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  1. which is absolutely stupud because the sword absolutely WAS named after him 8V
  2. While I personally would've been fine with keeping Safy, Safiya is an absolutely harmless name modification - and they list in the translator's notes it isn't JUST because of SAFY the organization - Safiya is a more natural sounding word for native English speakers. Maybe if they changed her name to something more extreme like Sapphire or w/e this would be worth complaining over, but as it is, its two extra letters to give the name better flow for the intended audience. Nintendo has done this themselves in almost every Fire Emblem, especially with the handful of "made up" names that include Safy, such as Eldigan (from the literal ERUTOSHAN). I mean if you're in the camp we should've literally used Erutoshan over Eldigan well you do you, but Project Exile's tinkering with a few names is honestly better than what Nintendo of America has done (I really dislike Levin -> Lewyn and Sety -> Ced completely misses the point of his name). Safy -> Safiya is not on the same level as those. Project Exile only does the middle one, and only in the barest of senses - again, embellishing one off bandit boss death quotes. You dislike things because they're different, because they aren't 100% The Exact Same As The Japanese, which is.... an impossible desire. At least one impossible to have and also have a script that doesn't read like George Lucas writing romance scenes to native English speakers. Your only true solution is to yes, learn Japanese, and IDK what else to say to you about that.
  3. You acting like things were changed arbitrarily in the patch only shows you didn't fuckin' read shit about what was changed. Everything that had a change had a reason - and everything that was changed was exceptionally mild at best. You're pissing and moaning that generic bandit bosses say more than "UGHH I AM KILL" when they die. I understand respecting authorial intent, but small embellishments on dialogue like that is not disrespecting that.
  4. Yeah I was conflating events together there lol. Still, if you want Levin to marry someone else better safe than sorry!
  5. Whoa hold up The +5 from being adjacent is in ADDITION to the base love growth? I always thought it superceeded the base love growth. Huh. Also this isn't REALLY a concern, but pair Levin before you get Forsetti from Silesia castle or else he'll auto-marry Fury lol.
  6. Kay but lemme tell you why your bitching (and many other's) is really damn goofy. Have you literally ever played a video game from Japan before in English? 9/10 times, its had SOMETHING changed to it. Localization is not just "direct adaptation of the words that are written". Doing that IS possible, but it results in static, uninteresting language because Japanese does not 1:1 adapt to English at ALL. Embellishments are par the course for ANY translation project. Acting like changing Bucks' damn death/release dialogue to say more than "URGH YOU BASTARDS" to fit his piratey persona despite him being a literal one off disposable Axe Bandit Goon boss is disingenuous is what the REAL disingenuity here. And really? "Accesibility"? There are SIX very MILD hints, phrased as in-character dialogue. One of them just phrases "gotta dismount indoors" with brackets so people realize it's a command. One of them rephrases Leif's escape quote so we don't have to deal with THIS anymore: One is a minor elaboration on the warp tiles in 24x. The biggest change is hinting at Linoan's promotion (which fwiw is not "TAKE LINOAN HERE DUMMY" its "if you have any priestesses maybe letting them pray at the local church would prove helpful" so I mean RIP if you stick Safy in there instead lol). And another reworded clarification about how to win the final chapter. All of you guys acting like "ITS NOT AUTHENTIC TO THE ORIGINAL VISION REEEEEE" are EXTREMELY nitpicking. Fucking CinemaSins tier nitpicking. This ain't some DeJap era Tales of Phantasia patch where Klarth says "I BET ARCHE FUCKS LIKE A TIGER" because they were being silly. This ain't Treehouse Jr. If fucking anything, Treehouse should be MORE like Project Exile instead of y'know REWRITING ENTIRE SUPPORTS or what have you. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, you think the old broken patch with yes, as you admitted, YUGIOH ABRIDGED SERIES MEMES IN IT, is the "more authentic" patch??? That Kempf joke alone, for as much as I found it funny, drops the old patch WAY below Project Exile's. You wanna talk about embellishments that ruin a game's tone and fell? THAT'S WHAT THAT IS. Putting fucking brackets around "dismount" and telling people "theres warp tiles in the narrow hallways" (on a map that is 50% narrow hallways) is RUINING THE VISIOOOON is pure ungrateful garbage. So fuck off with your "complaints" becuase they don't stack up to even the most MINISCULE of applied common sense.
