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  1. I (still) love you guys :} Thanks for the hbd's!

  2. On that; yes it is past time srry Also; YOU ARE RESURRECTED IN THIS FORM? praise be

    1. I.M. Gei

      I.M. Gei

      yes, i am risen, my IRC brother

  3. Yerrrrrgh is this what periods are like

  4. Okay, prostatitis, maybe we could just find a way to work this out peacefu-uuuuurrrrrrrrrgggjhhh

  5. fuck this prostatitis, I'm gonna update Dragon Pass this weekend even if it puts me to sleep repeatedly. I mean even if it kills me

  6. Happy birthday! Phew, noticed before the cutoff.

    1. Rehab


      *just before

    2. Original Johan Liebert

      Original Johan Liebert

      OK. You're accepted into the program. Orders will be broadcast at [suchandsuch time] and [suchandsuchdate] on [suchandsuchplacewhereyouwouldlistentobroadcastedthings].

  7. Good avatar; I would personally appreciate your considering the prospect of using it continually, say for some extended period of time

  8. Hence Wolverine refusing to wear the santa hat

  9. "'Je suis un homme courbé, plié bas par péché~...' does that work in French?"

    1. Aleph


      no now stop sinning so much

  10. whoops, sorry, hit the wrong button, disregard

  11. :handsoff:

    1. Aleph


      no that's the pose you make when I tickle you right before you spray your webbing everywhere involuntarily

    2. Rehab
    3. Aleph


      hands on activities

      cuddle so you don't freeze

      makes your knees shake

      pretend you have a head ache

      when I move to please

  12. Is your profile still alive?

  13. +1

    1. Specta



      I didn't expect that thank you

      best birthday wish of the year

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    2. Rehab


      ...it ate over half the thing then


      The end of that sentence was "like a pretty intelligent, at the least thoughtful guy." I think it's that the way you phrase things sometimes comes off as curt, or.. I swear I worded this a lot better in that comment damn it

      You remind me a lot of me, or at least of thoughts I've had/contemplated at some point, is the short version. Sometimes I wonder if you're depressed or anxious, though!

    3. Rehab


      also your av's cute but you didn't hear it from me

    4. Makaze


      Who said that?

      Who do I have to kill?

  14. Rehab

    Happy Birthday Esme!

    1. peener weener

      peener weener

      ohhh yeah i've seen that. it's fucking great. it kinda has a shitty attitude towards Yeezus tho. those quotes are obviously picked because of their perceived shittiness.

  15. I too have that image

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    2. Rehab
    3. Rehab


      (make a joke out of htat I dare you)

    4. Aleph


      Challenge accepted.

      Bend over.

  16. Rehab

    Do you have an account on the forum Talking Time? I happened on somebody with your exact name and avatar there, and, uh, wanted to be sure

    1. Refa
    2. Refa


      How about you?

    3. Rehab


      Oops late, didn't seem to get notified. Nah, haven't actually emailed the person I need to in the signup process. I've just been lurking a bit since one Zodar linked to what became the "Ample Vigor talks MMA" thread

  17. Also what are you doing not on my friendslist (not directed at you but at the universe)

    1. Original Johan Liebert

      Original Johan Liebert

      Most of my friends were banned and got deleted :(

  18. Your avatar is my sister. Iam convinced that somebody found my sister and painted her. It has taken me much longer than expected to realize this, and I feel rather odd about it.

    1. Original Johan Liebert

      Original Johan Liebert

      Wow, your sister must be pretty (IMO). If you want to see the full painting, just google "Lanfear" and check the first result.

  19. http://i.imgur.com/x9QTEb8.jpg Thaaaaanks for the birthday wishes, guys
  20. +1 Happy birthday, dude, hope you're well!

  21. Mama's little baby likes all the finer things in life

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