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  1. Thanks! I have a few more questions about the Japanese Fire Emblem If Special Edition: 1. Is the Invisible Kingdom path already on the cartridge or does it come with a free DLC code? 2. If I bypass region blocking using Homebrew Channel, will the store I access be the Japanese or USA eshop? If its the English one, will all the DLC I buy be in English? 3. Can I use HANS to ignore region locking? Important, because in order to apply the translation properly I'd have to use HANS, but as far as I know ignoring region locking is a separate option. 4. Lastly, do you guys plan on translating the Japanese-only DLC? Thanks again awesome work EDIT: A silly question: is it Anya and Byakuya or does that translate to Nohr and Hoshido, I was unsure of what its called in Japan
  2. Can you tell me how to apply translation or delocalization patches to DLC routes? please~
  3. Hey will this work with the USA version? Just because I much prefer a direct translation not localization garbage
  4. Hey! Interesting project. Just got powersaves to let me use homebrew channel. Is this project still ongoing? I had a few questions.
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