  7. If a unit gets captured the enemy will take EVERYTHING from them except maybe personal rank weapons yep. Fortunately you can counter-capture them (easy since they're being statted down from their own captured unit) and take your shit back. Fun times!
  8. Love points are only given by turn, not individual "wait" commands inputted lol. Sorry! As for Brigid and Tiltyu, they start with a high love point base with several guys, just maybe avoid Tiltyu's conversation with Azel in chapter 4 (tho it is nice writing). You'll still need to keep them adjacent for some turns, but you've got the later half of Ch3 (up until 50 turns are up if you wanna spam them) and all of chapter 4 and 5 to get them to be lovers. Even if they become lovers on the very last turn before Sigurd talks to Aida and triggers the ending, it still counts.
  9. Even if he is, Project Exile doesn't give hints for say, Ilios. Or Xavier. So we're par for the course honestly.
  10. Are you forgetting that in FE7 you can LITERALLY PAY GOLD to get hints about the upcoming maps? This is how you learn about the disappearing floors in Sonia's sidequest. The brighter-red tiles are the flame traps for the Durandal chapter. The dark spots on the walls are where the poison vents shoot out from in the Armads chapter. In both cases the NPCs will probably trigger them before you will. The traps are not a surprise in GBA emblem. and lmao dude I did the same thing when I played Thracia on the old patch like 13 years ago or w/e. Same for my first run of FE4, and FE3. Emulators and online guides make things easier in ways outside the scope of the game, that's just how it be. I never said I was better than anyone, come off on that lol
  11. Alright I'm gettin' Actually Sick of your garbage attitude. The only one being a tryhard is you, acting like a sprinkling of vague hints and a weapon rename has SOILED THE THRACIA 776 NAME You know what the patch doesn't do? Make the game any easier. Tell you that Leif and friends are gonna be BTFO'd at the end of chapter 3 and you should manage your gear first. Tell you when EP reinforcements are coming. Tell you that the bishop is gonna swipe that meteor unless you GO FAST. Tell you that enemies can capture your guys and steal their shit. Tell you that enemies will trade with each other. Tell you about Pursuit Critical Coeffecients, tell you about the 25% hard cap on initial attack crit rates, and basically 95% of all the shit Thracia is infamous for if you're familiar with it. And you know what's the real kicker? None of you dingbats giving Project Exile a hard time fuckin' beat Thracia the first go round without a guide, save state abuse, or both, don't even lie about it. So kindly step off with your bad attitude m8. the traps in GBA emblem where hilariously telegraphed with obvious discolored floor/wall tiles so you could avoid them are you saying you what Project Exile to make the trap tiles MORE obvious? Arguing doesn't mean people agreeing with you. I don't think you understand how this word works.
  12. I streamed some Thracia in celebration of the patch! Featuring Ike, Specta, McKraut, Dandra, Jankmaster and some others dropping in and out of the Serenes Forest discord voice chat. We had laughs, though the first half hour or so is me by myself lol.
  13. Here's a few favorites I've had or I've seen others have: I once had a Lyn that capped strength unpromoted. A 20 str Lyn fucking melts the arena lol. (FE7) I once had Finn miss twice in a row with his Hero's Lance... with a 98% (FE4) My sister once had a Hector that didn't break double digit defense until he promoted. (FE7) Someone in the SF Discord was doing an FE4 run and their Arden had like 15 speed unpromoted (FE4)
  14. Spearguys are popular because they're basically the Fire Emblem equivalent to these guys: People love a good underdog, especially if they're iconic yet simple.
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