units, so I've been unable to play around with it in practice, while Special Fighter is a pretty reliable option. I'm curious what people think of these two skills on a fast armour that could make use of either.
  6. "I appreciate your concern, but I'm perfectly under control, I assure you." "Probably best not to leave that guy flying around..." Nessraya 20,14, Bolting Merc 3 Nisha 21,10, Steel bow Draco 6
  7. "Hmm... well, it appears that things are under control on that end... Asami, to me." Nessraya to 20,15, zap Merc 2 with Bolting
  8. I feel like that's a bit disingenuous. Jill and Marcia are so good because they provide something Titania can't in flight utility. BEXP makes it so you can skip their training arc so to speak and it definitely makes them better than they would otherwise be, but Titania is still your best combat unit well until midgame if you use her liberally. Even by endgame her strength is the only thing that might lag a little bit, since knight ward can easily keep her speed competitive if used smartly. You can toss her a silver forge as thanks for carrying your ass through the game. Folk like Stefan and Tanith never really fall off as mentioned, and while Calill doesn't get staves, her high base weapon ranks keep her competitive combat wise with your trained mages. You'll fill out a lot of your ranks with growth units simply because much of the cast is comprised of them, but I wouldn't call PoR a growth unit biased game by any means.
  9. Getting sandwiched would be really bad, at this point... best to take these guys out and regroup with Thesephine before anything else... Nisha to 17,10, Heavy Draw Holy Guard 4 with Steel Bow
  10. "I would suggest we secure our rear flank before moving onwards with investigating the stairwells, anyway." Nessraya noted, moving towards the natural choke of the fortress entrance... it was unfortunate that they would be easily pincered in such a position, but if they allowed the enemy to breach the building and swarm them, they'd be even more hopelessly surrounded. Hopefullly they could crush and sweep through one flank and turn on the other without much time wasted. Nessraya to 19,15, zap Holy Guard 2 with Bolting
  11. "Yes, well, I'm not sure she would appreciate that much more." Ness to 14,15
  12. After being told her cooking was like a witch's brew one too many times, Felicia decided to make it literal. Witch!Felicia
  13. I was considering the +2 from Gatrie's promo bonus since his T2 cap is so low that you are going to promote him early if you intend to seriously use him, so the difference in bases isn't as large in practice. Granted that was more meant to counter the idea that Ike and Gatrie both needing to proc speed to remain competitive wasn't really an equivalent comparison since Ike is far more likely to miss an important speed level. Once Gatrie hits his stride it's very unlikely that he drops it until late Part 4 when Marshall cap just doesn't stack up.
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