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  1. Well this was a good LP. And as for the improving the next one uhh... you could get FEBuilder for whenever you want to make crazy or not so crazy changes to the ROM? (Assuming it's another GBA FE that is...). I dunno, really have nothing else to comment on.
  2. Good to see Albertus has upgraded his Dragonstone's OS to whatever they use in Awakening. No more degeneration, slowly dying by existing or underwhelming stats! It also lets you talk in a cool reverb-y voice which is nice. Too bad the Fates patch disables speed...
  3. Hate when a character dies by being too good at fighting. Super Robot Wars (another SRPG) had a way to solve that problem though, when attacked you got to choose between countering, defending (boosts defense but lowers evasion and prevents you from attacking) and evading (boosts evasion but lowers defense and prevents you from attacking). ...really wish FE had something like that.
  4. Welp... RIP Hugh. On the bright side your Lot is so absurdly tanky that I'm sure even if the Armads curse was real he'd just tank death.
  5. You know... all things considered Elibe dragons have it better than Archanea dragons. Merely running out of energy while in dragon form is better than said energy causing them to degenerate into insane killing machines.
  6. So Bizarro Sacae is ded. Not big surprise. ...this won't come back to bite you in the real route now, will it?
  7. You know... if you are hacking the Sacae route already, why not activate infinite murderchicken?
  8. "To demonstrate the power of Creepypasta!Lot... I SAWED THIS BOSS IN HALF" Now let's see... Prince Marth Wrys Peppy Hare Orlo Recolor #2 ...and I have no idea who the last one is.
  9. So... Arcado was reduced to negative infinity HP and somehow didn't become a fine red mist unrecognizable as something that wasn't gaseous before? Dang, Matthis must be feeling merciful.
  10. Granted, but now you know too much and the government will hunt you down. I wish I could stop procrastinating.
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