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  1. Also agreed. Bush made some bad decisions, but he wasn't a bad person. He was a simple man who was humble enough to know he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and who in his humility made every effort to surround himself with people who knew more than he did, and trust in their counsel when faced with decisions where he thought they might be more knowledgeable than he was. The worst thing you can say about him is that he trusted the wrong people. But there are no redeeming qualities about Donald Trump. If Frankenstein stitched together a monster made entirely out of human personality flaws and moral failings, it would be a Trump.
  2. I'm not sure what point you think you're trying to make. But electoral votes rather than popular votes deciding presidential elections is the only reason the Florida recount was even being litigated in the first place. Since in a national election decided by popular vote, the disputed numbers in Florida wouldn't have mattered (Gore won the popular vote by over 500,000 votes) Bush would not have become president in 2000 but-for the electoral college and the fact that the Florida results were litigated before the Supreme Court is immaterial to that point. If there was no electoral college and we used the popular vote in 2000 Al Gore would have been president. Bush won because of the electoral college.
  3. Whereas the second installment of the Tellius Saga in the Nintendo videogame franchise of Fire Emblem, hereafter "Raidant Dawn," adds subsequent canon to the previously stand-alone story of prior franchise entry "Path of Radiance," and whereas said prior stand-alone canon left open-ended ambiguities as to post-game events and relationships which allowed players to gratuitously insert their own inferences, ideas, head-canons, and sexual fantasies as potential accounts of post-game events and relationships which no hard-canon source material could refute, Radiant Dawn's subsequent addition of extended canon does in fact contradict all aforementioned inferences, ideas, head-canons, and sexual fantasies inconsistent therewith. Thereby negating popular Path or Radiance character pairings promulgated by the fandom but never canonically endorsed by the source material. Colloquially known among Fire Emblem and other otaku based fandoms which emphasize projecting romantic fantasies onto characters designed to appeal to fan's prurient interests as "ships."
  4. Fixed that for you. Perhaps you are right. Perhaps The Senate as originally structured is still necessary because the States themselves require national representation; not merely general voting populations. If so then the problem is not that the Senate exists as structured. But thats its powers do not match its job-description. And by that I mean if the Senate's purpose as an institution is to represent the States and not the will of the general electorate. Then the Senate should be a lawmaking body of limited jurisdiction, which votes only on matters pertaining to conflicts-of-interests between the states. While general lawmaking power should reside exclusively in the People's House. And if the House passes legislation supported by a majority of the general electorate that does not implicate a direct conflict-of-interest between the States, the Senate should have no power to vote it down because voting majorities in the most scarcely populated states oppose it. Perhaps that is a more sensible reform. Perhaps it is what the Senate does rather than how Senators are elected that should be reexamined. I don't know...I'm just spit-balling ideas here... You raise some good points though and have definitely given me some things to think about.
  5. 3-for-5 in producing electoral outcomes that match the popular vote in the past 20 years my dude 60% is a failing grade where I come from
  6. ...here we go.... Alakazam (Red Infantry Dagger) HP = 29 Attack = 40 Speed = 43 Def = 16 Res = 32 BST = 160 Weapon: Twisted Spoon - 14 Mt Calculates damage using the lower of opponents def or res stats. Forgable. +Eff Forge: Grants +2 HP and light screen "all damage dealt to this unit by tome users, staff users, and dragonstone users is reduced by 50%" Support Skill: Teleport Grants "Once per turn, if this unit is at 100% health, this unit may move adjacent to any ally and then take an additional action" A Skill: Psych Up Grants "This units receives +attack/+speed/+def/+res during combat equal to the highest bonus on each stat among all enemy units within 2 spaces. Calculates each bonus separately" B Skill: Reflect Grants "all damage dealt to this unit by sword, axe, lance, dagger, bow, and beast units is reduced by 50%" C Skill: Calm Mind If Unit begins turn next to no allies, grants +6 Attack/+6 Res until beginning of next turn
  7. The idea of federalism (i.e. a founding era doctrine which still holds up pretty well) was supposed to be that the national government handles national issues. (i.e. federal programs, protection of national resource and wildlife areas, war, immigration and naturalization, protection of civil rights arising under The Constitution of the United States of America) State and local governments handle state and local issues. (i.e. "the hotel industry has a premium on marketable real estate and is driving up the price of local housing; there should be some kind of zoning law that designates X parcels of land as reserved for residential use only, and bans commercial development") And that the federal government should only step in and use national resources to do the state's job if its something the state really messed up and/or can't handle. I would think that this provides a workable paradigm for addressing the issues you've raised, without the need for undemocratic skewing of elected representation at the national level. And that if those issues are going unaddressed: thats an issue that needs to be resolved by releasing the wrath of State voters on your governor and your state lawmakers in Honolulu. Not in Congress.
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