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  1. The “round I go full grimdark” became “the round my wife went into labor 2-and-a-half-weeks early” Son was born yesterday. Will almost certainly be contributing nothing here for the foreseeable future.
  2. Warning you all right now: This is the round I go full grimdark
  3. Maybe the reason the game’s story has been critically panned by virtually everyone is because it’s shit, and not because there’s some hidden depth to it that you found but everyone else missed 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Tellius is legit, and I will defend it to the death against all naysayers
  5. If the theme is who needs writing when you have underwear models—sure???
  6. Fates is SoV if every character in the game were written with the cartoony tropiness of Faye. No contest.
  7. Y’all are terrible at time management—u know that, right?
  8. ^^^ There’s a fine line between good and praiseworthy patriotism and the perils of nationalism, and exploring it could have been a cool idea for this prompt. Bu oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Yessir. (And Ryoma ain't exactly lacking in strong nationalist impulses himself there--the guy literally shouts "FOR THE GLORY OF HOSHIDO!" when he's about to kill a dude)
  10. I have counseled often in this very thread with respect to the virtue of brevity. Say not in 27 pages what can be said in a single sentence. i.e. "Fates had a budget for tit-jiggling animations where its story-writing should have been."
  11. ehhhhhhhhh. Doubt Kanye gets enough traction behind him to make a statistical difference anywhere that it matters. But I'd imagine he cuts into Trump's "Yes; putting a notorious entertainment industry narcissist with no experience in public service or working knowledge of government and his reality TV family in charge of the highest executive office in the land is a great idea" vote, as much as any demographic Biden appeals to.
  12. All I'm saying is that if ever there was a round to pull a I can write Fe:Fates better then that game's own garbage writing team, and here's what the themes they were trying to hit could have looked like if they weren't incompetent ...this is that round...
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