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  1. "Just be careful, is all I ask. We'll try to soften them up for you." Nessraya replied with a quick wink, Xalrei predictably on board with the idea of giving the arena a go. She could only trust that after her first run-in with resentment against humans, that the hero would watch herself until they reunited.
  2. "Well Cianna, if I recall this town's amenities correctly, there should be some nice baths available for relaxing during the evening... but that aside, yes... this world has become one where relaxing is... difficult. We have much to do." Nessraya began, a pensive look adorning her face as Gabriella made her appeal to Marina. She didn't have an issue with the duo spending time together, she had hoped to keep watch over both Marina and Taliyah. Well, she couldn't corral them forever. "Just... do be careful, the both of you. As you've now seen, feelings towards humans in this area are... strained. If you go off shopping, I won't be there to step in." Nessraya warned, before reaching over to give Taliyah a quick pat on the head as she watched Laselia slither away "Nonsense, no jokes. I know this may be difficult to believe in your situation, but not everyone is raised to look down on you folk. And of course, Laselia. I have no intention of allowing harm to befall Xalrei."
  3. Well, if Laselia didn't intend to take Xalrei away, then there wasn't too much of an issue to be had. Their business concluded with the armourer, and with Marina and Taliyah already outside... and alone no less, Nessraya felt her attention was best placed elsewhere. "Well Xalrei, I'm certain that you and... mommy~, have much catching up to do. I'm going to make sure our little pair of misfits don't get themselves into trouble with the townsfolk... do join us when you're satisfied with your reunion." Nessraya teased, opening the door with her tail and floating outside, just in time to see Taliyah handing Marina one of the pieces of sturdy coinage, and handing her a chunk of sad backstory to boot... well, things like that were all too common for half-breeds, after all. "There there, the both of you. You haven't caused any trouble, M- Cianna. And Taliyah, I've no intention of tossing such an adorable little thing aside, come now. Unfortunately... that is how things are here in Vaia. Human visitors are rare, rarer still with the Church back to it's active business... humans, or half-humans as you saw, are viewed with distrust at best, and... violence at worst, in times of hardship or with certain individuals. This is the discord the Church has sown... why these wounds are so difficult to heal."
  4. "Mmm... I can't say too much, confidentiality and all that, but I assure you, good Sir, that I am here on business from the King. Business that both of these ladies are involved with." Nessraya replied, giving the dwarf an apologetic smile... this could have gone badly indeed, she could only hope that the shock hadn't shortened the poor smith's lifespan any. Hopefully it would quell his worries some. Of course, there was little time to dwell on that, with a sudden new commotion rearing it's head. Turning towards Xalrei, the scene was partway familiar, partway not. On the one hand, they had been ambushed by yet another serpentine woman, but this particular ambush was far less... violent than the last one. And Nessraya couldn't say that this sort of behavior from this particular face was... particularly expected. "My my, Laselia. I have to say, this is quite different from how you would typically carry yourself... I had heard that you tended to dote on the young dragon, but to see it with my own eyes remains... rather surprising."
  5. Oh dear... and this is exactly why Nessraya had wanted to keep an eye on this little excursion. With both Taliyah and Marina in tow... and Xalrei the type prone to getting heated, this sort of outcome had been highly likely from the start. "Now now, let us all calm down for a moment, hmm? Surely our little friend's birth doesn't diminish the value of the goods she is trying to sell, no?" Nessraya chipped in, tail gently wrapping around Xalrei's wrist and giving it a light tug opposite the shopkeep... they would not be run out of town for engaging in fisticuffs with the shop owners if she had anything to say about it.
  6. Ether

    Aeon - The Odyssey

    "I don't know if that's-" Monika attempted to interject, but her voice had been too soft to make much of an impact, the rogue AI quickly responding to Melanie's callout on her own phone, prompting the streamer to stomp the little device into pieces. Oh dead... "-a good idea..." The redhead finished, though there was little point in finishing that thought now. Some discussion went back and forth over who or what 'Eupraxia's weapon' could be, but no one seemed to have any real leads on the matter... it wasn't like she knew anything either. About to try to comfort Melanie, who had curled up a bit at the light show, she was once again a bit slow on the uptake, as the other woman stood up and walked over to Karina, prompted by... Makala? What was he doing down there? At least the arrival of this Alexis figure was a turn for the better... hopefully... "So, err... what... what's happening here? Rogue Class A AI, Eupraxia's weapon, all of this... what does that have to do with any of us? Muuh... why did I leave my apartment today...?" Monika asked, burying her head in her hands. What an absolute mess...
