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    wow u ver funny u ver g00d at april f00ls day prank got me rit there
  2. So I made a FE1 hack, a little different from the GBA norm. It's just one chapter and is really more of a chapter to test my hacking and design skills. Please leave some feedback, as it is much appreciated. It has jokes, but the script is pretty generic and short. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bwa6P6lGt3ZacC1XLTNTcUg1cnM
  3. After many corrupted saves, I was able to return peace to Judgral. This game made many changes, like Gaiden. Larger maps, organized formations, weapon triangle, a two generation split, etc. I used to not really like this game when I played it awhile back, and was alarmed by how large the maps were. This game has aged quite well and sure, it can be a bit of a snore, but the battles felt more realistic and interesting. This game has my favorite FE story. While FE3 made things more interesting and had way better world building than FE1 and Gaiden, FE4 blows it out of the ballpark. Characters get more development, it spans two generations, mature themes, shocking plot twists, etc. This game handles arenas, promotions, and item management very well. One of the more interesting factors of this game is the love system, which can affect the kids in the second generation, giving great replay value. It's so satisfying to train and promote your units, and just looking at their awesome sprites *cough* Paladin *cough* (I trained Alec just for that sprite. Good thing, since his strength got to 22) I understand why this game is praised so much. I've had a lot of enjoyment playing this game. I might consider replaying FE3 again, since it is still my favorite in the series.
  4. Since FE4 got a wonderful updated translation patch (Project Naga), I've wanted an updated translation for the midquel, Thracia 776. The Shaya patch has a lackluster and often incorrect script, poor quality of the menus, and lots of garbled text. There are lots to improve of. I've heard that the Project Naga team is working on one, but I don't know.
  5. You don't need any easy mode. Please have a fast forward toggle, as it will make the game less painful and less slow.
  6. Very true, I wouldn't know how they can fix that without remaking the whole map from scratch.
  7. There should be no mechanics removed, because Gaiden has a very classic feel to it, nor should there be a weapon triangle. I'd like a better inventory system, and give the characters some supports and personalities. Also, no marrying.
  8. I'd like to see Shamans nerfed, faster gameplay, just overall polish and user friendly.
  9. I started it on Friday night, and beat it on Monday night. It depends on the dedication to it, which I had.
  10. You can also kill Judah, but that takes triangle attacks because he has the dragon shield, the best shield in the game, and he drops it when you kill him. But you can only attack him on turns 4,8,and 12. Once you kill Judah, all of the Bigles will despawn.
  11. So, I beat Gaiden, and stuff. Overall, I thought the game was interesting and quite fun, you do way more than just "hit things until they die". The overworld map and the two parties were implicated very well, and the dungeon crawling was excellent. Also, the weapon and magic system was pretty awesome and did it way better than Fates imo. A lot of improvements from FE1, like more promotions, stats that can go higher than 20, better character endings, etc. While Gaiden is a cool ass game, there were still terrible design aspects, like the shamans, (Oh, we all hate them) garbage maps, random moments, etc. I hope things will get better when Echoes comes out, as playing Gaiden really pumped up the hype for me.
  12. >comparing Thracia 776 to ORAS. This was just a joke, I did no research and all of the events in the story are fake, besides the things I said about Thracia 776, and FE4 not selling that well.
  13. I made this as a goof on the Lair of the Fooker Discord chat. The story of Thracia 776: The game was made by an angry Japanese man. He was mad about the sales of Genealogy of the Holy. So he decided to make a midquel to that game. He wanted to make hard game. Since the Japanese complained about the franchise being so easy that the Americans can play it. So he brought back a thing no one cared about/hated. The dismount system. So the man said "Take that, but weaken them more." and "And don't let axe or lance knights use axes or lances." "Make 'em all use swords." He then thought of more annoying mechanics like Fatigue and Con. "And make steel and silver weapons weigh the units so much, that even a pegasus knight couldn't double with pursuit." "Make so that if the units perform a set number of actions, you won't be able to use them in the next chapter." "Give the healers low HP so they can get fatigued more easily." Then, he made bullshit map objectives. "Let's add optional Gaiden chapters that are very important." "And we'll let the player figure out how to get in them." The angry Japanese man smiled. He just came up with the greatest idea... "Let's explain these new mechanics very vaguely." The angry Japanese man worked hard to make sure everything was...right. "Make sure they can't see where to go, or even know where/what the map objective is!" "Wait...I have escape maps and fog of war maps..." "Let's combine them!" "Make sure there are certain tiles that warp them into prison chambers." Chapter 24x. "How dare you make a man over the age of 30 good! Don't even get me started over 40, they're Jagen units." "You have to make the youngest people the best to please the Japanese crowd!" The angry Japanese man was done, and he and his development team of Russian hackers were proud. Then he released the game to the public, to his surprise, it flopped and the Japanese said it was too easy. So he left his company and tried to ripoff his own game on the Playstation. The end.
  14. What do you think of them? Any rankings? The best? The worst? Just post your thoughts. I'll rank them. 3. Luke 2. Cecil 1. Rody. Rody is the best by far in my opinion, his growths are well balanced for a well balanced class, and considering the huge amount of cavaliers you get, I'd say he's the third best. Cecil is mediocre, she has a high base weapon level, being able to use Alan's silver lance at start, she's really fast and has no trouble hitting enemies, but has a bad strength and HP growth. She's still the 4th best cavalier and if you really want a 4th cavalier, she's your pick. Give her a silver sword or lance, at she'll be decent, just give her starshards that boost her HP and Strength growth, and maybe defense if you wanna go the extra mile. Luke is the worst, he'll barely double anything with that 40% speed growth. And it's not like he makes up for it with his 30% strength growth. Sure, he has a 20% defense growth, ( Which is pretty high for FE3 standards, the max defense growth is 30% in that game) but Sirius has higher. Is it even worth using starshards on him when you got better cavaliers to choose from?
  15. Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, after a week of hard work, my test is done. This is just to see what I can do as a hacker, and how I can improve and learn from this. This is not my first test, but a very much improved one. Hope you enjoy it. I used some FE3 portraits to test if I can actually put them in, and I can! Here are some screenshots: Download .ups https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bwa6P6lGt3ZadXd3QV9uWmdrcWs Use NUPS to patch it in a clean Fire Emblem 7 rom. Update: I improved the opening event script and the gameplay. Another chapter will be added!
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