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  1. Apparently it wasn't even a jury verdict. He lost by default in pre-trial discovery, because he failed to comply with discovery and intentionally disobeyed court orders to produce documents and records relevant to the lawsuits. (but yes--it still has to go to a jury on the issue of damages)
  2. gottem: Alex Jones found liable in two Sandy Hook cases | TheHill
  3. In all fairness. Half the reasons Americans are as fucked up as we are is we use to be Brits
  4. The entire Newsom recall was just a proxy-war for the Trumpers. They felt that they could prove to the country that Trump really "won" the election by showing America that nobody on the left could win an election against a Trump-supported candidate. (There are wingnuts who turned out for the 1/6 Riots and donated their life savings to "Stop the Steal" who legitimately believe that if you don't count ((the fraud)), Trump won every single state including California. Nobody actually voted for Joe Biden.) It's called false-consensus bias. The chucklefucks truly believe their rage and bigotry represents the majority of Americans. And they're endlessly confused when objective reality refuses to conform to that assumption.
  5. Here. No secondary sourcing; here's our direct statement of public policy on medical screening of migrants presenting at the Southern Border, as currently promulgated by the CDC. Central American Refugee Health Profile | CDC Migration and Border Health | CDC Considerations for Health Screening for COVID-19 at Points of Entry | CDC Now stop being a chud.
  6. mmm Reality has a well-known liberal bias [/s]
  7. Oh he absolutely made California's COVID restrictions a centerpiece of his campaign. Don't even lie. Okay. Thats why you lost the White House. Even among voters who were otherwise willing to give Republicans the benefit of the doubt or who actually liked Trump's hardline nationalist position on immigration: Thats absolutely insane to most people.
  8. I'm shocked--SHOCKED--that abortion bans, voter suppression bills, and "government has no legitimate role fighting COVID--this is CoMmUnIsM!!!" wasn't the winning platform that Republicans were banking on it being[/s]
  9. They did. They learned there's a political appetite for for it + they can get away with it.
  10. I'd be inclined to agree, except there doesn't really seem to be any limit to American stupidity right now. Like we literally have reactionaries OD'ing on horse dewormer, in the alternative to accepting that modern medicine is real and public health advisories aren't an elaborate conspiracy. And if America were dumb enough to initiate armed conflict in China's own backyard. (1) They'd respond just as a point of setting boundaries against a hostile foreign power and flexing their own sphere of influence. They'd have to. (briefly imagine what Americas response would be if a fleet of Chinese Warships pulled up in the Caribbean, declared the U.S. Virgin Islands independent from the United States of America + under Chinese Protection, and set up an area-denial perimeter around St. John) (2) With the state America is in right now and our ongoing political dysfunction + national decline. China has to think they're winning that fight.
  11. Watch what happens next. Now that the Afghanistan gravy train has run dry and "our very way of life depends on us fighting the existential threat of radical Islam" doesn't pack the same rhetorical punch it use to in the immediate aftermath of 9/11... The nationalist right and the war industry is gonna REALLY start dialing up the rhetoric on China. ...all the usual demagogue tricks to bring the war rhetoric up to a fever pitch... Expanding Chinese power is the single greatest threat to Western Civilization today. We will lose our wealth and our freedoms and our democracy if we don't confront China. We must be prepared to use force to protect western democracy against China. We cannot show any weakness against China. We must have a large naval presence in the South Pacific to show ((strength)) against China. __ You can already see it starting now. COVID gave them the perfect boiling point for anti-Chinese sentiment that was already simmering. They're gonna try to leverage that into the next forever war. Or at the very least the next reason why military spending needs to be cannibalizing more and more and more of the budget every year. There's always another boogeyman for the war ensemble. It never ends.
  12. So something to keep in mind is that one way to fix this is to have Congress pass a bill that takes the core holding of Roe v. Wade. And makes it a federal statute. (and this is something thats being discussed right now by Democrats in Washington) If theres a Federal Statute that says you can't ban 1st trimester abortions--its a protected civil right--then it doesn't matter whether or not you have a Supreme Court majority thats going to vote to uphold Roe v. Wade. The federal statute is controlling over any contrary state law. (probably Bluer than what we have right now. As has been demonstrated time and time again; Joe Manchin is basically a Republican with a (D) next to his name) To do that you need a solidly blue House and Senate. So thats where national elections matter, every vote counts, and you gotta vote like abortion rights are on the ballot in every state.
  13. The Republican base is a minority that only wins low turnout national elections, and loses when the majority of the country that ISN'T the Republican base is highly motivated to vote. The largest Red State in the country passing landmark anti-abortion legislation to make all abortions after 6 weeks illegal + a 5-4 conservative majority on the Supreme Court letting it stand is the kind of thing that gets the majority of the country that isn't the Republican base highly motivated to vote.
  14. "Pro-Life" politics have always been good for Republicans as long as they just talked about it in the abstract, and didn't actually do anything to make anyone feel like their rights were being threatened. Now its going to kill them. Republicans are the barking dog that finally caught the car. And now its going to run them over.
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