  7. "How about it then, Gabriella? It seems we have a little group going on a little walk about town... seems like an excellent chance for us all to get to know eachother better, don't you think?" Nessraya replied, addressing the siren as things seemed to mostly be finalized. More importantly, it would let her keep an eye on Taliyah and Marina... Agni had wandered off which wasn't a good thing, but the man would have just wandered faster if she tried to track him down... so long as he didn't start anything...
  8. "Well I would be concerned if you had forgotten already~" Nessraya teased, unable to hold back a chuckle at the exchange between Taliyah and Marina... amusing as it was, she only hoped the sloppy execution didn't mean that her identity got out... she wanted more than anything for Aensbrook to remain peaceful. Granted, if they went out as a little group containing both a human and a half-lizard, well... "I think that sounds like a lovely idea, Taliyah. You wouldn't be fussed were I to tag along, would you~?"
  9. Aensbrook... Nessraya could only hope that they could avoid any unwanted surprises for this leg of their journey, but based on prior events that seemed... unlikely. Oh well, they would need make the best of what came, there was little else they could do. Speaking of things to do... where to begin, in their little rest stop? There were a few options... make some spending money at the local arena, peruse the shops, try to snag a catch to play around with... Asami had obliged her after their lamia debacle, but the kitsune had been tired and quite... well less pillow princess and more pillow queen. Nessraya didn't mind playing into that sort of thing, but given the circumstance, she had been hoping for a bit more... Asami was always like that, though. But to look at their little group again, or prowl the town? There was always trying for a round two with Marina... that would right piss off Agni, which at the moment was a positive in her books... the hero even had a new outfit on. Sure, let's give that a try. Floating over to her, Nessraya's eye was drawn to a little notebook she was carrying... Cianna Katarn? Ah, that was actually rather smart, if lacking in execution. "What a cute outfit... Cianna~" Nessraya greeted, pressing her chin against Marina's neck, and lips against her ear, as she uttered a quiet whisper. "Although an alias works a bit better if you tell your companions about it first~"
  10. "Yes yes Lavinia, I am well aware." Nessraya rolled her eyes, before testing Lavinia's stomach and sides in a few places, checking for tender spots or bruising. It was over rather quickly, Nessraya tapping her staff onto a light bruise lingering on Lavinia's side before pulling away. "There. I didn't feel anything else amiss. I hope for your sake you don't come to me with one of those ribs sticking out of you, over your precious modesty."
  11. "I know, Erephis." Nessraya replied after a moment, her finger no longer jabbing the air as she let her arm flop to her side with a hard sigh. It was impossible to stay upset with Erephis once she had gone timid... what would the point be, anyway? She still couldn't bring herself to grin, although the flaky display coming from the Lamia almost did it, the General bringing her hand up and flicking Erephis on the forehead. "Enough of that, already. Gather yourself, I have some wounds to fix. And that would be lovely, Asami." Nessraya added, pulling out her staff and walking towards Lavinia and Marina. Starting with Lavinia, Nessraya focused the glow of the healing orb on her for several moments, before shaking her head and hovering it over Marina's burned hands, the pain swiftly fading away. "Lavinia, off with your shirt. Since you can't feel if anything is wrong, I need to make sure that your bones have set properly... I'm not used to dealing with... this sort of injury." Nessraya concluded, turning back towards Lavinia and giving her a scrutinizing gaze, already poking at and testing her arms since they were ready and available.
