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  1. So--to begin with, I had quite a few problems with the way they wrote Bernadetta in this game. Most of the characters in 3H actually feel like characters--not like tropes or gimmicks. They went so heavyhanded with pre-skip Bernie's social anxiety and persecution complex, that almost alone among the 3H cast of characters she comes across as a trope and a gimmick. ...Now obviously they could have just scaled that part of her character back a bit and wrote pre-skip Bernie more like post-skip Bernie, and post-skip Bernie more like a generic shy girl... But to keep her character as written and really sell that character; what they needed to do was hammer home a traumatic backstory to justify it. And with the original unchanged dialogue they just barely did that. If anything; they needed to be more explicit about the way Bernadetta was raised and the things that were done to her to justify the extremity of how they portray her antisocial behavior. (thereby making said behavior feel less gimmicky and tropey + more like real character) _____ In that context this change strikes me as not only completely unnecessary, but harmful to Bernadetta's character development and overall portrayal in the story.
  2. Ehhhhh Ninja Forest for like the first few turns can be a bit tricky when u trying to unbox yourself out of the starting area, and then once you clear the opening mob + start advancing in regular formation its a basic tank-and-spank. Thre's ONE birthright map lategame, when you fight Camilla, where the map throws a real curve ball at you. And where you need to put some actual thought into how you deal with it. You'll know it when you see it. Have fun with that.
  3. Brawler whose repeatedly gotten his ass whooped by Raphael, but still talks mad shit like he's the greatest brawler ever to brawl. Billy Mays
  4. Simple-but-lovable retired soldier who is now a dining hall cook. Renowned for his savant-like repertoire of shrimp recipes. RuPaul
  5. Birthright is going to feel like an absolute joke after playing conquest. Do birthright first and then conquest if you're hellbent on playing both (birthright is pretty skippable tbh), just so it feels like you're advancing from easier play to harder play instead of going backwards Like--Birthright on lunatic is easier than Conquest on hard, by a pretty large margin. Start with Birthright Lunatic, if you've already played other Fire Emblems and aren't a complete newbie to the franchise. Then go Conquest Hard. And then only go Conquest Lunatic once you've learned what to expect from Conquest Hard + if you're a glutton for punishment
  6. My idea was that they take that 'all of time is now open to you' thing that Sothis says when she merges with you and just run with it--go balls out. [Route #5]: The God-Byleth Route It is now canon to the story and not merely a game mechanic that the other routes exist. They are all alternative timelines and possible futures that Byleth is aware of + has explored, because literally all of time is now open to you. Byleth begins this route knowing--from the moment you meet the 3 Lords in the prologue--everything that has happened in the other 4 routes. He has already from the prologue merged with Sothis, and has her knowledge + power. (because timefuckery) With this knowledge; his goal is to preemptively teach them the truth about TWSITD. Reveal all of the churches dirty little secrets. Unite the houses. And prevent the war + colaboratively destroy the true threat(s) to the people of Fodlan. __________ ...There ya go... There's your 'golden ending'
  7. Formerly renowned arena champion; disgraced and stripped of his accolades after it was revealed that he cheated in all his fights by hiding capsules full of healing potion under his tongue + swallowing them mid-fight. Now living off of his prize money and trying to avoid being seen in public. ________ Neil Patrick Harris
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