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  1. I don't find any of them all that hard anymore now that I've played them a few times and know what to look out for. Now going in blind...on the first playthrough.... (assuming you didn't look things up ahead of time and get spoiled on what the maps are throwing at you) Chapter 1: This chapter will kick your ass the first time around and be the cause of multiple trial-and-error restarts, if you don't know how the AI is going to behave and you try to go up the center instead of around the side. Chapter 3: Another chapter that will kick your ass the first time around going in blind off of playthroughs on lower difficulty. Takes a few tries to figure out where NOT to put your units, to avoid getting immediately ganked by enemies hiding in the fog Chapter 5: Again--going in blind on your first playthrough--those ambush spawns are gonna get ya. And you don't know that if you aggro the archers in the center, they pull the entire map. Huge learning curve, and probably at least one full restart needed to figure everything out. Chapter 6: Not hard per say. But one of those chapters that forces optimal play + efficient turn use, and punishes you really, really hard if you don't. The fact that you lose your main AND have to split your remaining team between the left and right side of the map to collect the treasure + win via route ups and do it all without turtling while on a timer ups the challenge level considerably. And if you're short an extra healer or a reliable 3-range attackers here, you're kind of boned. Now of course by this point in the story you're allowed to ask students from other houses to assist you for the month. So if you just wander on up to Linheart/Marriane/Mercedes to pick up an extra staffbot or something or Ashe/Bernadetta/Ignatz if you neglected to build an archer, you can always patch up any gaps in manpower. (I've found that this chapter jumps from "challenging" to "legitimately maddeningly hard" if you neglect to max out your deployment slots with assistance or recruitment from students outside your house, and just try to tackle it with Byleth + 7 students) Chapter 7: You do kinda have to be careful here with how many kills you let the other houses get against each other and make sure you aren't letting one house get completely wiped out + the other house get fully buffed before you have to 1 v. 1 them. You can get into some pretty sticky situations if that happens. ________ Those are the ones that stood out to me as being "hard" on first impression. The caveat of course being that their difficulty comes largely from lack of familiarity. And declines considerably over multiple playthroughs, as you learn the maps
  2. It almost feels insulting to say "Top 4,' as though to imply that's a single Tier. There's a Top 1. And then there's a tier below Top 1 for like 2 through 4. Ike is in a tier by himself.
  3. My boss is in his 40s. I “okay boomer”ed him the other day and he gave me a “fuck you. I’m not that old.”
  4. Good for them. They've only had what--35 years to do it??? Lets see how our contribution matches up to their's when its 2055, we've had our turn, and we're getting ready to handover the reigns of power to the Gen Z kids.
  5. Don't. And when you hear a boomer say that 'boomer' is like using the N-word, just stop for a moment and consider the source
  6. Its shame, decency, and a belief that he can ever actually be touched by real consequences of bad behavior that he lacks. Not intelligence.
  7. I was speaking to an attorney yesterday that represented the Trump Organization back in the 1990s, when he was going through his casino period and his bankruptcy in Atlantic City. We joke alot about "how dumb do you have to be to bankrupt a CASINO???" But this attorney had some--very interesting behind-the-scenes insights into how that really all went down. It was less dumb, and more there really is no low this man won't sink to when he's in trouble and needs a fix. So apparently what happened is that Trump was going through a period where he was out of liquid assets, had multiple properties that were not profitable + had more debt then cashflow, and needed fast cash and lots of it to get his failing business empire back above-water. So the plan Trump came up with is that he was just going to get one (1) property that he could: 1) Convince everyone was a money-making machine and good collateral for multi-hundred million dollar bank loans. 2) Get the loans. 3) Use the loans to finance his other debts. 4) Attach all the loan debt he used to finance his other debts to this one (1) property 5) Run that property into the ground, bankrupt it, and discharge the debt in bankruptcy. ...and the business venture he identified as the ideal property for this massive fraud scheme was--of course--a casino... So Trump gets into the Casino business. Runs around to all the banks telling them hes got this multi-biillion dollar cash generating property now. Securing his loans, with equity interests in the casino backing the loan in the event of default. Spends all the money. Never pays back any of his creditors. And as he's doing this--he's not hiring staff for his casino. He's not maintaining the slot machines in working order. Hes not getting his necessary licenses and certifications from Atlantic City to keep the bars or the card-tables open. He's just purposefully doing everything he can to make this business fail, while he loots the loans attached to it and buries it in personal debts. With his intention all along being that the casino is going to go bankrupt and that's how he's going to defraud his creditors. (And this is the reason why American banks stopped lending to Donald Trump after the 1990s + he had to start going to the Russians. American banks were on notice after the Atlantic City debacle that this is what Trump does, and that you will never see your money again if you give him a loan) _____ Thats the kind of man you're dealing with in Donald Trump. Thats the kind of mindset he brings to executing the powers of the President of the United States + getting through impeachment.
  8. Alright, alright--lets shit on someone who actually deserves it
  9. >>>>>>>>>>>>>real stoners will smoke out of anything
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