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  1. Yeessss I love Makashima. Although, I will be pairing Corn with Azura so..
  2. These things are still around right? I figured it's time for Corrin to unleash his maximum mary sue by having a Harem. Rules: -Female units only (some exceptions..) -There will be 9 1st gen and 5 2nd gen -Azura will be used (as the protagonists main love interest of course) and will probably be paired with Corrin. You can still pick her class however. -Corrin will be male. Talent, boon and bane can be chosen but he must be able to wield Yato (Every anime hero needs their uber sword). -All DLC classes are allowed as well as Path bonuses. -1 unit per person, may bump it to two. -Supports are the only thing that will be grinded (In order to get kids/classes) -Make sure to specify how to get the characters classes! (ie. Heart seal, frienship seal, etc.) -have mercy Edit: Double post, sorry!
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