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  1. "I am a succubus. You do appear to be similar in a few ways, so I suppose we are likely descended of your kind, though how near a branch it is, I could not say." Nessraya replied, watching as Miz drew the symbol in the air. "Mmm, not to completion, no. Modern recreations are always missing something." Nessraya answered, a frown flashing across her face as the symbol faded. The way that she spoke of redirecting spells really made it seem so... simple. "Another lost technique, then. Though most mages require tomes to act as a catalyst spells, now... so I can understand how a technique that requires more intimate knowledge of their working would have fell out of use. Ugh... what has befallen the world, that all of this has been lost? Even if not the how, that they were possible at all should have survived..." "Nessraya murmured, rubbing her temple in frustration. Shaking her head with a sigh, she closed the book that she still held, and offered it to Xetketh. If nothing else, the enigmatic gazer seemed beholden to the word of Miz'Githon, so she shouldn't be a threat at present. "Yes, well the Church of Coteon has been feeding the drivel that we are abominations to be purged for generations. Not all humans subscribe to that, but the terminology stuck. The scars of war don't heal so easily." Nessraya continued shaking her head, not having it in her to recount the history of war between humans and their kind while the duo had been sealed. "As for getting us out of here, that is being worked on by my Liege." ___________ Well, at least things had been de-escalated but... yikes. What a mess. Susan was continuing to act... strange, but if she had really been down here that long, it made sense that her mannerisms would be different from what they were used to. As she made a gesture that seemed to ask for a hand up, Nisha took her arm. It seemed in releasing her, she was the one closest to the strange mage now, for good or ill. Her hand felt a little... off, but it wasn't Nisha's question to ask.
  2. So with this tweet from Fire Emblem JP, we have an announcement of six figures in the Popup Parade budget figure series. Edelgard and Bernadetta feature in the tweet, and are currently up for pre-order, and Dimitri, Felix, Claude, and Lysithea are announced as coming in the next few months. It's super cool seeing this merch drop, especially since half of the figures aren't the lords, who would usually get everything in collabs like this. Anyone else planning to pick these up? Plain link if the embed doesn't work
  3. That name was... quite a mouthful. Geez. At any rate, Susan didn't seem put off by the whole ordeal, which was a good thing. Before she could inquire further though, the woman mentioned something about a sister, and ran off to... Lucille? How strange. Following a little behind, the exchange that followed was painful to watch. It made little sense, and made even less when Asami chimed in that she had been sealed for... seven-hundred years? That... that was insane. Clearly Lucille wasn't her sister, but... "For what it's worth, Lucille. I saw her face when she first saw you. I don't think she's lying to you, even if she might be mistaken. If Asami is right, maybe you're descended from her sister?" Nisha chimed in. This was... becoming even more of a mess, just when things had started to calm down... _____________ "Ah, Marina. I am currently in the process of figuring that out." Nessraya answered, giving the Hero a nod as Agni approached, signaling she would be fine were she to attend to other business. Turning her head back to the ancient duo, Nessraya began to parse what they were saying. Seven-hundred years, the feats she had both witnessed, and that were claimed... "The Golden Age..." Nessraya muttered, a pensive look on her face. If they were from the Golden Age... the height of it, even... everything they were saying made much more sense. Miz'Githon's dismissal of her ability, the shock of the way the world had changed... countries she had never heard of. It was all falling into place. And as it did so, Bladen approached, handing her a tome. Accepting it, she brushed her fingers along the cover, opening the pages, her face curling in surprise. "Gespenst. Thank you Bladen, this is very important information. It all but confirms what I thought." Nessraya noted to the fallen with a grin, shaking her head in disbelief. Everything was falling into place. What a goddamn find. "We packed extra supplies in the case our trip through the wastelands went awry... I can't see those conditions being an issue. Now then, where to begin, where to begin? Well, that you used the term dark age is appropriate... we refer to the time you two hail from as the Golden Age of magic. Many records were lost of that time... even the records of how the world fell are lost. All that remains is tales of incredible magi, spells that have been lost to time, their theory no longer complete enough to reconstruct... like this Gespenst tome. You were staring at it... I presume it belongs to... was written, by you." Nessraya didn't offer the book quite yet, but her face softened. "Nessraya. Nessraya Tryxyss. Changed... must be an old term, for us. I must say I like it better than what the humans have stuck to us. Monsters... many have taken to it out of defiance, but it does leave a taste of barbarism, doesn't it? As for me... you heard what Bladen said, yes? I am General of Vaia's armies... not that the name would mean anything to you, but it should paint a picture of where my ability falls on a contemporary scale. Compared to what you were... well, it is almost embarrassing to say I am considered an elite mage, today. Those ragnaroks that you slung with abandon are another lost magic. The theory to cast it exists, but manifesting it... stealing a spell from my very hands is another undocumented technique in of itself. It was no jest when I said that a mage of your ability moving about the world unnoticed would be impossible." Nessraya concluded, still wracked with thought. Asami might know something, she always did... Ralsvelgr? Even he would not have been alive seven-hundred years ago, but it was close enough, perhaps he knew things he had refused to divulge prior... it was always tough to get the old dragon to speak on the past, but perhaps Xalrei could be an ace in the hole...
