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    Likes: Food (Specially pasta), Videogames (Mostly SRPG's), Drawing (Not that I'm any good >_<), Music (To be honest I can't pin down which genres...), Writing stuff between parentheses (Not really...).

    Dislikes: Eggs (I don't enjoy the texture... or the flavor), Sports on TV (I don't find them interesting), Debugging (WHERE IS THE MISTAKE!?!?), Running out of ideas (It makes things awkward).
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    Fates: Conquest

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Hello, I'm Solo, I got into Fire Emblem when Awakening was released, the main draw for me was the skill and reclass system the game had (I've always liked games that allow you to customize character abilities).

Other games I like include Tales of, Custom Robo, Jet Set Radio, Final Fantasy Tactics and Bravely Default.

English isn't my first language, so I apologize in advance if my writing gets a bit confusing...

...Not much else to write here... at least I can't think of anything... welp.



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