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  1. Ah, yes. The Pablo ambush. The best I could do with what I had was to let him fire Purge 1 or 2 times at most, ORKO him with Elincia once she was close enough and leave her in the middle of everything else including SwordSlayer guy (much rigging was required, the mages are annoyingly accurate). I never even reached Aias, due to the strong-ish reinforcements coming from the bottom of the map and few people to break through. Ced is bonkers, wow. Asvel however is exactly as bad as I thought so good luck using him, I guess. ...I really gotta start grinding Vigarde again, my contract is about to end job-wise so I should have some time to invest. Thinking about using weaponless meatshields after I trigger the BS reinforcements this time, and hopefully gain enough turns to burn through the Berserks. EDIT: I cleared it, finally!
  2. Right now there's only a menu patch made by Tequila publicly available. Any story translation you see here is likely made by UG11, and even then he directly translates only new dialogues unique to Midori itself. I think that's how it is, UG can correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Yooo, he's back! Yeah, Rolf's join time makes him almost unredeemable in HM. As for the rest of the chapter, I have very little to say. It's that easy... assuming you can gank all the Luna Shamans before they crit you, and as long as you have Slim Lances, you can do so with no effort. There is one thing I would like to figure out, though. As I rewatched the video I made for this chapter on my channel, something dawned upon me. L'Arachel cannot be statused due to Boon. This begs a question, which spoils something for the future so I'll ask discreetly.
  4. Ouch, I know the feeling. My channel almost died once because my PC had collapsed out of nowhere. I lucked out big time in my case, since I was miraculously able to turn it on one final time after many tries, and recover everything I needed. So I hope you can luck out yourself! :)
  5. ^This. She's unused, so you're not getting her ever.
  6. Whenever there are radical changes in a hack, it's always advised to start over. While I have no idea if doing so will actually be required for the next version, I've seen this happen, or rather NEED to happen, many times, so I suggest you keep your expectations low on this one. You'll probably have to do everything again from scratch.
  7. I have fond memories of this chapter. I played it last year for my LP (and I plan to upload it in the coming days, since I have an unexpected amount of free time for the channel), and it was laughs, raging and all around fun for the whole time. (EDIT: I'm actually a fool, because I already have it up, and it's been there for months. What I actually had in mind was a different future chapter and I don't know why. Oops.) I remember seeing the Hero and telling to myself "I'm not getting that axe". I remember reading the translated descriptions for Duessel and his weapon, and laughing madly at them. I remember my first loss in this chapter, which was caused by me not noticing that Duessel had like 20 HP to start. I remember browsing the shops and finding Slim Lances (I bought like 6 of those) and Mines (which I didn't buy because I'm not a cheating wuss). I remember seeing the first wave of reinforcements and thinking nothing of it (standard fare, the vanilla game even uses the same formation), only to panic when the second wave appeared. And even that panic would then vanish in thin air as soon as I remembered that Ephraim had Resolve and could solo everything. Great chapter overall, and I approached it in a very similar way. There's a lot of shit to do, and 15 turns can be surprisingly tight if the RNG is unkind. In my case I had to give up on the Short Axe and prioritize the Skill Ring, and of course some of Duessel's cavs ended up dying. UG11, you lucky bastard, I was sure that it was almost impossible to save all three of them in HM, to the point where I was confident they wouldn't give me anything even if they survived, but here we are. It's now painfully obvious that this game was never meant to be played on Hard. If obtaining secondary objectives becomes a luck-based endeavor, that's where people start seeing the lack of proper balancing Japanese modders are known for.
  8. I had to rig to kill that bastard in HM, mostly because I'm smart and stupidly triggered his Resolve. Good job beating Vigarde! Although I suspect you're playing Normal, because even when I turtle I can't beat the chapter in Hard since the Druids have huge staff range. And I can't grind so I gotta figure something out...
