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  1. I've played Fallout 3 and Skyrim, if those count as WRPGs. Otherwise... Undertale? Does that count? Anyway, I actually write tabletop RPGs-as in, making the game from scratch. Though honestly, I've only played D&D 3rd ed. and some light GURPS. Aside from that, it's just my stuff: Worlds Above (failed), Planar Dawn (reworking it), Super Mega Double Neon Turbo Flow II Extreme Arcade Edition (working title), and Gray Moon (almost complete).
  2. FFXIII, full stop. I can agree on some points against it, (*cough* Hope *cough*) but I actually did enjoy the game. I mean, until the final boss used Death and OHKOd my party because it targeted the leader, but still, it wasn't all that bad.
  3. heya kiddos i'm part of a new undertale discord server come check us out if you wanna have a bad good time https://discord.gg/EaMg9CC
  4. Oh, dur, I forgot how Miracle worked :P It's really about the current situation and the unit's setup overall, so therefore depends on the person. Life and Death/Quixotic work for me, so I use them; if that's different for you, w/e, whatever works. But I do have to point out that 35 is lower on the high-end spectrum, seeing as you can get several points higher if you do statues and/or have a child. (Which, if you care about the unit in question, you probably will.)
  5. Yeah, it is disappointing they're level 15 skills. But, Quixotic gives both sides +30 Hit/+15 Act. Rate, and that +15% boost means that things like Lethality automatically gain a 15% chance to activate. If you've got it on your avatar, you can also get Hoshidan Unity, giving it an innate 25% chance to activate. And those are in addition to whatever chance it had before. And as I said, you should already assume the enemy's going to hit you; if you're up against enemies that have a lot of triggered skills, then I can see taking off Quixotic, but except for Berserkers, an enemy missing is just you getting lucky, not a gameplay feature. On a high-Skill unit (assuming a capped stat at 35, which is on the low end of it), Lethality triggers at a 24% rate with Quixotic, and Astra at 32%. And, with Hoshidan Unity, add another 10%. Depending on the unit, that's around a 1-in-5-ish chance or more for a guaranteed kill, without adding Skill bonuses from pair-ups, rallies, and personal skills. And if we're talking something like Rend Heaven, you get a whopping 67% trigger rate. Rend Heaven isn't the absolute best, but it can definitely pick up a few kills. And then you have, say, Miracle and Votive Candle, which function off of skill trigger, and I believe have about the same rate as Lethality, but on lower-Skill units, making Quixotic even better for it. So, wall of text aside: I'm willing to sacrifice something I wasn't counting on anyway to get much better capabilities. And as for Life and Death, I've not had many situations (except in endgame Awakening shudder) where my frontliners take more than a few hits before I can heal them. And if you're that worried, don't put it on frontliners. As I've said, it's really a better skill for putting Sorcerers, Snipers, and other rear-line units over the top to pick up more kills; they aren't at great risk anyway, or shouldn't be, so who cares if they take more damage? With proper positioning, they shouldn't even be getting attacked. And if they are, that extra damage usually isn't enough to kill them unless they're getting hit multiple times, at least for me. Basically, if you screw up positioning, it benefits the enemy; if you actually keep your squishies un-squished, it's helpful to have. And anyway, these were just some random examples to demonstrate a concept: depending on the unit, triggered skills might be worse than passive, or vice versa. On a high-Skill unit, triggereds are worth it, while on units like Sorcerers, raw bonuses are pretty key. And, overall, I'd love to see more skill diversity in passives, and a nerf to make triggers worth it, but an alternative to passives rather than better in many cases.
  6. I mean, if you've got them on most of your units, put those units on your front line to take a beating, and those units aren't already good enough to evade or negate whatever's thrown at them (*cough* Swordmaster/General), then sure, you'd be right. As it is, you'd have to be an idiot to use a Sorcerer or the like to tank anyway, and most enemies don't benefit at all from the +trigger rate bonus from Quixotic, since few have triggered skills. (Hit bonus notwithstanding, and even that is negligible since you should assume you're getting hit anyway; maybe against a Berserker there's a problem, but that's really specific). And, in Fates at any rate, putting Life and Death on a good frontliner would barely count against them since their Def/Evade is high enough to not really care. But, as I've alluded to, it's really better on high damage units anyway. And if we're talking PvP, then those skills are extremely valuable because of the its meta. And regardless of PvE or PvP, there's a good reason the majority of skill shop castles give them out regularly. So, yes, unless you're putting them on units that clearly wouldn't do well with them and/or putting the units that do in unnecessary danger, they're pretty good skills. And if you do do either of those things, then that's more your own fault than the game's. I'm not saying that every unit needs them, and I do agree it'd be a bad strategy, but if used properly they are quite powerful.
  7. Er, I really don't know what game you've been playing, but they're actually really nice. Life and Death oftentimes puts a high-damage unit over the top to one-shot most things, while Quixotic gives, say, Lethality a much better chance of activation, meaning more one-shots. The basic thing is that whether triggered skills are good or not depends on the unit, and especially their Skill stat. But, overall, I'm more for non-meta-eating skills.
  8. Ah, thanks! Saves me some trouble leveling Bow Knight/A+ing Keaton And luckily, I have the DLC, so that won't be a problem
  9. Now looking for Laslow with any Rally skills, especially Spectrum and Skill. (Preferably you could leave him up for a few days so I can grab them all? :D) Also, Sophie with Replicate would be much appreciated ^^
  10. Thank you so much ^^ I'll be back tomorrow to get Quixotic
  11. Still really need Rhajat with Death Blow and Ryoma with Quixotic
  12. Myself, I think it depends. Triggers aren't reliable, but some units benefit more from them due to high Skill or things like Quixotic. But Sorcerers, for instance, benefit more from static Skills in my opinion, due to having high damage potential already and low Skill. For instance, Sniper Takumi has high Skill, so putting, say, Astra or Rend Heaven on him can yield some good results relatively often. But on Sorcerer Ophelia, something like Life or Death would be better, because that's an extra 10 Damage added to what's likely an already large amount, resulting in a much better chance of an OHKO. As well, she would have a low chance of triggering anything that's not a direct Skill%, so things like Astra or Lethality are better off benched for reliable Skills. Triggers are very interesting, but I'm really more one to side with interesting, non-luck-based types of games, so I really would prefer less trigger skills that also don't completely eat the meta.
  13. Now looking for Rhajat with Death Blow. (And still Ryoma with Quixotic)
  14. Anyone have Ryoma with Quixotic and/or Rhajat with Replicate?
  15. CloudControl


    Hey everyone! I'm CloudControl (evidently). I started Fire Emblem playing Radiant Dawn (sans Path of Radiance-smart kid, I was), and got back into it with Awakening. So, kind of new, but I hope to get to become a part of this community regardless ^^
  16. Anyone have Ryoma with Quixotic? Preferably on a skill-shop/easy seize castle.
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