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  1. Yeah I was conflating events together there lol. Still, if you want Levin to marry someone else better safe than sorry!
  2. Whoa hold up The +5 from being adjacent is in ADDITION to the base love growth? I always thought it superceeded the base love growth. Huh. Also this isn't REALLY a concern, but pair Levin before you get Forsetti from Silesia castle or else he'll auto-marry Fury lol.
  3. Love points are only given by turn, not individual "wait" commands inputted lol. Sorry! As for Brigid and Tiltyu, they start with a high love point base with several guys, just maybe avoid Tiltyu's conversation with Azel in chapter 4 (tho it is nice writing). You'll still need to keep them adjacent for some turns, but you've got the later half of Ch3 (up until 50 turns are up if you wanna spam them) and all of chapter 4 and 5 to get them to be lovers. Even if they become lovers on the very last turn before Sigurd talks to Aida and triggers the ending, it still counts.
  4. Here's a few favorites I've had or I've seen others have: I once had a Lyn that capped strength unpromoted. A 20 str Lyn fucking melts the arena lol. (FE7) I once had Finn miss twice in a row with his Hero's Lance... with a 98% (FE4) My sister once had a Hector that didn't break double digit defense until he promoted. (FE7) Someone in the SF Discord was doing an FE4 run and their Arden had like 15 speed unpromoted (FE4)
  5. Spearguys are popular because they're basically the Fire Emblem equivalent to these guys: People love a good underdog, especially if they're iconic yet simple.
  6. I actually did forget about the website's music section, as I have been poisoned by modern net design and forgot that well designed fansites exist with archives of good content! :P Even still, no one in the Discord seemed familiar with the soundtrack, and I recently grabbed it off Ebay, so I figured I'd do a public service... lol the GSM's mix of the Fire Emblem theme is similar to FE3's, which is very good imo. Counterattack is a good arrangement too!
  7. So I bought off Ebay an unusual arrangement album for the original Fire Emblem. I decided to rip the music from it and upload it onto Youtube... and its a bit of a wild ride honestly, lol Lots of cheesy synthesizer and electric rock sounds. The first track is obviously the Fire Emblem theme. The second is called Marth's Determination, which is essentially the chapter start music most recognizable when Caeda tells Marth that Talis was attacked by pirates. The third is Declaration of War, which is the Player Phase music... as a slow electric piano piece. Fourth is Counterattack, a funky synthesizer medley of the combat music. Fifth is Fight to the End, a cheesy as all hell electric rock arrangement of the "victory is near" theme. Sixth is Victory March, an awful attempt at arranging the victory/post-chapter theme with synthesized instrumentals. Seventh is Chosen People, another electric rock mix, this one of the final chapter map. Eighth is Servants of Fear, the enemy phase music for the final chapter. Ninth is Mediuth, the Traitor Dragon, and its his battle music. Tenth is Hero-King Marth, which I think is some kind of victory conversation track? Eleventh is Prayers of the People, which is the ending theme. Twelfth is a medley of various original chiptunes from the game itself. I've never seen this soundtrack uploaded anywhere before, so I'm happy to bring this obscure bit of Fire Emblem music to the community!
  8. tfw you get an entire tier to yourself
  9. Marcus isn't THAT great mind, he has pretty awful sped and overkill skill. Still, he can carry you out of pinches until at least the Dread Isle chapters, if not to right after.
  10. Kent and Sain are solid characters Oswin is really great too if you don't leave him behind. Basically a second Hector! Priscilla is probably your best healer but Serra is no slouch if you leveled her good in Lyn's Story Raven is generally fantastic. Matthew is a decent thief but replace him with legault unless he gets really good Level Ups Florina has early game advantage but I prefer Fiora the most. Florina is still good tho esp for Eliwood Normal Mode Canas is a great unit just by virtue of being your only dark magic user Dart -can- be fun if you don't mind a super fast super strong super inaccurate character. If you find the ocean seal he can become a berserker. He has one of the ebst supports in the game too, with Rebecca. Fire x Fire gives obscene crits and attack boosts. Heath is a good flier if all your peg knights come out bad. As for pre-promoted units, all are more or less useable, but the stand outs are.... Marcus, just don't let him suck up early game EXP needlessly (or waste his Silver lance uses) Pent, he's just a solid all around magic user with flexible use Harken and Karel are both great sword infantry units and both are basically RNG proof Jaffar can basically replace Matthew/Legault as promoting either of them is no guarantee they'll come out good (and Jaffar is just solid all around and can still use lockpicks. Can't steal, though).
  11. tbf addressing its shortcomings and critiquing it doesn't mean we hate it or even that we all think its bad. I have a reply building up in the works to counter some points, but either way I think a lot of this conversation largely comes from love for the series and the game, not hate. If we hated it, we wouldn't care so much. Besides, FE4 -is- an old video game in the long run of things, and even when it was unconditionally praised it still had/has writing weirdness and caveats (like plot being dumped in chunks every castle taken is just the Fire Emblem standard back then).
  12. Chapter 3 lacked an Arden joke. otherwise 10/10 true perfection (I kid but they are short sweet and funny, and always like seeing a new one!)
  13. Wow, that's some hella replies. I've my own responses to get to, I'll post them later when I have more time to muse over them all.
  14. Of all the FEW characters you've played as so far, who is your most and least favorite to use? Why? Similarly, of the FEW characters you know of so far, who are you most excited to see added and least? Again, why?
  15. So while browsing the various threads in this subforum I cam across some quotes that struck my attention. Now this is not a call out post mind you, but it did make me think some on FE4 (and to a lesser extent FE5's) narrative. It's one of my favorites in the franchise (if not my most favorite, storywise), but I do fully admit it is flawed. But flawed in what ways? I know the infamy of the Blood Pact plot twist in Radiant Dawn and how many plot holes that opens up, but nothing in FE4 really struck me as THAT glaring personally. So, let's discuss then! What do we like and dislike about the Judral Saga? What would you like to personally fix or change and why? I am curious to know.
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