  9. Guess I'll start with my opinions on the new characters. Cecilia: Leadership-bot, must level if you want to stand a chance in HM Lowen: He was bad in vanilla, he's even worse in this game where you're supposed to have stats to do anything at all. Easy skip for me in HM. Fee: I won't comment on her since she was added in the game by the OP. Fiora: She's the magic-oriented peg, currently my best main flier and a great healer, and I use her mostly because for some reason all my fliers came out bad, even Heath (you get him next chapter btw) :( Boyd: I think he's usable, but Lotsin and his Pugi kind of outclass him. Currently experimenting with him in my own playthrough though. Oscar: Seems ok by bases and weapon ranks alone, but growth units are better than him by far. why Ranger tho Nino: ...What can I say, in my playthrough she's steamrolling everything as a mere Mage Knight (didn't want to go Troubadour, and I have no good reason for it :|), with stats comparable to Selena's which, I promise, says a lot when you consider Nino became a MK just before playing Selena's map. ----------------- So this chapter displays a few oddities, as UG11 has demonstrated. Someone forgot to remove the Red Gem, and the priest stopped sleeping people for no reason even in my file. Also, the first few rows of map have no reason to exist, and those shamans/archers in the north are so far out of the way that you might as well pretend they don't exist either. With that said, it IS a very slow map, which in my opinion is bad design but what do I know. *shrug* A Gromell appears again, with a class that isn't very fast and a heavy, unable-to-kill weapon in hand: as you all saw, he was dealt with fairly easily. It won't be long before another one comes, with a much scarier form and the proper leadership to back him up... Not much else to say this time, most of everything was well played. Still sad I don't get to see a God Arden being used by someone other than me. Here's mine for reference (still in Vigarde's chapter):
  10. If you just want to get to Bowser's Castle, the fastest way is the Star Road, but it makes the game short and requires a bunch of secret exits that get progressively harder anyway (for that stage of the game, that is. If you take the time to find the four Switch Palaces it gets a lot easier to get Star Road secret exits, and unlock the Special World afterwards). Let's see... General tips for a casual player... I can tell you that shells tend to make good shields when you hold them. Also try to find at least the Green Switch Palace, since it unlocks green blocks which have feathers within. The other two special blocks (red and blue) have nothing inside and are not needed unless you aim for 100%. As for where it is, you can find the respective secret exit somewhere in a cave... Hint: Check pipes, always. Also Cape Mario can fly, and some secret exits are off-screen... The last thing that comes to mind for now is a little trick to get power-ups and carry them to another level. You only need to start a level where you know a power-up is near the start (for example, feathers in Donut Plains 1), and after you get it, you can press Start to pause the game, and Select to exit the level (this can be done only with levels you have already cleared, mind you). While I'm at it, I'll go ahead and link this. It's an old video of mine of World 1, which you have already cleared, so no spoilers there. Lower your volume btw
  11. I could give a hand (I play Kaizo hacks and know how most of the physics work in this game), but I don't know what your aim is. Reach the end? Clear every level? Find every exit? My answer can vary depending on what you're trying to do.
  12. So I re-read the ruleset, because I got a little confused when you said you were going to eventually promote Erk, a unit who isn't supposed to fight. And I now understand that you aim to have as many healers as possible, since I missed this little detail while reading through. I do want to ask a legitimate question though. You're going to play Eliwood Normal after Lyn Mode, as we've already established. Enemies... are not going to be very strong, methinks. Do you even need the extra healers? I feel like you're going to be fine with Serra, Priscilla, Pent, Renault and Athos, and training other mages seems unnecessary. Hell, you're probably fine without using healers at all IMO. (Slightly unsure about this one though, I haven't played Eliwood Normal in ages)
  13. Hey, I did say "usually". *shrug* Also, I tend to forget that Eubans exists, so my bad I guess.
  14. I booted the game up yesterday, and this is slightly inaccurate, as it turns out. Vigarde actually has 6 stars, not 5. So the total is actually worse than I made it out to be: 50% hit/avo on every enemy until the recruitable guy is recruited.
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