  4. More impudence. More threats, more demands. And finally, claims of some substance from the new monster. Ruler of... Ishtaria? Founder of dark magic? Then they had to have been sealed... at least two-hundred and fifty years. As far back as the Tryxyss family held notoriety enough for records to exist of them, they had been adept in the art of dark magic. A singular sigh escaped Nessraya, long and deep. Observe them for a moment, then. ___________ By the time the group had regathered... at least those present on the current floor, anyway, their pair of ancient magi had done little other than collapse in a corner. Perhaps they had cooled off somewhat from their ludicrous demands prior. If nothing else, Nessraya's patience had marginally recovered. And seeing the self-pronounced advisor gazing at Bladen with all of her myriad eyeballs, it seemed time enough to intervene. "Right. You two. I am giving you another chance to cooperate, perhaps we can begin with not snapping over using the only names either of you had given me, hmm? Miz'Githon, Xetketh then? Or are there any other additions you would like to retroactively apply without telling me them?" Nessraya began. "The claims you've given so far are quite bold. Ishtaria... if you are it's Empress, then your Empire is lost to history. And the founder of dark magic... it's origins, also lost to history. I can say that written record of it's use in my own family dates back over two centuries, and I'm sure some record I am unaware of dates it further, but... no, if history retained a name for it's founder, I would recognize it." ___________ It seemed that whatever was in charge of this place, the higher ups had gotten things smoothed out to some degree. At least they weren't being attacked anymore. The unfamiliar faces had a strange feel to them, and Nisha had no way of knowing at present which of them were responsible for all of this carnage. Slinking towards the one new face she did have some sort of read on, small as it was... "Hey, Susan." Nisha started, materializing in front of the mage. She was definitely strange, but she seemed more approachable than the rest of them, and seemed familiar. Maybe she could shed some light. "Sorry for ditching you, earlier. Judging by what they did to this place, I can see why you weren't keen on getting close, but I couldn't well let Ren run off alone and get himself torched. You... seemed to know who they are. All of this is pretty over my head, but maybe you understand our situation here a little better."
