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  1. I have no computer right now so... rip If there was a program I can run on my phone that’d help
  2. Oh right yeah, I don't go on here much so I forgot :v fury is affordable at the moment. I think Blarserpent is refinable to boost her resistance at least, so I'll have to see.
  3. Does anyone have build ideas or should I just try for another one? I don't have her maxed yet but this would be her level 40 stats HP: 37 Attack: 46 Speed: 27 Defense: 19 Resistance: 33
  4. Don't do that. Here is a link to all of them: https://drive.google.com/drive/mobile/folders/1RdyqSuKqLlY5PoCe_eWjfQqVNIU0_fy1
  5. I know Ike will probably win but I'm voting for Winter Tharja anyways.
  6. My favorites are Midori, Kiragi, Dwyer, and Mitama. But Midori comes out first if I had to choose one.
  7. I mean, the hatred of Nohr and the hatred of jews are two entirely different situations. I get what you're saying and it bothered me too, I just didn't find Nazi Germany to be a good analogy.
  8. Okay. Guess I'll go with Silas then.
  9. Well for the Nohr siblings, I like Leo and Elise, but Camilla creeps me out and I just... flat out don't like Xander. As for the Hoshido siblings, I don't really dislike any of them. Not even Takumi, despite how mean he gets. I know I sound biased but I'm trying to be honest lol.
  10. I'm playing Birthright and I'm stuck between Kaze and Silas atm. My Avatar has +str/-res with the lancer talent. If someone else would be better, suggestions would be cool too.
  11. I read his C support with Corrin, the thing that really bothers me is how he's implied to watch them in super private moments (bathroom??? i guess), while Kagero doesn't do this. I know it was thrown in for laughs, but it's not really funny, kind of creepy to be honest.
  12. Thanks. I think I'll just get Fates, then.
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