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  1. I currently don't have a class for: Midori, Caeldori, Shiro, Forrest, Dwyer, Nina, Mitama, Hisame, and Shigure. As for: Asugi, Sophie, and Seigbert, I have Master Ninja, Paladin, and (get Luna then) Paladin planned for them. I'll most likely update my list later tonight after I've taken in everyone's advice. Thanks!
  2. I guess it's a matter of preference o: I agree that without the Warp, I wouldn't be very fond of the Witch class since I always fill the character's skill slots with other skills anyways. Since I've already re-classed my Rhajat as a witch before we chatted, I'll just follow through until she gets warp naturally. After that, I'll think about re-classing her as a Dark Falcon. I've yet to customize her skills, so I'll see how she grows before I make a definite plan.
  3. Oh, I totally missed him. Lemme change that. & Okay, I'll keep that in mind. I probably won't do much with Subaki just yet since I'm pretty happy with the skills I've acquired for him o: I'll experiment after I've got a firmer decision on the children's classes.
  4. That's new o: I haven't really thought to give Kana either of those classes mainly because I felt like other characters worked with those classes better. But I'll definitely play around with the classes you've suggested. Its good to have choices that stem from my own team's info(': My previous playthrough-Midori was a Mechanist solely because I thought I should my team needed a variety of classes (then again, I was just testing it out). Regarding marriages between the children, I haven't really mapped out what I want/pros and cons yet. I'll probably wait before I re-class her. I have a recruited Shiro with Rend Heaven, so I'll most likely buy the skill there to save myself the trouble and just re-class him as a Spear Master. I read somewhere that Forrest's best class was Strategist, but just wanted to make sure. LOL, if anything. I'll class Rhajat as an Onymoji for Tomefaire (if I really want that skill) and re-class her into a Dark Falcon (unless I find a Rhajat in other castles with that skill). I like her as a Witch, but I'll think about her being a Dark Falcon. Tbh, I'm not so keen on the Dark Falcon class x: Nina as a Sniper was absolutely amazing in my last playthrough. I'll see what skills she has when I get to her paralogue! As for Mitama.. I'll really have to think through her re-classes to make up for my poor judgement on parent pairs :\ I'll test out what you've advised me to do with all the characters mentioned. Thanks for helping!(:
  5. Hmm, I can always buy tomefaire o: and if I don't find one, I'll most likely use an eternal seal (change into an Onmyoji before changing back to a witch). I see... I guess I'll just try my best to build Mitama. I doesn't seem like she's in any major disadvantage? Haha, I actually used an eternal seal on my Corrin earlier this morning >_< I'll have to wait until I try out Dark Knight/Great Knight. I'll have to see what kind of skills I don't have and go from there. Thanks! Hmm, I have a couple of Warps saved up (I like playing the Witch DLC) for a character with low movement. Now that you mention it.. I only have Leo as my Dark Knight. I'll do something about that. I honestly just want my castle to be a Skill Shop where people who can't/won't have DLCs. So they can get skills from all the characters; alphas to omegas.
  6. xDD I don't disagree! But my online sources had told me it was better for her to become an Onmyoji o: I don't know if they had DLC classes in mind when they said that though.
  7. Cool, thanks!!(: I had my Kana as a Hoshidan Noble & Hisame as a Swordmaster in my last playthrough.
  8. Oh, uhm, I think my boon/bane was strong/unlucky o:
  9. So I see a lot of threads concerning this very topic, and I have a general idea of what I want my characters to re-class into. Now, I'm just looking for advice and answers, I guess o: Here are my pairs & classes: Corrin (Hoshido Noble) & Hinata (Master of Arms): Kana (Hoshidan Noble) & Hisame (?) [swordmaster/Master of Arms?] Mozu (Master of Arms) & Kaze (Master Ninja): Midori (Master Ninja) Oboro (Spear Master) & Takumi (Sniper): Kiragi (Sniper) Selena (Hero) & Subaki (Kinshi Knight): Caeldori (Great Lord) Orochi (Basara) & Saizo (Master Ninja): Asugi (Master Ninja) Camilla (Malig Knight) & Ryoma (Swordmaster): Shiro (Spear Master) Hana (Swordmaster) & Keaton (Wolfssegner): Velouria (Wolfssegner) Sakura (Priestess) & Leo (Dark Knight): Forrest (Strategist) Charlotte (Hero) & Jakob (Butler): Dwyer (Butler) Nyx (Sorcerer) & Hayato (Basara): Rhajat (Witch for Warp then Dark Knight) Beruka (Wyvern Lord) & Benny (General): Ignatius (General) Elise (Dark Falcon) & Odin (Swordmaster): Ophelia (Witch) Hinoka (Falcon Knight) & Xander (Paladin): Seigbert (Luna then Paladin) Setsuna (Sniper) & Niles (Bow Knight): Nina (Bow Knight) Effie (General) & Arthur (Berserker): Percy (Wyvern Lord) Peri (Great Knight) & Laslow (Lodestar): Soleil (Hero) Kagero (Master Ninja) & Silas (Great Knight): Sophie (?) [Paladin?] Felicia (Maid) & Asama (Great Master): Mitama (?) [Priestess/Dread Fighter?] Azura (Songstress) & Kaden (Nine-Tails): Selkie (Nine-Tails) & Shigure (?) [Dreadfighter/Kinshi Knight/Falcon Knight?] I have all the DLCs, so I can get any available class & I'm on Easy Revelation Mode Thanks in advance!(: EDITS: Added Shigure Changed one of Rhajat's option from Onmyoji to Dark Falcon Final decisions on some character's classes & Coloured the ones I'm still unsure about.
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