  5. "Well, something DID happen to your magic. And in your current state, you won't vaporize anything. Regardless, you, and presumably your Hecate, are the only avenues I have to get out of this place, so you'll be dealing with me until I've accomplished that." Nessraya replied, though once again she was unanswered as the former terror surged forward... or as close as she could to surging as she was now. At this point, it seemed obvious that their red devil was intent on continuing despite her newly lacking ability. Watching her fireball fizzle without even making contact forced a small sigh out of Nessraya. The sheer pointlessness of it all... as she trailed behind, it seemed she might finally have something promising to look forward to. Another unknown monster, this one dropping a name to the nameless. And behind her, past the target of this 'Miz' attack, presumably Hecate, were more of Nessraya's own companions. Maybe this Xety would talk. "Miz, is it? Well, that's more than she was willing to divulge. Even after completely exhausting her magic, your friend here is being completely uncooperative. Just who ARE you people, who is that? The only thing I've been able to glean is that she appears to be named Hecate. The year is 784, that seemed to shock your friend... maybe you can tell me just how ancient you two actually are." Nessraya fired off in rapid succession, her draining patience beginning to show on her face. Ness to 20,25 ____________ Whatever had done that didn't seem threatening anymore? Nisha wasn't sure how Nashwa could tell... must have been a magic thing, but if that was true, it was the best news she had heard all day. As Jade elaborated... mostly to Ren, but the wraith was close-by enough to hear it all, even better news. More folk nearby, and despite this being the direction of their sudden big bang, no reported casualties. "We didn't run into anyone else from our group... there was a woman who I found down here. She was trapped in a weird egg... a bit cryptic, but didn't seem the bad sort. She went the other direction though, didn't want to approach whatever did... this." Nisha gestured to the now visible destruction on the floor and walls. "Not that I blame her. But I couldn't let Ren go in alone, so we split up." Nisha concluded, Ren at least seeming to slow down now. And with others around, things seemed a little less dire, especially as Ayane became visible around the corner, meaning her urging that Ren slow down hadn't been a mistake. Nisha to 13,29
  6. Just what was the deal with this girl? Trailing a little bit behind her, Nessraya gave a glance towards her companions... they seemed to be not much worse for wear, with Seilan already tending to the wound Jade appeared to have taken. With that established... it would be best not to lose track of their shrunken ancient weapon... she didn't seem to be much threat anymore, and was struggling to walk, but best not take chances. Giving Jade an affirmative nod, she approached the red devil once again. "You know, ignoring me and trying to carry on alone isn't a very prudent decision in your condition. You can barely even stumble along." Nessraya to 14,31 _________ Nisha didn't want to say that, if Ayane had been fighting THAT, she was certainly already dead, but she certainly thought it. Still, voicing it wouldn't help calm Ren down. "Just... try not to break ahead. Whatever that was, you won't do any good charging it alone, if you have to fight it. Ideally we... don't do that, but all you'll do is turn yourself into a minor inconvenience, if you rush alone without a plan-" Nisha reasoned, but Ren was already on the move again. As this was all happening, Nisha felt a tug on the bow she had borrowed from Sollowy, allowing the exchange to happen before she continued tailing the oni. Luckily, or perhaps not, things were taking... a turn. As they cleared the open doorway, they were greeted by familiar faces, but also a swath of destruction. Well, given that the ones in front of them weren't atomized, perhaps whatever had done this wasn't imminently hostile. "Finally, more people. What happened over here?" Nisha asked, popping out of Ren's shadow at the sight of allies. Nisha to 6,27
  7. Lysithea's design is simple but still a winner, but the biggest winner of the bunch is easily Marianne, queen let her hair down, and she do be slayin'
  8. No response... well, that wasn't so strange. Things had very clearly shifted suddenly for the newly awoken mage, in just about every way imaginable. It would be prudent to at least give her that moment. ________ With Susan and Ren charging off in opposite directions... what a mess. Well they certainly couldn't just stay here. Splitting up seemed like a poor play, and Susan's parting words... well, they didn't inspire confidence. If the danger was in the direction Ren had gone... and it certainly felt that way... "Damn it all. If it came from that way, we can't let Ren go in alone." Nisha concluded with a sigh. Every bone in her body hated this, but what other choice did they have? Trailing after the oni, Nisha came up next to him, trailing his shadow. "Ren, slow down. I know you're worried, but... whatever that was, you won't accomplish anything charging in alone like a wild bull." Nisha to 4,19
  9. What an impressive display of force. The prisoner's magic tore through the walls of the labyrinth with ease... at least that would make navigation easier. After a few more casts of ragnarok, she was about to assail whoever this Hecate was, when- Everything stopped. It was immediately obvious that she had exhausted her magic, to such a degree that her body shifted into a smaller form. 'How curious... she clearly isn't a succubus in the sense we know them today, but her physiology shifted when she exhausted her magic reserves... an ancestor? I should probably kill her, but this opportunity... as a scholar I can't pass this up.' Nessraya pondered. Would this decision have negative consequences? Perhaps. She would simply need to put her down before she regained her full strength, if she remained belligerent. "You exhausted your internal magic reserves. I don't know if you are truly from the Golden Age of magic, but if you are... the world can't support that level of consumption anymore. Our physiology seems similar, and if that's the case, you expended enough magic to draw directly from your life force, putting you in this state. Just a theory, of course." Nessraya surmised, watching her like a hawk as she lay on the ground. "Your magic has me intrigued, of course. You won't be able to get any revenge, let alone escape this place as you are now. That said, you're still clearly dangerous, as you've just shown. Will you cooperate, or do I need to restrain you?" Nessraya questioned, awaiting her response.
