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  1. Baby Pictures ♥️ Lily's first summer (pool, beach, and farm)
  2. Dorothea didn't choose the thot life. The thot life chose her. (I have so many memes of this girl)
  3. ...Concerning Felix's personal skill... Its absolutely insane in the earlygame, when a flat +5 per hit to combat is going to be the difference between something like 10-12 damage per hit and 15-17 damage per hit. When low-authority battalion bonuses are not that high. And when the boost to his damage output from having no battalion + speed tier puts him at a starting level where he can just immediately one-round early game enemies with iron weapons or a basic thunder spell. The ability drops off the closer you get to the endgame, as a flat +5 to damage becomes progressively less impressive with late game stat inflation (and the boosts you get from having high-authority battalions equipped becomes much higher). What this ability does for Felix is give him an extremely strong start + explosive early game, where he'll immediately start off as one of your most consistent one-rounders and capable offensive units. And that in turn is going to ensure that he has a very easy time grabbing kills, hitting his level-ups, and transitioning smoothly to his mid/late game. Later its just "+5 attack per hit after his battalion breaks," and not a reason to avoid running battalions on him. But for what it does for his early game; its great. And not something to be discounted when evaluating how good Felix is.
  4. I'll vouch for investing in Felix's hidden talent to make him a swordsman mage + build into the Mortal Savant class being really, really good.
  5. Three Houses memes I've made so far. I'm having a bit too much fun
  6. You're probably too young to remember this but there's a classic episode of "The Simpsons" called Who Shot Mr. Burns? They investigate everyone in Springfield. And the joke at the end is it could have been any character on the show. Because every single person had a motive to shoot him--there wasn't a single person who the rotten old man hadn't wronged in some way. Even attempting to tackle that question is going to be like a live action episode of Who Shot Mr. Burns? Count on two hands the number of people who had the means and the motive to stage a prison suicide. You can't. There's too many of them.
  7. I ain't no conspiracy theorist. But "Epstien was murdered in federal custody to prevent him from testifying against the politicians and billionaires who got girls from him" is one of the more plausible ones I've heard in a good while.
  8. She's Daenyres Targaryen in Fire Emblem. And I've been saying for a while now that Fire Emblem's writing staff should be following George R.R. Martin's lead on how it develops its characters, relationships, and settings. So I'm 100% okay with that
  9. Two (2) days before he "killed himself" while under 24-7 suicide watch in a maximum security prison--where the official story is not a single guard noticed anything as he tied a noose + hung himself... A former Senator, a former governor, a multi-billionaire hedgefund manager, an MIT professor, a member of the British Royal Family, and a foreign prime minister were identified as individuals accused by Epstein's former sex slaves of using his human trafficking services to procure underaged girls. ...It wasn't just the American elite... ALOT of very rich and very powerful people wanted this guy dead before he started talking.
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