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  1. I can confirm as well that while the FEU link works, the one here on SF still doesn't seem to work for whatever reason. Assumedly it's trying to link to the previous version of this patch and failing or something idk.
  2. Oh hey cool this is still going. Good to know. But that aside, I noticed that while the dropbox link works on FEU, the links here on SF seem to not work and I just wanted to post that just so it gets fixed.
  3. Not to mention it would be a pain to rebalance the whole game with skills in mind. You can't just drop them in for no reason lol
  4. I understand. I also saw that the recruitable character was intentionally made immobile and out of enemy range so I was wondering if that was part of the reasoning. Hopefully there's a way to increase the tension without it becoming more annoying than fun.
  5. Guess I'll give my op on what's here so far since I beat the available chapters. Story: I'm enjoying it so far. I'm interested in what's going on and the writing is not too long or short and still gets to the point. Can't say much without it being done or there being more specifically to comment on. On a side note, I like that bosses have a little nudge of character without going overblown. It makes you feel that the people you fight are a bit more than some stronger cronies who's over the top evil or something. Gameplay: 1-0 Pretty straight foward while also showing off the usefulness of the few units you have so far. Find it odd though that Bryce only has one of his usable weapons but I guess it works. I also agree that this chapter should probably be renamed 1-P. 1-1 A fun escape chapter though I feel the chests are in a bit of an annoying spot. Otherwise all good. Actually, unless otherwise stated, assume I think the chapter is nice other than whatever I mention. 1-2 Nothing really to note. 1-3 Having the choice on what to buy actually be tough for once in a fire emblem game is very nice. Me like. 1-4 A really well done defense chapter with something to do on both phases. Probably one of the best defense chapters I've seen in a hack. Also having a peg unit who is centered around her bases (and ability to promote almost instantly) is interesting and I like the idea. 1-5 Nothing to note. 1-F I feel like the chapter is a little slow paced. For a chapter where the enemy is attacking (story-wise), they sure don't make much of an effort to go towards you at all unless you go into their range.
  6. Hi cool hack, but I am experiencing a glitch at chapter 10. After the chapter start events, the game goes back to the title screen and when I resume it yet again goes back to the title meaning I can't continue forward through the game.
  7. Just advertising me running a low level run for DQ11. Rules/format/whatever in the vid's description. https://youtu.be/dqR_GQ1AbY4 Any views or attention is appreciated. Hopefully, it all goes well.
  8. But I assume they were close at least? I only argue this because going off of pure growths and bases she isn't perfect.
  9. Don't get too pressured. It's better for you to work it all out in a slower manner than rush it all and get stressed.
  10. I mean it's safe to say you definitely just pushed a shit ton of statboosters on her. With her growths, she'd never look THAT good without rigging them all and/or buying a ton of statboosters from the secret shop.
  11. Can confirm, there's a chapter not long after he's able to promote where wayland is forced, but he is never required otherwise. He can be useful that map, but he's not 100% required. You might just have to play the map quicker than you might otherwise.
  12. Did you use NUPS to apply the UPS to the rom you were running?
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