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  1. "Well, it seems I arrived just in time... wouldn't want to miss any of this, now would I?" Nessraya interjected, floating up to the section of the town wall that Amera and Ayane were occupying. No more merriment than that, it was a serious topic afterall. Did the church have more agents inside the walls that had remained hidden? What a mess... ________ She had seen enough, at this point. Whoever these travelers were that had been allowed into the city... their movements were most curious. They had been brought into the barracks, several of their members had been spending good amounts of coin about town... and based on the commotion that had just passed, they were a decent fighting lot as well. 'It's a good thing I hadn't picked a side yet... the battle that will decide this place is coming up, and up to yesterday I would have pegged Ithraxl as the victor... with these guys in play though... I'm feeling lucky.' Nisha smiled as she stepped out of the alleyway, her physical form appearing to melt into existence, though it wasn't terribly likely that anyone would have noticed. Approaching the vampire that, as best she could tell, was as close to the band's steward as anyone, Nisha took a moment to announce her arrival by clearing her throat. "Excuse me. A word, if you wouldn't mind?"
  2. While the vulnerary had left the job unfinished, the forgemaster had brought them a more potent elixir, and Ayane had applied that as well. It did the trick, no doubt, but the oni had ran off before anyone could stop her... not that she was much surprised. Ayane was a fiery one, and being betrayed like that must have stung her pride as badly as it had stung her throat. Still, Jade had arrived, and both she and the forgemaster wanted answers, understandably so. "There was an agent of the Church within the walls. She took Ayane hostage, demanding information about Marina... when things didn't go her way, she slit Ayane's throat and ran. Luckily I was able to close the wound before it caused any lasting damage, but when I lobbed a spell at her, it reflected back at me. I'm not quite sure what sort of magic she employed to manage that, but while the others could evade, I ended up taking the attack directly... had I not, either Ayane would have been struck and killed, or I would have been forced away from her long enough for her wound to become severe. Everyone else chased after her." Nessraya replied, shaking her head a bit. If she had been intending to flee all along... "If she chose to pull this stunt at this moment, she probably had backup either inside or nearby the walls. I was going to say we weren't under attack yet, but we just might be, on consideration."
  3. "Ahh... thank you Ayane." Nessraya managed, the oni having applied her vulnerary to the General's newly acquired burn wounds after her neck was no longer in the process of being re-attached. Given she didn't see anyone else on the ground, the others must have managed to evade the counterspell and continue their pursuit. There was little chance of her contributing to the chase at this point, but if they did catch Ariana, someone might have been injured... beginning to get to her feet, it was clear that Nessraya was still shaky, only barely managing to stand up straight, shuddering as she bit back the pain coursing through her flesh. The vulnerary helped to be certain, but the salve wasn't as instantaneous relief as a proper healing would have been. It would at least stem any further damage.
  4. Nessraya just barely caught what had happened out of the corner of her eye... her spell had been redirected at her? There wasn't time to dodge without leaving Ayane in the direct line of fire, so the General did the best she could in the dire situation, moving Ayane behind her as she continued the emergency triage. Taking the bolt to her back was far from pleasant, an agonizing pain racking her body, forcibly pausing her healing as she shuddered and shook in place. That wasn't Ariana's magic, it was too potent... it was a complete redirection of Nessraya's own spell. "Guh... damn it. Glad I learned about that when there wasn't anyone around to finish me off... I guess..." Nessraya sputtered, coughing and spitting blood onto the cobblestone as she finished closing Ayane's neck wound. If anyone else had taken a hit from that, they would need immediate healing as well... what a disaster.
  5. "It's odd that you would look down on monsters, considering you're no human. Have the Church''s manipulations really gone so far?" Nessraya replied, wondering what exactly this strange monster was going on about. Had she been brainwashed? Indoctrination seemed... unlikely, the church didn't like to keep their kind alive long enough for that sort of thing. Either way, her attempt to de-escalate things and get Ayane to safety had clearly failed, and when this Ariana cut Ayane's throat and tossed her aside, it was immediately time to spring into action. Lunging towards Ayane, Nessraya held one hand back away from the oni, gathering energy as she approached the released hostage. Arcing the bolt of dark lightning high enough over Ayane to clear the oni... it wasn't entirely likely to actually hit the fleeing agent, but it could hopefully force her to evade and give Amera a better shot at catching her. Speaking of catching, as Ayane fell into her, Nessraya immediately pressed her other hand into the oni's bleeding throat, pulsing healing magic into her wound. "Just try to relax, Ayane. Don't make any rash moves, I'll have you healed in seconds. If you struggle and swallow too much blood, you'll regret it later."
  6. Well, things had very quickly turned for the worse, with Ayane being taken hostage by her "friend" and held at knifepoint. It was clear that several of their present members were making an attempt at using magic to diffuse the situation, but to no avail. A reckless approach to be certain, even if they had been successful. "Stand down, all of you. I'll answer your questions... after you release her. If anyone tries to attack you after that... they'll answer to me." Nessraya stated calmly, watching the strange girl like a hawk. Who... what was she? She clearly wasn't human, and if she was asking after Marina by name... she had to work for the Church. But why would a non-human be working with them?
  7. Honestly, it doesn't sound like continuing to ironman this one would be much fun for you, and it's clearly already failed your ironmanability criteria, so I would say drop the ironman for here and try to have some level of enjoyment.
  8. "Hmmhmm... so the gauntlets act as a conduit to covert kinetic energy into magical potential... rather than being written in, the spell must be engraved into the gauntlets themselves to function as a tome would when you pass magic through them... fascinating..." Nessraya rattled off as she watched the demonstration, floating a bit closer and taking Amera's hand once she finished, inspecting the gauntlet a bit more closely. So closely, in fact, that she nearly missed Ayane's arrival, although being personally addressed was enough to get her greeting across. "Oh, hello Ayane. Who is your friend?" Nessraya inquired, glancing in the duo's direction for a moment.
  9. No hard confirmation that im aware of, but this only started happening once the first round finished and people stopped being, well, untiered. It might not filter out like im thinking it will, but hopefully regardless they'll get hit with the feedback kick from the whiplash everyone felt round 2.
  10. Presumably it's bad right now because everyone is crunched together into the same tiers. I imagine as the whales separate into higher tiers as the game runs more, average players won't find as many ridiculous comps to bash their face against. In the meantime I hit 200k through intermediate without too much trouble and I still like the mode conceptually, so I'm not gonna write it off yet.
  11. As has been mentioned already, I'd upgrade swordmaster to, well, a master class. If you're investing in swords past the benchmark for assassin, give a true endgame class for purely physical sword fighters with competitive Mov and other class mods. Maybe give them proficiency in gauntlets and fistfaire if only to give female units access to a non-dlc gauntlet class and to match the aesthetics of the class with martial arts, but this is more a neat feature than anything else.
  12. Sword - Mia Lance - Marcia Axe - Jill Staff/Sword 2 - Mist Tome - Ilyana Lance 2 - Nephenee Strike - Lethe Axe 2 - Titania
  13. And with that, it's a win-win. Jill over Soren in third would have been ideal but this is still the best top 2 outcome I could have hoped for.
  14. "Oh? Magic weapons, hmm? How interesting." Nessraya mused, chuckling a bit at Amera's excited display. This was certainly a more pleasant side to the beastgirl than her bubbling jealousy, and if she said that she had no intent to actually start anything, then the General was willing to take her at her word to avoid going back to that unpleasantness. "Mmm, I do love seeing you so excited, Amera. It does the heart some good... if that is all of your business here, I'd be happy to witness your proper demonstration, you know~"
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