  12. Marina had gone in, but after dropping the Holy Sword? How could she hope to contend with an adversary that could cleanly take out Lavinia so decisively, on her own with just a stock blade of iron? Nessraya racked her brain for any way to intervene, but from this distance the options were slim, and not within her safely usable arsenal. She had been about to dip into a more drastic measure, when their interloper unveiled herself as... Erephis? And suddenly it was all over. A test? It had all been a test?! Such an utterly stupid test at that! Stomping her way up to the lamia, as comical as it might have looked with Nessraya standing well over a foot shorter than Erephis' resting height, and glared up at the lamia librarian with ire visible on her face. "All of this? For a blasted test? Breaking what sounded like several of Lavinia's ribs, whatever it is you did to Asami, and risking your own damn life if she chose to use the damn sword?! For a damned TEST?! I was moments away from shaving a decade off of my life trying to turn you into a frozen Lavinia snack so that you wouldn't obliterate the only chance we have of restoring trade with Hwein and fixing this damned mess, and you're telling me it was all just a test?! Were either of YOU TWO aware of this?!" Nessraya accused, repeatedly jabbing her finger at Erephis, visibly fuming.
  13. Marina had only barely gotten ahead of her when their interloper revealed that she, at the very least, knew of Nessraya, before summoning a veritable wall of wights in between Marina and the rest of their group... whatever ends she had for the hero would soon come to pass, if they didn't get through this blockade, and quickly. Going straight through the middle seemed like the easiest bet, until Asami managed to make a break away from her captor, and put some lightning into the back of one of the skeletons on the flanks. That would have to do. "Break through, and get to Marina and Lavinia! Get out of my way!" Nessraya called out, moving to the flank of the farthest skeleton that Asami had damaged, and calling down a rain of black arrows to hopefully grind it into dust. Nessraya to 5,7, Black Arrow Wight 4
  14. "So long as you are ready to make good on that conviction, should it need come to pass. I hope Agni can see the error of his ways, I would hate for you to need remove him if it can be avoided." Nessraya replied, leaning into Marina as the heroine did the same. It seemed Marina was coming around, and was warming to the idea of having a good time with her. That was all but confirmed as Marina continued to speak, but just as Nessraya was about to show her just why that was the proper decision, a scream rang out through the camp. It didn't take overly long to pinpoint the cause, and- damn it all. "It seems that will need to wait. Get Myrithali, NOW!" Nessraya barked, immediately springing up from her seated position, wings spreading. For Lavinia to be taken by surprised and subdued so easily, and- was that Asami as well? This was no opponent to be taken lightly, and it became unfortunately obvious as she approached that Nessraya's own options were... limited. With Lavinia within the Naga's, Lamia's? It didn't really matter, grasp, her spells would almost certainly impact the vampire as well should she lob them... and this arrival was likely far more resilient towards magic than Lavinia. Still, she had to be ready to strike if need be, a fireball forming in one hand as she held her rather recent acquisition, a blizzard tome, in the other. Whichever sort of snakefolk this was, she would not appreciate the frigid cold. "This is the only warning I will give you, our mystery assailant. If you do not release them both immediately, it will be your head on a pike." The General stated coldly, watching for any sudden movements. What an unenviable situation.
  15. "I can see his motives, but his personality... you would know how to read that better than I. But if you simply allow him to operate as he wishes, he shall drive a wedge in our little group... he's already happily attempted to get that started." Nessraya sighed... it was a conundrum, to be sure. If the people of Coteon stopped seeing Marina as a hero, then her influence in attempting to mend things outside of Vaia itself would become far more difficult. Wrapping a wing around Marina's shoulder, Nessraya pondered for a moment. "It certainly could have a negative effect... although, i doubt we will see another hero. Only two have ever been summoned, yourself and the first... if the Church could summon more at will, surely they would not have waited so long to strike again... call another while the iron was hot and Vaia was in disarray... they would have snuffed us out many years ago." The General paused, stretching ever so slightly against the tree, letting her legs extend into the air for a moment before bringing them back down onto the grass. "Marina... unfortunate as it may be, it is impossible to please everyone. You must pick and choose your battles, else you will accomplish nothing in your indecision. I will leave Agni to you... as I said, you understand him better than any of us. But you must understand... every choice you make leaves it's alternative unchosen. Allowing yourself to dwell on what you have not done will only leave your conviction brittle. As for our own... personal situation, that is something you must decide on your own. I am as biased in saying you should follow that desire as Agni is in trying to keep you from it, after all." Nessraya chuckled lightly, gazing up at the night sky. "I am glad for you to say that, Marina. As I'm certain you overheard... the people of Vaia do not place such faith in me... at least, the soldiery is fractured. If you ever feel need of my advice, I hope you do not hesitate to ask."
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