  10. That reaction as good as confirmed Nessraya's suspicions. While she didn't have a number of years, clearly this mage had been imprisoned for a long time. But how long? With her level of power, and how dismissive she was of Nessraya's own ability... was it possible that she had been sealed away since the Golden Age? "What benefit could I possibly derive from lying to you about the year of all things? Regardless, that settles what I thought. There's no feasible way a mage of your acumen could have been wandering the continent without it being noticed. You've clearly been down here for a very long time."
  11. "The year? 784." Nessraya responded... best not provoke her further any further by offering retort to her comments. That she was willing to converse even the smallest bit was a blessing. And while the question was tad off to begin with... if a mage of this caliber had been around the continent, surely she would have known about it. How long had she been imprisoned?
  12. "Tch..." Nessraya did as best she could to keep a composed face as the spell was taken out of her hands and thrown against the wall, accompanied by a rather blatant dismissal of her abilities. Whoever this woman was, she had never encountered anyone with magical aptitude anywhere near her level... she couldn't blame this Hecate person for sealing her away if she had been belligerent, not if she was this dangerous. At the very least, she seemed to no longer be intent on burning Ember to embers. And she was the only lead they had right now. "You said you were imprisoned. Is that what this place is? A prison? Do you know where we are?" Nessraya asked. The sheer magnitude of this woman's magic was frankly terrifying, but she would get nowhere if she simply cowered.
  13. What in the hell was-? Nessraya didn't have much time to gather her thoughts, as the sudden influx of magical energy spilled out from the room Ember had emptied, accompanied by an impressive display of fire. 'Could that be? If that's Ragnarok, then-' No time to continue that train of thought. Whatever Ember had unleashed, it was dangerous. Stepping into the entryway, frost gathered at the tips of Nessraya's fingers, as she took in the scene. Ember was unscathed, but it didn't appear she would remain that way for long. "Ember, get out of there! Whoever you are, stand down! Whoever this Hecate is, we aren't affiliated with her!" Nessraya barked, her voice booming. She could only hope her magic was potent enough to cancel out another cast, but if Ember was too close-by... the hellhound would be hard-pressed to come out alive, let alone unscathed. __________ As the construct fell, Nisha released the breath she had been holding. If she had missed, that could have gone poorly. No time to celebrate though, as a massive explosive sound and the ground beneath their feet shaking quickly upturned anything to be happy about. "W-what was that? Earthquakes don't sound like that, I don't think?!"
  14. Petra is the best for me, she looks gorgeous. Queen cannot help but slay, the battlefield is just her runway, and you my friend, are in her way. Worst is Caspar. Mans licked an electrical outlet smh Bernie looks ridiculous and silly and on anyone else I would hate it, but it's so Bernie that I love it.
  15. Best: Mercedes, IMO. I think this is easily Mercedes best design to date. I never really clicked with either of her designs in the base game, but this one hits for me. I have to give it the nod for just how much of a glowup it is. Worst: Sylvain. He just looks like a fuckboy. This isn't really anything new to be fair, but I continue to not like it. Dishonourable mention to Ingrid, I think it's worse than either of her base game designs, however, I can at least see where they were going with it as a midpoint between the two, and it doesn't look quite as bad as Sylvain.
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